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Intertech’s Java Software Development Teams Take The Risk Out Of Custom Software Development, Modernization, Microservices, BPA, & so much more!


Intertech’s Java full-stack specialists bring together the experience and soft skills you need in a single turn-key package. Our experts help you select the right technologies, languages, libraries, and toolsets for your company and ensure your project is done right from the start, whether working with us independently or in a co-development setting.

Let our experts help you evaluate your system and determine if it should be kept, extended, or replaced.


Achieve Business Growth And Competitiveness Through Intertech's Software Modernization & Automation Services!

Hidden Costs Of Legacy Software Graphic
Prepare Your Data – Discover The Benefits of Predictive Modeling, Algorithm-Driven Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML)
Remove Manual Tasks And Eliminate Common Errors
Consider & Integrate Microservices
More Secure – Lock The Door To Your Framework
Let’s build your technology smarter!

We Specialize In Everything Java!

Intertech delivers complete Java consulting, including selection, development, installation, and configuration. Our experts will help you integrate products and extend product lifecycles through custom application development, as well as pivot to a new technology, if required!

Intertech delivers services in all related areas of Java, old and new, to include:

    • Java Architecture
    • Java Design
    • Java Patterns
    • Ant
    • Bugzilla
    • JMockit

    • JUnit
    • Mockito
    • Nexus
    • Java Security
    • Drools
    • Hibernate

    • JMS – Java Message Services
    • JPA – Java Persistence API
    • JSF – Java Server Faces
    • JSP – Java Server Pages
    • Spring Batch
    • Spring Framework

We Bring Azure & Java Together!

What Is Java Modernization?

What is Legacy Software Modernization and why should I consider it?

What Is Legacy Modernization?

Legacy software modernization, also known as Software Modernization, is the evaluation of your current digital system’s software for extension or replacement in an effort to improve performance and identify areas for transformation that will improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase data consistency and allow for modeling, forecasting, and other automation.

When Should You Modernize Your System?

A competitive company should consistently update its system to meet changing business requirements, customer expectations, and technologies. An excellent example of this is how data can be easily modeled and used to predict events and forecast trends specific to your customer base when collected correctly and in the correct format. (Ask us about Azure’s new Machine Learning tool)

Why Should You Modernize Your System?

There are many reasons to modernize, from acquisitions and mergers, to simply inefficient ways of doing things that leave room for human error. The second is the primary reason to modernize; to lower costs by eliminating manual effort. Eliminating untimely mistakes is a fantastic way to reach ROI quickly and add the benefit of real-time data that can improve services, your process, and forecasting.

How often have you heard, “The software is working just fine and still does almost everything we need it to do!” So why fix what isn’t broke? Unfortunately, the person speaking may not be aware of the unseen costs incurred. According to a report from the Whitehouse, in 2019 alone, the US Federal Government spent 80% of the IT budget on Operations and Maintenance, mainly targeting legacy systems (which they noted) posed cybersecurity and mission risks.
(Source: whitehouse.com)

Hidden Costs Of Legacy Software.

Hidden Cost #1: Maintenance & Support

One of the issues with Legacy systems is that they are often enormous and interwoven into many locations. Changing just one module can create conflicts and bring down the entire system. Besides this common issue, because they are so vast, making simple updates can take hours of resource time and often results in a workaround that is by no means an actual fix. Legacy systems are expensive to maintain, and adjusting to new requirements can open up a can of worms.

Hidden Cost #2: Integration & Compliance

If your business requires integration with a new API to stay relevant and satisfy a need, no matter if it is internal or external, most legacy systems will not play nicely and often requires a significant amount of custom coding. Add the fact that this is still not guaranteed to work correctly, usually results in poor user experience, and often leads to legal compliance regulation issues, and you have a mess on your hands. Did I say compliance? With the rise of lawsuits for accessibility issues, this one has become essential in your considerations.

