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Delta Spring Framework 3 Training

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The Spring Framework is an open source application framework for Java.  This framework has taken the Java software community by storm.  Its popularity continues to rise and the framework continues to expand.

This class is intended for Java developers already familiar with the Spring Framework, but need to be caught up on Spring's latest advances.  In this class, learn about the new features added to Spring 3.0, what parts of the older Spring API have been deprecated.  Students will also explore migration strategies.  Hands-on labs allow students to experience the new Spring Framework.



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Learning Objectives

  • Examine the new Spring module structure
  • Explore API changes
  • See new conversion and formatting SPI
  • Understand Spring Expression Language and where it is used
  • Learn new annotation support
  • Understand what previous Spring API has been deprecated 


This class is designed for Java/Spring programmers with a need to understand new features of Spring Framework 3.0. 


Students should have a good understanding of the Java programming language and should have a good understanding of Spring 2.x.  Students that have attended Intertech's Complete Spring Core have the necessary background for this course.

Course Outline

  • New Spring Module Organization
  • XML Schema updates
  • JSR-330 Dependency Injection Annotations
  • Spring type conversion system
  • Spring Expression Language
  • New view resolver: ContentNegotiatingViewResolver
  • New Spring MVC annotations: @PathVariable and @ExceptionHandler
  • New Spring tags (spring:url, spring:eval)
  • Formatting annotations and the Formatting SPI
  • Spring 3 MVC Validation
  • JSR-303 Validators
  • Deprecated Features
    • Autodetech autowire
    • Dependency Check attribute
    • Spring MVC hierarchy
    • @RequestMapping in place of most Handler Mapping
    • Classic ORM support
    • JUnit 3.8
  • Spring RESTful WebServices

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