Intertech iPhone Animation Consulting

Breathing Life into Digital Dreams

At Intertech, we’re not just iPhone Animation consultants; we’re your animation virtuosos, ready to infuse captivating motion and life into your iOS applications. Join us in transforming your ideas into stunning animations.


Your iPhone app’s user experience is key to user engagement. Our iPhone Animation experts at Intertech specialize in creating dynamic animations that are not just functional but also visually striking, immersive, and perfectly synchronized with your app.



Why Intertech:

  • Custom iPhone Animation Consulting Solutions, Uniquely Yours: Every project is unique, and so is our approach. Whether you’re a startup with a vision for an app with cutting-edge animations or an established enterprise aiming to take your app to the next level, our consultants are ready to make your animations come to life.
  • Seamless Animation Integration on iOS: Intertech’s iPhone Animation solutions ensure smooth and harmonious integration into your iOS applications, delighting your users and enhancing their overall experience.
  • Staying at the Forefront of Animation Trends: We’re passionate about staying at the forefront of animation technology. Our experts are well-versed in the latest animation techniques and trends, ensuring your applications are always animated to perfection.
  • Collaboration Fuels Animation Excellence: Your vision is our guiding star. At Intertech, we believe in collaborative engagement, working closely with you to ensure our iPhone Animation development aligns perfectly with your brand, objectives, and user expectations.


Ready to bring your iPhone app to life with captivating animations? Contact us today and let Intertech be your partner on the journey to iPhone Animation excellence.

Intertech’s Mac OS and iOS consultants deliver animation on the iOS platform using the core animation layer with CALayer, CAAnimation, and more!

Our team can help you:

        • Understand and use the core animation layer with CALayer, CAAnimation, CABasicAnimation, and CAKeyframeAnimation including use of animation types, timing, and two dimensional drawing
        • Go under the hood and understand the technology that delivers Mac OS X image processing and the Core Image API
        • Create a platform for adapting animations to different screen sizes using field proven best practices
        • Implement graphical animations that rotate, move, and scale views
        • Understand and use the Presentation and Model Layer

    For more information, contact us today.

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