Hidden Cost #3: Limited Ability To Grow

According to a Fujitsu Survey report, among the primary digital transformation drivers of business growth and competitiveness, greater efficiency and cost reduction are numbers one and two. Your data becomes a valuable resource and assists growth by considering your options and ensuring that your system is integrated with other departments. If you can’t grow and do what you have determined is necessary to improve your business, you are hamstrung, especially when competing with other companies in your same industry. (source)

Do Your Java Applications Meet Today’s Standards!
Converting complex and critical business operations into data that can be used for Machine Learning and AI is the first step in growth. Whether you are moving cash, collecting content, or compiling a catalog accessible to vendors worldwide, every touch, transaction, and input provides data that can now be used to forecast the unexpected, highlight patterns, and predict outcomes.
Use these instant interactive questionnaires to find the answers…

— Modernization —

Six Questions That Will Help You Determine If You Have Software That Should Be Modernized


24 seconds to complete.


Make a list of every task and workflow that your employees carry out. Identify items that are reliant on changing information, and note if it is automatically updated or not. Remember, it is always best if decisions can be made based on real-time information, especially in an effort to eliminate any delay in necessary manual operations.


— Modernization —

Is key information in your reports and various workflows automatically kept up to date?


Once again, it is important to make a list of every step within the workflow and consider if it is repetitious, something that could be taken on with an automated step that collects and compiles, sends or responds without annoyance to the customer, or relates to a set of standardized answers?


— Modernization —

Could any of the manual aspects of the workflow currently being done be automated?


When talking about communication with customers it must be followed from beginning to end to make sure the experience is fluid, no matter which direction it goes. In all cases, there is typically a number of standardized paths that a customer will take so assess each. IT will help answer most of these questions.


— Modernization —

Is communication with customers and their status jeopardized by the current system?


If you are not constantly evaluating your process and tweaking areas that can improve, you are likely falling behind or stuck with a system that is difficult to update or no longer capable of being updated. Don't let your technology dictate your business.


— Modernization —

Have you reached any system limitations that impact your ability to expand in areas that would make a difference?


This one relates to the last question while it adds the idea that maintaining your current system has become something you are used to and probably shouldn't be. Take a step back and look at the cost of maintaining your system, whether it involves an extra person to keep things running or workarounds that take time and cause delays.


— Modernization —

Is the current system becoming a burden on time and treasure?

— Modernization —

Are you still using spreadsheets to organize your data?

Your score is


— AI & Machine Learning —

Six Questions That Will Help You Determine If You Should Consider Automation Upgrades


24 seconds to complete.

— AI & ML —

Is your data being collected in the right format for predictive modeling?

— AI & ML —

Could the compiling of various steps into one automated system save time?

— AI & ML —

Are their manual steps that could be automated currently in our process?

— AI & ML —

Could other departments benefit from instant access to your data?

— AI & ML —

Is the current system becoming apt to human error?

— AI & ML —

Are you currently implementing any workarounds to make the system work?

Your score is

If you answered “Yes” to any of these, have Intertech come in and evaluate your system, and provide a range of pathways to a solution. Our turn-key teams are here when you need us!

Java Consulting Services & Technologies


Intertech remains committed to support and innovate corporate demands for Java development with Industry-leading consultants. With the “write once, run anywhere” mantra of Java, the popular programming language isn’t slowing down, and neither are we. We have you covered with experience and up-to-date full-stack consultants that include the soft-skills to handle any challenge.

Intertech’s Java consulting practice continues to grow as do our customers. From complete project development to co-development, Intertech’s Java consulting has become the dependable Java development arm of Fortune 500s, small businesses, and government agencies across the nation.

Listed below are some of the areas of Java that our experts bring to your project for consideration.

Java Architecture and Design
Java Power Tools
Additional Java Consulting Specialties
And so much more…


If you don’t see it listed here, let us know what you need.

Intertech Java

Intertech experts deliver field proven Java consulting in these areas:

Java Architecture Consulting 

Intertech’s Java architects work with customers throughout North America.

