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Intertech iPad Consulting

Intertech’s expert iOS/iPad consultants deliver application development consulting services creating, debugging, and deploying your iPad application!

Intertech’s expert iOS/iPad consultants help you:

        • Understand the environment for creating, debugging, and deploying your iPad application including the Xcode IDE and 3rd party tools to speed your iPad development
        • Navigate the iOS application development process including provisioning your iPad including obtaining device and app id’s, requesting and installing a development certificate, and downloading and installing a development provisioning profile
        • Leverage best practices in application design and prototyping
        • Leverage the Interface Builder (IB), connect the NIB with code, and use the Assistant Editor along with field proven best practices for creating a stunning iPad user interface including using storyboards with scenes and segues to create an interactive, intuitive application
        • Implement design patterns including Model-View-Controller (MVC), Split View Controller, Container View Controller, and child view controllers
        • Understand Touch Gestures including custom Touch Gestures
        • Design and implement a data model including managed objects, entity descriptions, persistent stores, persistent store coordinators, as well as direct access to SQLite
        • Extend the application using AirPrint and the printing API and implement mail sending
        • Extend back-end systems by exposing RESTful web services for access from the iPad application
        • Implement visual effects including zooming, auto enhancing, rotation feature, and auto-resizing
        • Sync with iCloud including using file coordinators, presenters, ubiquitous persistent stores
        • Understand how to leverage the debugger with field proven best practices
        • Target performance issues by profiling code
        • Distribute the iPad application through ad hoc distribution, app store distribution and understanding iTunes Connect

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