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Intertech Prism Consulting

Composite Application Guidance – Prism – is a framework for delivering Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Use Prism to integrate individual modules so they work together as an integrated application.

Intertech’s expert Prism consulting can help you in usage of the Composite Application Guidance including:

        • Determine where Prism fits in your application development
        • Understand Composite Application Guidance as it relates to your environment
        • Incorporate the guidance into a composite application

    In delivering your solution, our experts can help you:

        • Architect, design, and develop a solution that use the Composite Application Library
        • Use best practices to create a loosely coupled but unified Prism application
        • Understand MEF, UnityContainer, Services, and Modules
        • Understand Regions and user interface compositions, Shared User Interface
        • Know Model View ViewModel
        • Create automated build and deploy for Prism-based applications
        • Test Prism applications
        • Troubleshoot Prism related issues
        • Optimize Prism performance

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