Our seasoned experts help you:

    • Understand architecture decomposition including layering, distribution, functionality, coupling and cohesion
    • Leverage tiers and layers including component APIs, containers, and enterprise services. 
    • Understand the pros and cons of 2, 3, and multi-tier applications, select an architecture tier structure that best fits your application and enterprise needs
    • Identify targets and create a solution that addresses needs around performance, security, manageability, maintainability, extensibility, and reliability/availability
    • Leverage field proven techniques for improving redundancy, performance, and scalability
    • Use Model View Controller (MVC) if appropriate and leverage Java technologies that will support the architecture including JSP, JSTL, EJB, EL, and JSF
    • Understand the best use of EJBs including stateless and stateful Beans, Entity Beans, and Message Driven Beans
    • Define a persistence strategy
    • Implement messaging in the architecture including solutions that use Web Services, SOAP, WSDL, JAX-RPC/WS, JAXR, JMS
    • Create a secure architecture using JRE, JAAS and address client and server side security issues
    • Define your Java architecture with UML and use cases

Java Design Consulting 

Intertech’s Java design consultants ensure your Java application design is extensible, maintainable, and secure.

Our seasoned professionals help you:

    • Create a design that implements a separation of concerns between user interface, business model, and data model
    • Create your propriety object model design
    • Leverage existing Java open source frameworks like Hibernate, Spring, and JSF into your applicant design
    • Design applications that result in efficiency, reliability, and readability
    • Correctly design multithreaded applications
    • Design exception handling models and auditing methods
    • Target design issues in current Java solutions

Java Patterns Consulting 

Intertech’s expert Java consultants help you identify and leverage the three major pattern types in your JEE solution. The major pattern categories are creational, structural, and behavioral. Creational patterns allow instantiating objects. Structural patterns use inheritance to create new interfaces. Behavioral patterns are, primarily, used for inter object communication.

In detail, these patterns are:

    • Creational patterns:  Abstract Factory, Builder, Factor Method, Prototype, and Singleton
    • Structural patterns:  Adapter, Bridge, Composite, Decorator, Façade, Flyweight, and Proxy
    • Behavioral patterns:  Chain of responsibility, Command, Interpreter, Iterator, Mediator, Memento, Observer, State, Strategy, Template method, and Visitor

    Intertech’s seasoned pros will help you identify which patterns make practical sense for your Java-based application.

Ant Consulting 

Intertech’s consultants are very experienced in improving performance by leveraging tools like Ant.

Our experts help you:

    • Understand the fundamental structure of an Ant Build File including projects, targets, tasks, dependent tasks, and properties
    • Leverage command line-options, custom environment variables, and logging
    • Create conditional builds thru properties and conditional logic
    • Optimize Ant for use with Java including correct use of command line options and alternate compilers
    • Call Tasks within same or separate build files
    • Create JAR files including working with the META-INF Directory and manifest files
    • Define a strategy for build versioning/numbers
    • Package builds thru TAR files, gzip, and zip files
    • Deploy applications in-house and remote via methods like FTP
    • Setup automatized builds
    • Leverage and integrate with tools like Cruise Control, Gump, and JUnit
    • Access code from CVS including checking out modules, updating shared code, committing code, and determine changes between versions
    • Extend Ant by executing external programs and handling return codes and timeouts
    • Handle multithreaded tasks
    • Target web environments including creating files like WAR archives or CAB files and deploy to environments like Tomcat
    • Integrate Ant with Eclipse
    • Validate XML documents, load properties from XML files, and create Ant Task DTDs
    • Create custom listeners, loggers, selectors, types, and filters
    • Target issues and bugs in existing Ant files

    For more information, contact us today.

Bugzilla Consulting 

Intertech delivers expert consulting services on Maven, Hudson, Nexus, JUnit, and other Java Power Tools. We have you covered.

