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Intertech Objective-C Consulting 

Intertech’s expert iOS consultants can help you use Objective-C and iOS including help you:

        • Install and configure the Apple developer tools and implement 3rd party tools and widgets to help speed development
        • Understand and use Xcode
        • Leverage the programming constructs of Objective-C including the data types, control logic, functions, and global/local/static variables
        • Understand dynamic memory management including addresses, NULL, pass by reference (vs. by address), the heap, retain cycles, and weak references
        • Implement object oriented programming principles in Objective-C program implementation including accessor methods, properties, overriding methods, and super
        • Use messages including nesting message sends, multiple arguments, and sending messages to nil
        • Use NSString, NSArray/NSMutableArray, NSSet/NSMutableSet, NSDictionary/NSMutableDictionary, NSString, NSData, NSError, NSNotificationCenter
        • Leverage callbacks including helper objects, notifications, and understanding callbacks and object ownership
        • Implement patterns including Model-View-Controller (MVC)
        • Use a basic init method with accessors and init methods with arguments
        • Understand properties including property attributes, mutability, lifetime specifiers, and non-object types
        • Use blocks including defining, using, declaring block variables, assigning a block, passing in a block, typedef, return values, and memory management
        • Understand bitwise operations including OR, AND, exclusive OR, left shift, right shift, and using enum to define bit masks
        • Understand strings including char, char *, string literals, and conversion from/to NSString
        • Troubleshoot Objective-C performance issues
        • Identify and correct thread and memory management problems


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