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Intertech iPhone Consulting

Intertech delivers expert iOS / iPhone software development consulting using XCode, the Interface Builder, the Model-View-Controller paradigm, and more!

Our expert consultants can help you:

        • Setup projects correctly in XCode
        • Understand and effectively use the Interface Builder
        • Design projects in the Model-View-Controller paradigm
        • Use View controller outlets and actions
        • Create and use active, static, and passive controls
        • Implement and understand the correct use of:  Slider, Label, Switches, Segmented Control, Button, Action Sheet, Alert
        • Build applications with autorotation and autosizing
        • Design and implement Multiview applications
        • Use date pickers, single component pickers, multi-component pickers
        • Setup Table Views with grouping, indexing, and search
        • Create application settings with defaults
        • Correctly implement persistence

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