For Bugzilla consulting, Intertech’s experts can help you:

    • Install, configure, and customize Bugzilla
    • Setup your Bugzilla environment using field proven best practices
    • Define security and user accounts including restricting access to groups
    • Configure a product, project, and define rules for milestone management
    • Understand the lifecycle of a bug
    • Schedule notifications

    For more information, contact us today.

JMockit Consulting 

Intertech’s expert Java staff can help you leverage JMockit and improve your software development lifecycle. Let us know how we can help.

Our seasoned professionals will help you:

    • Understand and use Test Driven Development (TDD) with JMockit
    • Create manually coded classes to replace dependent classes in your application
    • Integrate JMockit with JUnit and TestNG test runners, integrate JMockit with logging frameworks including JDK logging, SLF4j, and Log4j

    For more information, contact us today.

JUnit Consulting 

Intertech delivers expert consulting on JUnit.

Our seasoned consultants can help you:

    • Use field proven best practices in JUnit setup and configuration
    • Create templates for JUnit test cases, classes, and methods
    • Define standards for test naming and organization
    • Create targets and plans for code coverage
    • Layout templates for stubs, mock frameworks, and mock objects
    • Understand and leverage extensions and additional tools for JUnit, DbUnit, and JWebUnit
    • Troubleshoot issues with JUnit, DbUnit, and JWebUnit

    For more information, contact us today.

Mockito Consulting 

Intertech’s expert Java and open source consulting professionals can help you leverage Mockito.

Our consultants help:

    • Understand and use Test Driven Development (TDD)
    • Correctly leverage the Mockito framework in TDD
    • Use stubbing void methods exceptions, find redundant invocations, iterator stubbing, use stubbing with callbacks
    • Implement assertions, capture arguments, and change default return values
    • Use constructor injection

    For more information, contact us today.

Nexus Consulting 

Intertech delivers expert consulting on Nexus.

Our seasoned consultants can help you:

    • Install, configure, and customize Nexus
    • Use field proven best practices to manage groups, repositories, routes, scheduled services, and security
    • Use Nexus as a service on Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, or Red Hat
    • Understand how to browse repositories, system feeds, groups, log files
    • Install, configure, and integrate Nexus with Maven including integrating the Nexus Central Proxy Repository with Maven
    • Create custom repositories
    • Based on your requirements, design a solution for uploading artifacts to hosted repositories
    • Use best practices to deploy releases, snapshots, and third party artifacts to Nexus
    • Troubleshoot Nexus performance issues

    For more information, contact us today.

Java Security Consulting 

Intertech’s expert Java security consultants can ensure your applications are secure using field proven, best practices.

Intertech consultants can help you:

    • Architect, design, and develop a secure Java application
    • Use free open source frameworks to prevent vulnerabilites such as data entry, cross-site hijacking
    • Use proven frameworks, such as Spring Security, for abstracting application from authenication/authorization store and providing authorization features
    • Identify security concerns
    • Understand and correctly implment digital signatures and digital certificates
    • Use the Java policytool, security API’s, and Java Cryptography Extensions (JCE)
    • Implment SSL, EJB security, and Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS)
    • Effectively use container security and servlet authentication
    • Troubleshoot Java security issues
    • Use tools to automatically scan applications for vulnerabilities

Java Drools Consulting

Intertech’s expert Java security consultants can ensure your applications are secure using field proven, best practices.

Intertech consultants can help you:

    • Architect, design, and develop a secure Java application
    • Use free open source frameworks to prevent vulnerabilites such as data entry, cross-site hijacking
    • Use proven frameworks, such as Spring Security, for abstracting application from authenication/authorization store and providing authorization features
    • Identify security concerns
    • Use cryptography, encoding, and encryption
    • Understand and correctly implment digital signatures and digital certificates
    • Use the Java policytool, security API’s, and Java Cryptography Extensions (JCE)
    • Implment SSL, EJB security, and Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS)
    • Effectively use container security and servlet authentication
    • Troubleshoot Java security issues
    • Use tools to automatically scan applications for vulnerabilities

Hibernate Consulting 

Intertech’s expert Hibernate consultants can guide you and help you maximize the Hibernate framework.

