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Intertech experts deliver field proven consulting in these areas:

Microsoft Consulting 

Intertech delivers complete consulting on Microsoft products including selection, installation, and configuration. Further, Intertech’s experts can help you integrate products and extend products through application development. Intertech is a Microsoft Gold Partner with multiple competencies and stellar reviews on Microsoft’s partner rating website.

Intertech delivers services on all Microsoft products including:

    Microsoft Client Products

    • Expression Studio (Pro, Ultimate)
    • Lync
    • MapPoint
    • MSDN
    • Office (365, Access, Excel, InfoPath, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word)
    • OneNote
    • Project
    • SharePoint
    • TechNet
    • Visio
    • Visual Studio (Professional, Professional with MSDN, Premium, Ultimate)
    • Visual Studio Test (Professional, Professional with MSDN)
    • Visual Studio® LightSwitch 2011

    Microsoft Server Products

    • Bing Maps Server
    • BizTalk® Server (Branch, Enterprise, Enterprise RFID, Standard, Developer)
    • Commerce Server
    • Core CAL Suite
    • Core Infrastructure Server
    • Data Warehouse Appliance
    • Duet for Office and SAP Server
    • Dynamics CRM
    • Enterprise CAL Suite Bridge
    • Exchange Server (Hosted, Enterprise, Standard)
    • FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint
    • Forefront (System Center EndPoint Protection, Identity Manager, Threat Management Gateway, Unified Access Gateway)
    • Groove Server
    • Lync Server (Online, Enterprise Edition)
    • Project Server
    • Search Server
    • SharePoint Server
    • SQL Server (Developer, Enterprise, and other versions)
    • System Center (Operations Manager, Essentials, Data Protection Manager)
    • Tellme
    • VDI
    • Virtual Server
    • Visual Studio Load Test
    • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

    Microsoft Windows

    • Windows Azure
    • Windows Embedded Device Manager
    • Windows Essential Business Server
    • Windows HPC Server
    • Windows Intune
    • Windows MultiPoint Server
    • Windows Server
    • Windows Small Business Server
    • Windows Web Server

.NET Architecture Consulting 

Intertech’s expert architects can provide a series of architecture-related services to ensure a successful solution design.

Intertech’s team can:

    • Architect applications, services, and components using field proven .NET best practices
    • Create your development environment architecture and staging environment from test to production
    • Define an application blueprint that maximizes scalability, availability, and manageability and separates presentation, business, and data layers
    • Identify security policies for authentication and authorization
    • Create strategies backed by an architecture for exception management including runtime monitoring and configuration
    • Define a plan for deployment including physical environment architecture, location of application components, and distribution boundaries
    • Troubleshoot performance issues due to inefficient architecture

.NET Design Consulting 

Intertech’s expert application development consultants provide full .NET architecture, design, and development services.

Intertech’s team can:

    • Plan and layout frameworks and class hierarchies using best practices for clarity, extensibility, and security
    • Design user interface and components; business layers including components and workflows; and data stores and data access components
    • Define guidelines for exception handling including error message design, handling, and wrapping
    • Outline auditing standards
    • Create guidelines for partitioning an application/service into assemblies and packaging for distribution
    • Share coding guidelines and implement tools like FxCop to ensure consistent implementation of design from naming to exception handling

.NET Patterns Consulting 

Intertech’s expert .NET consultants can help you leverage existing design patterns as well as identify patterns that exist within your custom solution.

In detail, these patterns are:

    • Assess your architecture and design and select patterns which fit your solution including one or more of the main .NET patterns to include the Intercepting Filter Pattern, Page Controller Pattern, Template Method Pattern, Observer Pattern, Iterator Pattern, Decorator Pattern, Adapter Pattern, Factory Pattern, Strategy Pattern, Composite Pattern
    • Identify custom patterns and create supporting classes, frameworks, and code for implementation
    • Outline deployment patterns

    Intertech’s seasoned pros will help you identify which patterns make practical sense for you.

SQL Server Consulting 

Intertech provides expert SQL Server consulting.

