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JProbe is one of the leading toolkits for performance tuning Java code. JProbe helps resolve performance inefficiencies and bottlenecks, memory leaks, excessive garbage collection and object creation, threading deadlock issues, testing coverage deficiencies and identify dead code. JProbe can be used on J2SE and J2EE applications and can be integrated with the leading Java IDEs and application servers. Packaged as JProbe Suite, the JProbe toolkit is actually three separate utilities; namely Profiler, Memory Debugger and Coverage. These tools operate independently, but share information about your applications and server environments. Intertech's Complete JProbe class explores the JProbe architecture/environment and how to set up and conduct code analysis with each tool in order to improve the quality of your Java code and thereby trim development costs, reduce maintenance issues and improve the flexibility of your products/systems.


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Solid understanding of Java

Course Outline


  • About JProbe
  • JProbe Suite
  • JProbe Sessions
  • Intro Exercise

Profiler Tool

  • Call Graph
  • Finding Inefficient code
  • Method List and Method Detail
  • Multi-threads
  • Finding Thread Deadlocks
  • Heap Usage - use the Memory Debugger
  • Snapshot differences
  • Source tab
  • Profiler Exercise

Memory Debugger Tool

  • Instances View
  • Classes View
  • Method View
  • Garbage Monitor View
  • Runtime Heap Summary
  • Loitering Objects
  • Snapshot differences
  • Memory Debugger Exercise

Coverage Tool

  • Coverage Browser
  • Working with Conditional Data
  • Merge Test Cases
  • Reports
  • Coverage Exercise


  • IDE Integration
  • JProbe Ant Scripting
  • Reports/Printing

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