Our consultants:

    • Architect and design database persistence with Hibernate, optionally with JPA
    • Leverage the architecture of Hibernate
    • Correctly install and configure JPA/Hibernate for development, test, and production environments
    • Create object to database mapping with annotations or XML configuration
    • Minimize load times thru optimal object associations and mapping
    • Help identify where to use inheritance trees
    • Coach your team on Hibernate Query Language, JPA Query Language, named queries, and Criteria API
    • Optimize performance using caching
    • Configure Spring with Hibernate, easing the JPA/Hibernate configuration
    • Setup in-memory database, generated on-the-fly, for automated functional/integration tests

Java Message Service (JMS) Consulting

If you need to implement Java Message Service (JMS), rely on Intertech’s expert consulting services.

Intertech’s seasoned consultants will help you:

    • Know where to implement JMS in your enterprise application architecture
    • Architect, design, develop, and deploy your JMS-based solution
    • Correctly choose and implement publish-subscribe vs. point-to-point solution
    • Fully understand the JMS API
    • Learn how to send/receive messages using the JMS API
    • Implement automated message receiver(s) using Message Driven Beans
    • Leverage Spring’s JMS Integration Framework
    • Create message driven POJO’s in Spring’s JMS
    • Troubleshoot JMS performance issues

Java Persistence API (JPA) Consulting 

Intertech delivers expert Java Persistence API (JPA) consulting.

Our JPA consulting practice has seasoned JPA consultants that can help you:

    • Learn and use Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) including mapping to a table, using simple types, and implementing primary keys
    • Understand and use Entities and the Entity Manager including areas like detachment and merging
    • Create enterprise applications with servlets, message-driven beans, and session beans
    • Use dependency and transaction management
    • Understand and use the Java Persistence Query Language
    • Implement bulk updates and deletes
    • Use derived identifiers, compound primary keys, and ORM inheritance
    • Ensure data integrity with locking, concurrency, and validation
    • Move from JDBC or other ORM solutions to JPA
    • Target and correct performance issues in JPA application

Java Server Faces (JSF) Consulting

Intertech delivers expert Java Server Faces (JSF) consulting.

Our expert consultants can help you leverage JSF in your application development. Our team can help you:

    • Architect and design a system using the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture
    • Understand and use Managed Beans and optimizing the Managed Bean lifecycle
    • Correctly implement the JSF Expression Language and use Property Access, Complex Access, and Map Access Expressions
    • Build intuitive, rich user interfaces
    • Understand and use the JSF Component Model and Core Library
    • Correctly implement the JSF Event and Listener Model
    • Guide your JSF implementation using best practices
    • Determine where to use JSF UI Components and Validation
    • Leverage JSTL with JSF
    • Determine where and how to use Facelets
    • Localize your application with l18N
    • Build custom UI components
    • Install, configure, and optimize Tomahawk
    • Troubleshoot your JSF implementation
    • Optimize JSF performance

Java Server Pages (JSP) Consulting 

Intertech delivers expert Java Server Pages (JSP) consulting.

With web development using JSPs for the view technology, our seasoned consultants can help you:

    • Architect, design, and build web applications using field-proven JSP best practices
    • Design a solution using Model-View-Controller (MVC)
    • Use JSTL, custom tags, and expression language
    • Implement JavaBeans where appropriate in your solution
    • Troubleshoot JSP issues
    • Optimize JSP performance

Spring Batch Consulting

Intertech’s Spring consultants can help you understand the architecture of a Spring batch including field proven best practice use of jobs, steps, execution, and parallelization.

