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What is it?


Open source framework for building truly native mobile apps with Angular, Vue.js, TypeScript, and JavaScript



What’s that mean?


NativeScript is a JavaScript/TypeScript based framework that can be leveraged to build cross-platform native mobile applications. It also supports the use of both Angular and Vue.js.



How does that work?


NativeScript uses WebKit’s JavaScriptCore and JavaScript Virtual Machines – Google V8 runtimes to provide their applications with APIs for the Android and iOS frameworks. 

NativeScript uses modules to provide an abstraction layer between the application code and the runtimes. These include UI Modules, Core Modules and Dev Tools. For example, there is a menu widget in the Widgets Module that when compiled will show up as a native menu for the target device.



Who’s behind It?


 NativeScript was originally conceived, developed and officially supported by Progress. A company responsible for a wide variety of dev products and solutions. It’s an open source project with a good sized and active community of users.



How should I get started?


One of my favorite things about NativeScript is the NativeScript Playground App. It’s an App you can download on your own device (Android or iOS) that allows you to scan a QR code and develop Apps right at your finger tips. There is also an online editor that you can use to generate different project configurations (Angular, Vue.js, etc..). When paired with the Playground App, it’s a fun way to test out different UI widgets and functionality. A nice space to get familiar with the framework or just get the creative juices flowing.





NativeScript is a great framework for developers with a web background to get up and running with mobile development in a fairly painless way. It feels right to be able to create a native component like a menu or calendar using the same code for both Android and iOS. It’s a good answer to React Native for Android and Vue.js developers. If your a curious developer, I’d recommend downloading the Playground App and checking out the online editor. It takes minimal setup and you will be able to jump right in and get your hands dirty.




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