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Intertech’s Enterprise and Localized modernization converts, rewrites, or adapts outdated software to current programming languages, libraries, protocols, and frameworks, so you gain efficiencies and value from your employees, data, and customers.

The advantages of modernization and automation are clear.

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What Is Legacy Modernization?

What is Legacy Software Modernization and why should I consider it?

What Is Legacy Modernization?

Legacy software modernization, also known as Software Modernization, is the evaluation of your current digital system’s software for extension or replacement in an effort to improve performance and identify areas for transformation that will improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase data consistency and allow for modeling, forecasting, and other automation.

When Should You Modernize Your System?

A competitive company should consistently update its system to meet changing business requirements, customer expectations, and technologies. An excellent example of this is how data can be easily modeled and used to predict events and forecast trends specific to your customer base when collected correctly and in the correct format. (Ask us about Azure’s new Machine Learning tool)

Why Should You Modernize Your System?

There are many reasons to modernize, from acquisitions and mergers, to simply inefficient ways of doing things that leave room for human error. The second is the primary reason to modernize; to lower costs by eliminating manual effort. Eliminating untimely mistakes is a fantastic way to reach ROI quickly and add the benefit of real-time data that can improve services, your process, and forecasting.

How often have you heard, “The software is working just fine and still does almost everything we need it to do!” So why fix what isn’t broke? Unfortunately, the person speaking may not be aware of the unseen costs incurred. According to a report from the Whitehouse, in 2019 alone, the US Federal Government spent 80% of the IT budget on Operations and Maintenance, mainly targeting legacy systems (which they noted) posed cybersecurity and mission risks.
(Source: whitehouse.com)

Hidden Costs Of Legacy Software.

Hidden Cost #1: Maintenance & Support

One of the issues with Legacy systems is that they are often enormous and interwoven into many locations. Changing just one module can create conflicts and bring down the entire system. Besides this common issue, because they are so vast, making simple updates can take hours of resource time and often results in a workaround that is by no means an actual fix. Legacy systems are expensive to maintain, and adjusting to new requirements can open up a can of worms.

Hidden Cost #2: Integration & Compliance

If your business requires integration with a new API to stay relevant and satisfy a need, no matter if it is internal or external, most legacy systems will not play nicely and often requires a significant amount of custom coding. Add the fact that this is still not guaranteed to work correctly, usually results in poor user experience, and often leads to legal compliance regulation issues, and you have a mess on your hands. Did I say compliance? With the rise of lawsuits for accessibility issues, this one has become essential in your considerations.

Hidden Cost #3: Limited Ability To Grow

According to a Fujitsu Survey report, among the primary digital transformation drivers of business growth and competitiveness, greater efficiency and cost reduction are numbers one and two. Your data becomes a valuable resource and assists growth by considering your options and ensuring that your system is integrated with other departments. If you can’t grow and do what you have determined is necessary to improve your business, you are hamstrung, especially when competing with other companies in your same industry. (source)

Not Everything Needs To Be New And Cutting Edge!


Your business is operating and making money, but could you do it more efficiently and improve customer and employee satisfaction without reinventing the wheel? However, when your organization is considering application modernization, it is crucial to look at the upgrade within the framework of the whole ignorer to determine the best way forward. Once you have a complete picture, you can assign tasks to each and identify the next steps. Below is a list of rankings that should be considered and assigned when evaluating an application and the framework around it:


  • No Need For Change — The software is working and is up-to-date or in a preferable state.


  • Requires Updating Within Current Technology Base — Working but could use a version update or adjustments based on the most recent recommended best practices.


  • Should Be Considered For Migration To Another Technology Due To Limitation. — The technology may be working just fine but is limiting your ability to implement changes that fit with your requirements. Reasons for this may be due to the technology itself, limitations on toolsets and libraries, or lack of resources trained in the technology, all impacting maintenance, and expansion costs.


  • Front End – User Experience and User Interface Requires New Approach And Design — Technology that is a burden to use impacts more than IT support. If customers and employees using the software are getting frustrated, or requirements have changed and so must the layout, this is the time to revisit the UX/UI and with it the technology behind the application.


  • Start Over – Complete Application Rewrite — Sometimes, it is essential to start over. Cobble old and poorly written code together with new can lead to a nightmare down the road, increasing costs, frustration, and in the end, a result that is less than desirable. Start over and follow a proven best practice plan.