Our experts help you:

    • Understand and use the newest SQL Server enhancements including new offerings and features in availability, scalability, performance, manageability, security, and programmability
    • Select, install, and configure the correct SQL
    • Server edition for your environment including Enterprise, Standard, and Business Intelligence (BI) versions
    • Upgrade and migrate from previous versions of SQL Server
    • Migrate from different database platforms including Oracle and IBM DB2
    • Understand and leverage SQL Server AlwaysOn including AlwaysOn Availability Groups, Active Secondaries, and AlwaysOn Failover Cluster Instances
    • Correctly use Server Message Block and Database Recovery Advisor
    • Define and implement a plan for and upgrade and patch management
    • Use Columnstore Index including creating a Columnstore Index by Using SQL Server Management Studio and creating a Columnstore Index Using Transact-SQL
    • Understand and leverage security including default schema for groups and user defined roles, contained databases, record filtering, and user-defined audit events
    • Configure semantic search
    • Understand SQL Server Integration services (SSIS) including using the toolbox, shared connection managers, data flow, Change Data Capture (CDC) as well as packages design using expressions and variables
    • Understand SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and PowerPivot including the Server Modes, Analysis Services Projects, Tabular Modeling, Multidimensional
    • Model Storage and Server Management.
    • Understand SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) including Power View’s data sources, design environment, data visualization as well as use sort order, filters, and multiple views to clearly represent data
    • Implement and administer Data Quality Services for cleansing and mataching by leveraging Data Quality Server and Client
    • Understand and use Master Data Manager including explorer, integration management, and user and group permissions
    • Integrate and use SQL Server with SharePoint and Windows PowerShell
    • Leverage and use PowerPivot for Excel and SharePoint
    • Use Data Alerts including leveraging the Data Alert Designer and Manager
    • Perform an exhaustive SQL Server security audit
    • Target SQL Server performance issues

    For more information, contact us today.

SSAS Consulting 

Intertech offers expert consulting on SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).

Intertech’s experts can help you:

    • Outline a strategic plan for OLAP modeling
    • Define best practices using SSAS data mining
    • Develop integrated solutions with Business
    • Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS)
    • Determine where to use advanced methods including HOLAP, MOLAP, and ROLAP
    • Use MultiDimensional Expressions (MDX)
    • Implment best practice-based use of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
    • Determine if XML for Analysis should be part of your plan
    • Build reports in Excel
    • Build reports in SSRS
    • Upgrade from one version to the next or newest SSAS version
    • Integrate with Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint

    For more information, contact us today.

SSIS Consulting 

Intertech delivers expert SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) consulting.

Our expert consultants can help you:

    • Design and build well-designed packages using BIDS
    • Understand Control Flows
    • Use Control Flows in containers
    • Correctly use the Data Flow task in ETL
    • Troubleshoot packages
    • Effectively manage packages
    • Deploy packages using best practices
    • Optimize performance
    • Maximize flexibility using variable and configurations
    • Design and create customized scripts for transformations

    For more information, contact us today.

SSRS Consulting 

Intertech delivers a full lifecycle of consulting services around Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

Our expert SSRS consultants can help you:

    • Design reports in both tabular and list formats
    • Create expressions
    • Select and use collections
    • Integegrate and optimize use of stored procedures
    • Correctly use SSRS security
    • Understand and ensure correct use of SSL and data source security
    • Build web services
    • Create service subscriptions
    • Create custom assemblies for use in SSRS
    • Migrate and upgrade from SSRS 2005 to SSRS 2008 or SSRS 2008 to SSRS 2010

    For more information, contact us today.

ASP.NET Consulting 

Intertech’s expert consultants can guide your ASP.NET development using best practices and field tested expertise.

Our experts will:

    • Architect an ASP.NET web application
    • Correctly setup Web Site and Web Application projects
    • Use the correct controls, navigation controls
    • Design and develop custom controls
    • Save time using proven third party controls
    • Create stunning User Interfaces and navigation
    • Optimize database connectivity
    • Increase performance thru Ajax and other user interface optimization techniques
    • Integrate design using the Microsoft Expression Suite

    For more information, contact us today.

