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Agile Product Owner Training

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Course Outline

Review of Agile Basics, Theory, and why it works

  • Defined vs Empirical process, Stacey diagram and simple vs complex projects, etc.
  • Review of agile values and principles
  • Why agile works: Exercises to explain theory behind:
    • Small vs. large batch
    • Managing Work-In-Process (WIP)
    • Directed vs. self-organized teams
    • The value of experimentation and “Failing fast” vs. Big Up Front Design (BUFD)

Scrum Review

  • The Scrum Framework
  • Roles and Responsibilities- Exercise and facilitated discussion
    • Scrum Master
    • Product Owner
    • Project Manager
    • Team
  • Exercise: Inspect and Adapt

Product Planning

  • Product Vision
  • Personas
  • Epics, Features
  • Story Mapping and MVC
  • Product, Release and Sprint Levels of Planning
    • Cone of Uncertainty
  • Product Management, Product Owner, and Business Analyst Roles and Responsibilities

Know your Users

  • Identifying your users
  • Creating and using personas

User Stories in detail

  • What are user stories and why are they different from requirements
  • 3 C’s of User Stories: Card, Conversation, Confirmation
  • Review of Ameriprise Stories
  • Acceptance criteria, importance, and how to write (lab continuation)
  • Slicing stories for smaller batches
  • Definition of Done and its importance (Exercise to develop if non-existent)
  • Forecasting

Developing and Grooming the Product Backlog

  • Discovering and defining BACKLOG items
  • Prioritizing the backlog
  • Writing user stories and acceptance tests
  • Sizing backlog items – story points
  • Estimating with planning poker (Exercise)
  • Velocity, Burndown, and Burnup

Product Owner Role in Sprint Planning and Execution

  • Decomposing stories into tasks; estimating tasks
  • Populating and managing the Task Board
  • Daily scrum meeting
  • Sprint Reviews
  • Sprint Retrospectives

How can a Product Owner impact Quality in Agile?

  • Agile principles and quality
  • Testing manifesto
  • “Test driven mindset” and how to achieve

LEGO Scrum Simulation (optional)

At the end of the class is a Lego simulation that utilizes exercise work done earlier to work through multiple sprints for greater exposure to the roles, ceremonies, and artifacts of Scrum.

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