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Life Skills Integrated Attendance and Reporting Application

Understanding the nonprofit organizations industry is one thing. Understanding the technology you currently use and the updates you should consider is another.

Case Study: Integrated attendance and reporting application for people who need assistance with employment or life skills due to a disability.



Technology Used
SQL Server
Entity Framework
Team Foundation Server


Agile / Scrum


Additional Services
Legacy Modernization


Custom Integrated Attendance and Reporting System Application


Project Requirements

Respected organization with more than 45 years of service, and accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), is a service provider for people who need assistance with employment or life skills due to a disability. Due to the nature of their work, much of the operating budget comes from grants and contracts with the Minnesota Department of Human Services, other health providers, and disabilities-focused organizations. Using an older database application for tracking client attendance and generating reports for their various sponsor organizations, they realized that they needed to update the system and speed up the process if they were going to be able to offer more services and help more people in need.


Intertech helped the client create an integrated attendance and reporting system that cut monthly processing times down from a week to less than an hour.


Previously, this was a process that took their employees nearly a week to complete every month. Each funding organization requires a slightly different reporting format, so employees were spending time formatting the data and making sure the correct data was in each report. Additionally, attendance records need to be audited for accuracy and reviewed by program coordinators.

In the past, the organization had engaged another software consultancy firm but were frustrated with the waterfall methodology, all-at-once delivery of the product, and lack of feedback cycle. Soon after contacting Intertech, they soon realized the benefits of a well run Agile process and a team of developers with proven experience using the methodology. With Intertech at the helm, their needs were met with a process that let the customer guide development as they desired.

The core application launched within six months of starting the project. After implementing the core web application, Intertech’s consultants shifted the agile development priorities to creating automatic invoices and reimbursement requests for their various funding organizations. As the project progressed, the Minnesota Department of Human Services (MN DHS) announced they’d require reimbursement submissions to be broken out daily on invoices. With Intertech’s agile approach, the team was able to change development priorities to comply with and take advantage of MN DHS’s electronic submission capability and create an export that could be used to submit to MN DHS’s automated submissions process.

To complete the process, Intertech added support for PDF creation of organization-specific invoices for all their funding organizations.

Thanks to Intertech’s agile approach and experienced team of consultants, the client’s needs were met even with change-requirements dictated midstream.

Intertech has been in business for nearly 30 years. Many of our projects are considered confidential by our clients. For this reason, and out of respect for our customer’s privacy, we do not mention companies by name regarding specific projects, with the clear understanding that the project outlined and presented is actual work Intertech and their consultants have completed successfully.

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Understanding your industry is one thing. Understanding the technology you are using is another. When you read studies that tell you that 75% of projects are doomed from the beginning, it has to make you pause before signing your name to the outcome.

Consider letting our proven professionals take a look at your project. They’ve seen what can go wrong and know how to avoid costly errors.

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Sometimes the most critical person in the room is the one with a calm voice and the knowledge to select the right words. Bringing a development team together or presenting a clear concept for stakeholders can make all the difference between success or failure. Intertech consultants are at the top of their field. They navigate challenging decisions, guide with a confident voice, and know when to get out of the way.

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"Intertech’s SQL expertise was invaluable in improving our database server performance."

“Intertech’s SQL expertise was invaluable in improving our database server performance. Thanks to the guidance and work from Intertech consultants, we’ve reduced runtime on common queries, modernized our technology stack, created a platform for real-time sales feedback, and enabled more comprehensive strategic planning for our company. We look forward to working with Intertech on future projects to drive even more value from our data.”

– Client

"Working with Intertech allowed us to modernize the user interface of the equipment we produce."

“Working with Intertech allowed us to modernize the user interface of the equipment we produce. The consultants they provided were clearly experts in their field and brought the necessary knowledge to our team to update our application. But working with Intertech also helped us move toward a faster development and deployment cycle for our new features moving forward. This new user interface will provide a better user experience for our customers, and our new deployment pipeline will enable us to continue improving that user experience over the months and years to come.”

– Client

"Thanks to everybody for the efforts over the last 18 months!"

“It’s with mixed feelings that this day has arrived. I’m sad to see this collaborative effort come to an end; but I’m excited with what we have accomplished. Tom & Scott had a lot of patience with me through the process and were able to teach me a lot of good stuff. For me, one of the big benefits of the Intertech/[client] relationship was it helped me demonstrate the value of software to the company which led to my getting approval to hire two software folks. Even though this particular project/phase is at an end, I’m hoping we have the opportunity to work together again. Once again, Thanks to everybody for the efforts over the last 18 months.”

– Client Supervisor



Mike Trotman

If you’re looking for a .NET web developer who knows his stuff, look no further than Mike Trotman. Before joining Intertech, Mike spent more than 20 years honing his skills at Pitney Bowes. He also worked as an independent software engineer, including engagements with Intertech, before joining the company full-time several years ago.


“I’m happy to use my skills on behalf of Intertech’s clients,” says Mike. “It’s also great to be part of a company where colleagues share expertise and support each other.”


Why Did You Choose Technology Sales?

“I believe it’s important to learn continuously and to hone my skill set. Intertech encourages this, which I appreciate.”


Mike enjoys fishing, playing cards, and going to sporting events involving his three sons with his wife, Deb. He doesn’t talk about it, but Mike was an anonymous bone marrow donor. Not surprisingly, Mike plans to continue giving back by volunteering when he’s no longer working. He also would like to visit Egypt to see the pyramids.

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