ASP.NET MVC Consulting 

Intertech delivers ASP.NET MVC consulting and solutions using field proven best practices.

Our expert consultants can help you:

    • Architect, design, and develop a solution built on ASP.NET MVC
    • Understand and use the best practices for the Model-View-Controller pattern
    • Create controllers and actions for workflow management
    • Correctly use methods and results
    • Design and construct custom classes
    • Determine if the Entity Framework data model
    • Troubleshoot your ASP.NET MVC application
    • Optimize ASP.NET MVC performance

    For more information, contact us today.

BizTalk Consulting 

Intertech delivers expert BizTalk consulting.

Intertech consultants can help you:

    • Understand the high-level capabilities core elements of BizTalk including schemas, maps, orchestrations, pipelines, and adapters
    • Install and configure BizTalk using field proven best practices for performance, scalability, and security
    • Use schemas including XML schema definition and define best practices for schema versioning, validation, and testing
    • Use maps including advanced features like scripting, table looping, custom XSLT, and map validation, testing, and debugging
    • Leverage orchestrations and the Orchestration Designer and implement dehydration/rehydration, correlations, convoys, transactions, exception management, and debugging
    • Understand and use pipelines including stages, send/receive pipelines, pipeline components, and building custom pipelines and components
    • Use built-in, third party, and custom adapters including File, FTP, HTTP, MQ Series, MSMQ, SMTP, SOAP, and WCF
    • Use BizTalk with Windows Azure including using the AppFabric SDK
    • Profile Business Activity Monitory (BAM) with activities and views
    • Use the Tracking Profile Editor
    • Understand and use rule-based programming including rules, policies, and scenarios
    • Leverage and use an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) with BizTalk including using dynamic routing, dynamic transformation, and message validation
    • Target and remedy BizTalk performance issues

    For more information, contact us today.

C# Consulting

Intertech’s experts can guide you on C#.NET development.

Intertech consultants can help you:

    • Architect and design a scalable, leverage-able C#-based framework and application
    • Create WinForms using UI best practices
    • Create web-based applications with C# as the managed language
    • Leverage WPF, WCF, WF, and LINQ in C#
    • Create secure, robust web services
    • Integrate .NET applications with COM, Java, or legacy systems
    • Troubleshoot “random” issues in your C# applications
    • Use SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, as well as enterprise multi-terabyte database systems
    • Use Team Foundation Server for the SDLC platform
    • Target performance issues in C#

    For more information, contact us today.

Entity Framework Consulting 

Intertech delivers Microsoft Entity Framework consulting and solutions using Microsoft best practices for your data-oriented software applications.

Our Entity Framework consulting can help you:

    • Architect, design, and develop a solution built using Entity Framework
    • Help identify specific needs and viability of Entity Framework in your solution
    • Design Code First and/or Data First solutions
    • Troubleshooting your Entity Framework application
    • Help in C#.NET coding best practices
    • Optimize Entity Framework application performance

    For more information, contact us today.

LINQ Consulting

Intertech’s expert .NET consultants can help you effectively use Language Integrated Query (LINQ) in your .NET application development.

Our expert consultants can help you:

    • Architect, design, and develop a .NET database solution that uses LINQ
    • Correctly use extension methods and lambda expressions
    • Build query expressions
    • Effectively use the LINQ object model
    • Apply query expressions to object containers, XML documents, and relational databases
    • Use PLINQ and the Task Parallel Library (TPL)
    • Toubleshoot LINQ-related issues
    • Optimize data access performance

    For more information, contact us today.

VB.NET Consulting 

Intertech delivers expert VB.NET consulting in our line-up of .NET consulting services. Our expert VB.NET consultants can build solutions or supplement your team.

Our team can help you:

    • Architect a solid Object Oriented (OO) framework for your VB.NET application
    • Implement the solution using VB.NET
    • Correctly leverage WPF, WCF, WF, and LINQ in your solution
    • Build Windows-based applications
    • Use VB.NET as the managed language to create web-based ASP.NET solutions
    • Understand where and how to effectively use .NET type system, assemblies, and metadata
    • Efficiently access data using ADO.NET
    • Build web services using VB.NET
    • Troubleshoot your VB.NET application
    • Use field tested build-and-deploy in your VB.NET solution
    • Correctly setup your solution in Team Foundation Server (TFS)

    For more information, contact us today.

