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Intertech Jasmine Consulting

Intertech delivers Jasmine consulting in our suite of JavaScript library consulting services.

With our consulting for the easy to read Jasmine Framework, our seasoned professionals can help you:

        • Use best practices when building tests with the Jasmine Framework.
        • Take advantage of the assortment of plugins that the Jasmine Framework has available.
        • Configure your Jasmine environment.
        • Customize how Jasmine decides if two objects are equal by defining personalized custom equality testers.
        • Create Jasmine-compatible custom matchers and reporters.
        • Utilize the focused specs aspect of the Jasmine Framework to make only specific specs run.
        • Keep up-to-date with the latest Jasmine features.
        • Learn standard naming conventions and how to best organize Jasmine suites and specs.
        • Configure your tests to run with Karma.
        • Leverage a headless browser like PhantomJS to run your Jasmine tests as part of your automated build process.

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