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Intertech System Integration

System Integration


Intertech helps you combine multiple pieces of your entire system, to include sub-systems and sub-components, making your organization more efficient and your applications function as they should. When you are fully connected, and all parts have integrated, the savings in productivity can be far-reaching, from internal departments to third party suppliers and customer satisfaction.


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Benefits Of System Integration:

Much Easier on Administrators

Better Use of Data

Cost Savings And Increased Productivity

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Intertech Will Integrate Your Systems!
Why Integration of your applications is so important to the entire company.

Why Is System Integration Important?

Managing that ever-important and ever-expanding flow of proprietary data without your system being connected is a recipe for lost time, lost productivity, and a gold mine of information buried below your vary feet. No matter how up-to-date each application, if they are not aligned with each other, you have not modernized your system. By integrating your applications, the manual workarounds disappear, and your process moves toward seamless, your data has value, and your customers notice the difference.  

Challenges To Consider.

When integrating a diverse set of applications and systems, no matter how monolithic the enterprise, challenges will arise. Legacy systems don’t always talk well with newer ones or are difficult to replace because of how it has been cobbled together through the years to do things that it was never intended to do. Add the fact that each department within a business sees and uses data differently, and you have a problem that can be difficult to solve. Once these things have been hashed out, there are plenty of ways to accomplish integration, but choosing the right tool can be difficult for stakeholders who will have their names attached. Add costs, timeframe, and a partner with a bias toward their software expertise, and you often do not get what you need.

How To Overcome The Challenges!

Consider us! With Intertech you get a company with the expertise needed to evaluate your current system and create a custom fit using the technology that is best suited for your company. Just look at our case studies. We have the expertise in a wide range of existing technologies that you undoubtedly already have incorporated across your company. We consider how your data is currently modeled and how you intend to use it in the future. We present our recommendations on how to moving forward so you can make an educated decision. We make sure the communication and planning before anyone begins writing code is in-depth, so there are no surprises, and you have a clear picture that your stakeholders will understand. Finally, we assemble a team, working alone or in co-development with your developers, and take you to where your requirements have determined you must go.
When applications are not aligned, you add time to each event and degrade efficiencies available to your organization. If a task takes one hour and you can automate it and take it down to one minute, imagine the savings over time.
The Bottom Line Of System Integration Services From Intertech.

We Handle These Software Integration Services.

Overcoming complicated software integration challenges is something Intertech’s full-stack consultants approach head-on, from the architecture design to delivery management, testing, and deployment.

  • Data Integration Services
  • API Integration Services
  • Enterprise Application Integration Services
  • Service-Oriented Architecture Services

How The Cloud Fits Into System Integraton?

There are significant benefits of using the cloud, along with cons that must be considered. Still, the over-arching benefit is the availability of integration tool libraries that Azure, AWS, IBM, and others offer to make the job that much easier. Listed below is an example of some of the most recognized resources:


  • Logic Apps – Create workflows and command business processes
  • Service Bus – Connect on-premises and cloud-based apps and services
  • API Management – Publish API’s securely for internal and external backend connection backend
  • Event Grid – Connect supported Azure and third-party services


  • AWS Step Functions – Coordinate serverless workflows
  • API Gateway – Create, publish, maintain, monitor and secure workflows and web apps
  • AppFlow – For SaaS and AWS services automated data flow

No matter the cloud solution, we understand the tool sets and will integrate your applications.

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