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In a world driven by digital innovation, your presence is the path to success. Our Prism experts at Intertech specialize in creating solutions that are not just functional but also highly efficient, user-centric, and designed to elevate your digital strategy.



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  • Custom Prism Consulting Solutions, Uniquely Yours: Every project is unique, and so is our approach. Whether you’re a startup with a vision for groundbreaking digital innovation or an established enterprise looking to optimize your online presence, our consultants are ready to turn your ideas into Prism-powered digital masterpieces.
  • Empowering Digital Excellence with Prism: Intertech’s Prism solutions ensure that your digital solutions are not just clear but also efficient, scalable, and capable of delighting users. We implement Prism best practices to provide you with digital solutions that inspire growth.
  • Staying at the Forefront of Digital Innovation: We’re passionate about staying at the forefront of digital technology. Our experts are well-versed in the latest digital capabilities, design trends, and best practices, ensuring your solutions are always at the cutting edge of digital innovation.
  • Collaboration Drives Digital Success: Your digital excellence is our mission. At Intertech, we believe in a collaborative partnership, working closely with you to ensure our Prism services align seamlessly with your brand, objectives, and digital success goals.


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Composite Application Guidance – Prism – is a framework for delivering Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Use Prism to integrate individual modules so they work together as an integrated application.

Intertech’s expert Prism consulting can help you in usage of the Composite Application Guidance including:

        • Determine where Prism fits in your application development
        • Understand Composite Application Guidance as it relates to your environment
        • Incorporate the guidance into a composite application

    In delivering your solution, our experts can help you:

        • Architect, design, and develop a solution that use the Composite Application Library
        • Use best practices to create a loosely coupled but unified Prism application
        • Understand MEF, UnityContainer, Services, and Modules
        • Understand Regions and user interface compositions, Shared User Interface
        • Know Model View ViewModel
        • Create automated build and deploy for Prism-based applications
        • Test Prism applications
        • Troubleshoot Prism related issues
        • Optimize Prism performance

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