Our consultants can help:

    • Leverage the JobRepository including configuration with Job Repository Tables
    • Configure a job with the job repository, metadata, and JobExplorer/JobOperator
    • Implement job inheritance, parameters, and listeners
    • Manipulate ExecutionContext
    • Understand, use, and know the differences in chunk and item processing
    • Implement step configuration and item error handling
    • Start, stop, and restart a job including third party integration and handling errors
    • Implement readers with file input from XML and databases via JDBC, Hibernate, and JPA as well as create custom inputs and implement error handling
    • Understand and use ItemProcessors, ValidatingItemProcessor, ItemProcessorAdapter, CompositeItemProcessor including, if needed, create a custom ItemProcessor
    • Implement ItemWriters including File-Based ItemWriters, Database-Based ItemWriters, and multipart ItemWriters
    • Implement unit testing in Spring Batch applications with testing frameworks like Mockito and JUnit
    • Profile batch processes for performance and resolve performance issues through multithreading, parallel steps, remote chunking, and partitioning

Spring Framework Consulting 

Intertech delivers expert Java Server Pages (JSP) consulting.

Intertech expert consultants can help you:


    • Determine which Spring modules apply for your application, such as:

      • Spring core framework, including ORM, transactions, AOP
      • Spring MVC
      • Spring Web Flow project extension
      • Spring Security
      • Spring Integration
      • Spring Batch
      • Spring Test
    • Optimize Spring configuration
    • Use tools to minimize build and deploy with the Spring Framework
    • Architect and design applications that make best use of the Spring Framework
    • Learn and use Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) and declarative Spring transactions
    • Implement unit testing using Spring’s unit testing framework
    • Effectively use Spring controllers, handler mappings, and view resolvers
    • Use MVC for non-HTML document rendering
    • Implement and optimize work flows using Spring Web Flow

We Specialize In Azure!

Chosen by Microsoft to develop Microsoft’s training program for partners throughout the world and the deliverer of the largest Microsoft Azure Bootcamp in America, Intertech’s Microsoft Azure consulting expertise is second to none. Intertech was recognized early in the development of Azure as a Metro Early Developer. Further, Intertech founded one of the first, and today’s largest, Azure user group.

Intertech is a Microsoft Gold Partner.

Intertech’s expert Microsoft Azure consulting team delivers services around:

        • Microsoft Azure architecture
        • SQL Windows Azure
        • Azure Active Directory
        • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
        • Azure App Services
        • Azure SDK
        • Azure Portal
        • Diagnostics

Plus… All Platform Services

        • Create a strategy for moving applications to the Microsoft Azure platform or define a blueprint for designing and constructing new cloud based applications
        • Determine where you should be using Windows Azure Blobs, Queues, and Tables
        • Implement Azure Service Bus when you need highly-reliable cloud messaging service between applications and services, even when one or more is offline.
        • Maximize performance and design of SQL Azure in your Microsoft Azure solution
        • Troubleshoot Windows Azure Platform performance issues

      For more information, contact us today.

Intertech delivers everything Azure, to include:

Azure Access Control
Intertech’s expert consultants ensure you’re creating secure applications with Access Control Service.

Our consultants can help:

        • Mitigate threats related to identity spoof, token tampering, repudiation, information disclosure, denial of service, and privilege elevation
        • Implement security with a X509 certificate, symmetric key, or standard user name and password
        • Use best practices in your security infrastructure configuration and architecture
        • Verify the security of an existing application

    For more information, contact us today.

Azure CDN (Content Delivery Network)
The Microsoft Azure CDN (Content Delivery Network) provides worldwide coverage for high-bandwidth content that’s stored in the Azure Blob service. To ensure fast delivery, the CDN caches Microsoft Azure Blob content around the world.

Intertech’s expert consultants can help you:

        • Identify performance bottlenecks due to blob content that are ideal for CDN
        • Enable and remove content from the Microsoft Azure CDN
        • Troubleshoot issues related to Microsoft Azure CDN

      For more information, contact us today.

Azure Compute
Intertech delivers expert Microsoft Azure Compute consulting services in our full line-up of Microsoft Azure consulting.

