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Intertech Kafka Consulting

Apache Kafka is the state-of-the-art in distributed streaming, logging, and queueing for applications with millions of messages or events. It’s a high-throughput, fault-tolerant solution that takes expertise and experience to implement effectively. The engineers and architects in our Kafka consulting practice have the experience necessary to help you decide if Kafka is a good fit for your use case, how best to implement it, and what challenges your current implementation might encounter.

If you’re thinking of implementing any of the following at a large scale, get in touch to discuss with the experts on our Kafka consulting team:

        • Messaging & multi-producer/multi-consumer message queues
        • Stream processing & real-time data manipulation
        • Log aggregation to a central hub
        • Custom website activity tracking & logging
        • Data replication & restoration across a fault-tolerant node network