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Intertech MySQL Consulting

Intertech delivers expert consulting on MySQL. Whether installing, configuring, or optimizing MySQL on Unix and Windows, we take you from startup to finish!

Our professionals help you:

        • Install, configure, and optimize MySQL on Unix and Windows from startup options to tuning the server using system variables to configuring the MyISAM and Falcon storage engines
        • Understand and optimize access MySQL from C, Perl, and PHP including compiling, linking, connecting to the server, handling errors, processing SQL statements and results sets, specifying connection parameters, and debugging
        • Administer MySQL including understand the MySQL Data Directory, the operating system constraints on database object names, factors that affect max table size, and the data directory for system performance
        • Understand internationalization and localization issues including configuring time zone support, selecting the language for error messages, and configuring the character set
        • Manage security including setup of access control and security, securing the install, preventing unauthorized network access, and use of the MySQL grant tables
        • Maintain logs including error, general query, slow query, relay, and binary
        • Understand MySQL syntax, naming rules, character set support, and creating, dropping, and altering databases and tables
        • Understand MySQL metadata
        • Select data across multiple tables via joins and unions
        • Implement transactions including savepoints and transaction isolation
        • Maintain referential integrity with foreign keys
        • Optimize and execute full text searches
        • Understand the MySQL data types including numeric, string, date, time, spatial, Boolean, null, and type conversion
        • Work with sequences including use of AUTO_INCREMENT
        • Implement stored programs including compound statements, stored functions, stored procedures, triggers, events, and security for stored programs
        • Optimize queries with indexes and leveraging the MySQL Query Optimizer with a focus on efficiently loading data, changing statement scheduling priorities, using delayed and concurrent inserts, using correct locking levels, and administrative level optimization
        • Outline a backup and maintenance strategy
        • Troubleshoot MySQL performance issues

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