Intertech’s team can help you:

        • Determine your requirements and create a roadmap for using Windows Azure Compute
        • Define the correct Virtual Machine size (Compute Instance Sizes)
        • Build a Microsoft Azure Compute service using one or more roles (web, worker) that leverage the scalability delivered in Microsoft Azure Compute
        • Integrate and create a scalable solution with Microsoft Azure Compute and Microsoft Azure Storage
        • >Identify and troubleshoot performance issues in Microsoft Azure Compute

      For more information, contact us today.

Azure Storage
Intertech’s Microsoft Azure Storage consulting brings to bear years of experience to provide best-in-class setup and support for your cloud storage with Microsoft. Our Azure storage consultants can quickly and securely give you access to large data objects for big datasets, cloud file systems, dependable messaging stores, or non-relational (NoSQL) databases. With the reliability and safety of Microsoft’s cloud, you can build highly available, distributed, and scalable data stores for nearly any application or dataset.

Our Azure Storage consulting can create and maintain:

        • Azure Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) – Store and serve documents, images, streaming audio/video, data backups, and disaster recovery archives
        • Azure Files – Create network file shares so that multiple virtual machines can access, read, and write the same files via Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. All your files are available anywhere in the world via a URL and shared access signature
        • Azure Queues – Store millions of queue messages for asynchronous processing, allowing you to build highly-scalable applications that don’t keep customers waiting while processing millions of requests.

      For more information, contact us today.

Azure Tools
Intertech’s expert consultants can help you identify and leverage Microsoft Azure Tools in Visual Studio.

Intertech’s expert consultants help you:

        • Understand what’s available to developers in Microsoft Azure Tools
        • Correctly select, install, and configure Microsoft Azure Tools
        • Setup and manage Microsoft Azure Project roles in Visual Studio
        • Use best practices in debugging a Microsoft Azure application in Visual Studio
        • Deploy, from Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure applications
        • Use Remote Desktop and Microsoft Azure Connect
        • Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft Azure tools in Visual Studio

      For more information, contact us today.

Azure Virtual Networking
Intertech delivers experienced, field-proven consulting around Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Microsoft Azure Virtual Networking delivers the ability to setup IP-based network connections between resources in the cloud and on-site resources. Our expert consultants can help you:

      • Define a strategy for what resources to host in Azure and which resources to keep on-site
      • Implement Windows Azure Connect using field tested best practices
      • Troubleshoot issues with Windows Azure Connect

    For more information, contact us today.

Azure SQL Database
Intertech delivers a full line-up of consulting services around Windows SQL Azure.

Intertech’s expert consultants:

      • Design and partition databases for optimal performance in a distributed environment
      • Ensure you’re using best practices for using SQL Azure in Silverlight, ASP.NET, and Winforms
      • Create reports with SQL Azure using Reporting Services
      • Create a solution that is scalable
      • Design a security solution
      • Define and implement a data migration strategy
      • Troubleshoot SQL Azure performance problems

    For more information, contact us today.

Intertech provides proven project support in all Microsoft areas, to include:

    • .NET Framework
    • .NET Core
    • Entity Framework
    • .NET 5+
    • ASP.NET & Web Forms
    • BizTalk Consulting
    • C# Consulting

    • SQL Server
    • MVC
    • SharePoint Framework
    • Azure Stack
    • LINQ Consulting
    • VB.NET Consulting

    • Visual Studio
    • Web API Framework
    • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
    • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
    • Xamarin Consulting

Plus… Design, Architecture & Quality Assurance.

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Real-Time Remote Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Providing accurate diagnostics on engines is a challenge. This solution was designed to solve this issue and allow the company to diagnose engine problems from a central location, anywhere in the world.

Neural Network-Powered Computer Vision and Data Infrastructure

Multi-billion dollar high tech electronics component distributor requests neural network-powered computer vision and data infrastructure to use AI to identify an electronics component.

Server Modernization & Proprietary Data Valuation

Microsoft SQL Server was slow and causing a drag on company efficiency. Once resolved, the project was expanded to create a way to provide further value from proprietary data.
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