  • Application Not Needed Anymore – Decommission — Application is no longer needed. With an upgrade or new plan, existing applications can be bundled or simplified and handled in one new application, or if working within a microservices structure, upgrades spread out over a network and handle an outdated task. This is more often the case when an organization realizes the value of its data and the benefits provided when used for predictive modeling, Machine Learning, and AI. Out-of-date applications do not always collect the data in a format that can be utilized, and this is where an old application should be decommissioned, and a new one created.


Are You Ready For The Benefits Of Machine Learning and AI?

You are always collecting proprietary data for future planning, forecasting, and predictive modeling, but is it in the proper format to take advantage of new automated technologies and tool packages? Data, captured and processed the correct way, is the key to tapping into the benefits of Machine Learning and algorithm-driven intelligence. Each process consumes and relies upon extreme volumes of data during development and operation. Make sure the value of your data is realized.

Let’s Outline A Complete Strategy That Makes Your Data Valuable!
Do Your Applications Meet Today’s Standards!
Converting complex and critical business operations into data that can be used for Machine Learning and AI is the first step in growth. Whether you are moving cash, collecting content, or compiling a catalog accessible to vendors worldwide, every touch, transaction, and input provides data that can now be used to forecast the unexpected, highlight patterns, and predict outcomes.
Use these instant interactive questionnaires to find the answers…

— Modernization —

Six Questions That Will Help You Determine If You Have Software That Should Be Modernized


24 seconds to complete.


Make a list of every task and workflow that your employees carry out. Identify items that are reliant on changing information, and note if it is automatically updated or not. Remember, it is always best if decisions can be made based on real-time information, especially in an effort to eliminate any delay in necessary manual operations.


— Modernization —

Is key information in your reports and various workflows automatically kept up to date?


Once again, it is important to make a list of every step within the workflow and consider if it is repetitious, something that could be taken on with an automated step that collects and compiles, sends or responds without annoyance to the customer, or relates to a set of standardized answers?


— Modernization —

Could any of the manual aspects of the workflow currently being done be automated?


When talking about communication with customers it must be followed from beginning to end to make sure the experience is fluid, no matter which direction it goes. In all cases, there is typically a number of standardized paths that a customer will take so assess each. IT will help answer most of these questions.


— Modernization —

Is communication with customers and their status jeopardized by the current system?


If you are not constantly evaluating your process and tweaking areas that can improve, you are likely falling behind or stuck with a system that is difficult to update or no longer capable of being updated. Don't let your technology dictate your business.


— Modernization —

Have you reached any system limitations that impact your ability to expand in areas that would make a difference?


This one relates to the last question while it adds the idea that maintaining your current system has become something you are used to and probably shouldn't be. Take a step back and look at the cost of maintaining your system, whether it involves an extra person to keep things running or workarounds that take time and cause delays.


— Modernization —

Is the current system becoming a burden on time and treasure?

— Modernization —

Are you still using spreadsheets to organize your data?

Your score is


— AI & Machine Learning —

Six Questions That Will Help You Determine If You Should Consider Automation Upgrades


24 seconds to complete.

— AI & ML —

Is your data being collected in the right format for predictive modeling?

— AI & ML —

Could the compiling of various steps into one automated system save time?

— AI & ML —

Are their manual steps that could be automated currently in our process?

— AI & ML —

Could other departments benefit from instant access to your data?

— AI & ML —

Is the current system becoming apt to human error?

— AI & ML —

Are you currently implementing any workarounds to make the system work?

Your score is

If you answered “Yes” to any of these, have Intertech come in and evaluate your system, and provide a range of pathways to a solution. Our turn-key teams are here when you need us!

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Real-Time Remote Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Providing accurate diagnostics on engines is a challenge. This solution was designed to solve this issue and allow the company to diagnose engine problems from a central location, anywhere in the world.

Neural Network-Powered Computer Vision and Data Infrastructure

Multi-billion dollar high tech electronics component distributor requests neural network-powered computer vision and data infrastructure to use AI to identify an electronics component.

Server Modernization & Proprietary Data Valuation

Microsoft SQL Server was slow and causing a drag on company efficiency. Once resolved, the project was expanded to create a way to provide further value from proprietary data.

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