WCF Consulting

Intertech delivers expert WCF consulting.

Intertech’s expert WCF consultants:

    • Help you determine where WCF fits into your application architecture
    • Use WCF binding, WCF fault, WCF message, and WCF data contracts with field proven best practices
    • Upgrade to the latest version of WCF
    • Implement WCF security measures
    • Troubleshoot WCF performance issues

    For more information, contact us today.

Workflow Consulting 

Intertech’s expert team of consultants can deliver a solution using Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) using field proven best practices.

Intertech’s consultants will:

    • Architect, design, and develop business processes workflows
    • Correctly design and use workflows and activities
    • Install, configure, and use the visual tools for workflow design
    • Create custom activities
    • Design state machine and sequential workflows
    • Optimize workflows for performance
    • Troubleshoot workflow issues

    For more information, contact us today.

WPF Consulting

Intertech delivers experienced, field-proven consulting around Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Our expert consultants:

    • Guide you thru the WPF programming model using best practices
    • Teach the WPF model with and without XAML
    • Create WPF custom user controls
    • Show you proven 3rd party WPF add-ons that save time and effort
    • Help you integrate Expression Blend with Visual Studio to create user interfaces
    • Create impressive, dynamic user interfaces

    For more information, contact us today.

Xamarin Consulting 

Intertech delivers Xamarin consulting and solutions using Microsoft best practices.

Our Xamarin consulting team can help you:


    • Architect, design, and develop a solution built using Xamarin and Visual Studio
    • Help identify cross-platform needs and viability of Xamarin solution
    • Understand and use the best practices for the
    • Model-View-ViewModel pattern
    • Design and construct custom classes
    • Troubleshooting your Xamarin application
    • Help in C#.NET coding best practices
    • Optimize Xamarin application performance
    • Help in deployment strategies for both quality assurance and appropriate market stores

    For more information, contact us today.

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Consulting

Learn to utilize the features and abilities of Universal Windows Platform (UWP) through Intertech’s Universal Windows Platform Consulting.

Our practiced consultants will assist you in understanding:

    • Universal Windows Platform best practices.
    • The Windows Core and how it brings together all the Windows 10 platforms.
    • Enabling your devices for development through the UWP.
    • The concept of building an app with UWP.
    • How to package an application and install it on a Windows 10 device.
    • The new UI universal controls and panels that give you the ability to adapt your UI to all the different devices.
    • What device families are and how they work.
    • Building Universal Windows Platform components and user interfaces that can seamlessly target a wide range of Windows devices.
    • Developing your application using Visual C++, C#, Visual Basic, or JavaScript.
    • Choosing from XAML, DirectX, and HTML to create one adaptive UI.
    • Creating a suite of unit tests and UI tests with Visual Studio 2015’s testing tools.

    For more information, contact us today.

Windows IoT Consulting 

With the launch of Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015, Microsoft has released several new IoT (Internet of Things) tools. If you’re looking for help utilizing these new tools, discuss your project with a member of Intertech’s Windows IoT consulting team.

Our expert consultants will help you:


    • Apply Windows IoT best practices.
    • Select the IoT device that best fits your needs.
    • Optimize your settings and set up your PC for your device.
    • Leverage Microsoft Azure to host services for your IoT app.
    • Install the Windows IoT Core OS and prepare your chosen device for integration.
    • Develop and deploy your IoT application with
    • Microsoft Visual Studio.
    • Take advantage of IoT libraries that allow you to interface with servos, sensors and other components.
    • Build Universal Windows Platform (UWP) components and user interfaces that can seamlessly target a wide range of Windows devices.
    • Package your IoT app and submit it to the Windows Store.
    • Develop your application using Visual C++, C#, Visual Basic, or JavaScript.
    • Choose from XAML, DirectX, and HTML to create one adaptive UI.
    • Create a suite of unit tests and UI tests with Visual Studio 2015’s testing tools.

    For more information, contact us today.

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