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Take Back Control! Migrating SaaS To Company Owned Software.


Take control of the software that you use to run your business. If you are paying for a solution that requires a third-party plugin and a workaround to make it do almost what you need, it may be time to consider creating an application that does exactly what you want and is set up to expand with you as your company expands.


Quality People > Scalable Resources > Better Business Solution!

Break Loose To A Solution That Does Exactly What You Need It To Do.

Benefits Of A Custom Application:

Software That Does Exactly What You Want It To Do

Ability To Innovate With Changes In Business

The Option Of Keeping Your Application In The Cloud

Let’s make your workplace that much better!

Intertech Specializes In Migrating You To Your Own Software!
What Is SaaS, or Software as a Service, And How Can We Help You Get Out Of The Situation You Are In?

Software as a Service (SaaS) Is Basically Subscription Based Software.

By definition, SaaS is software that is centrally located on a host computer in the cloud, licensed, and delivered to you on a subscription basis. It is sold as eliminating maintenacne costs, providing real-time updates, and is often the right solution for specific homogenized tasks. It is also out of your control and often does only some of what you need but not all, requiring workarounds or additional subscriptions.

Business Decision Will Require You To Make Changes Sooner Or Later.

Most companies that rely on SaaS as a service will discover that business decisions that keep your company in front of obsolescence will require workarounds that start to tangle up your system to the point of being very difficult to uncouple. Take it from a company that has been helping clients untangle the mess and create precisely what they need to stay relevant, and in control of their destiny, there are ways to migrate.

Keep It In The Cloud But Take Control Of The Features.

One benefit of SaaS is that it eliminates costs associated with infrastructure. If this is a concern, the new software can remain in the cloud and do the same thing. However, it is essential to understand that with cloud services, just like SaaS and subscription software, you still have to weigh your options with contracts, network dependency, and security to pick the correct resource. The important thing is that now your software does exactly what you need it to do to stand out from the competition.
Reasons Why You Should Avoid SaaS, And Other Subscription Software.

Reliance On A Subscription... (Think About It For A Moment.)

Are you currently locked into a subscription and stuck using their unresponsive vendor support and experiencing unexpected slowdowns in service because they oversold? If so, you have become reliant on someone else’s product. Sounds like a great business model… for the SaaS Company, but what about your company? That is not a business model for an agile and innovative business leader. Think twice about where your valuable data resides, even if you consider it proprietary.

We Have A Solution!

If you are trapped in a subscription and not sure how to get out from under it, but still want to eliminate infrustructure, there is a solution. We’ve been down this road before and can make the migration painless as well as advantageous to your business. First, Intertech will evaluate your situation. Next, we’ll figure out exactly what you need and how best to implement this so changes can be added and innovations from within can be managed with shutting down. Finally, we’ll make sure you get a unique Interface that gives you an edge and generates proprietary data that can now be used for predictive modeling and important forecasting decisions.

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