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Complete Java Server Pages Training

Course ID: WAS1157
Duration: 1 Days

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Develop and test server-side applications that use JavaServer Pages (JSPs) for the control and flow of e-business applications.


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For groups of 5 or more, let Intertech bring this course to your location. Customized versions tailored towards your objectives are also available.

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Learning Objectives

  • Build JSPs according to the current JSP 1.2 specification
  • Build custom JSP tag libraries
  • Integrate servlets and JSPs into a complete Java EE application
  • Test servlets and JSPs using the WebSphere Test Environment¬†


You should understand essential concepts of Object-Oriented Programming and be able to write simple Java programs with assistance.

Course Outline


  • JSP Programming Techniques
  • JSP directives
  • JSP expressions
  • JSP scriptlets
  • JSP declarations
  • Developing and testing JSP
  • JavaServer Pages in WSAD
  • Editing JSP
  • Predefined variables
  • JSP page design in WSAD
  • JSP testing in WSAD
  • JSP debugging in WSAD

Using Java Beans in a JSP

  • What is a JavaBean?
  • Structure of a JavaBean
  • Life cycle
  • Properties
  • A very simple bean
  • Using JavaBeans in JSP
  • The jsp:useBean tag
  • The jsp:useBean Scope
  • The jsp:useBean in Action
  • The jsp:getProperty tag
  • The jsp:setProperty tag
  • Mixing scriplets and bean tags

JSP Programming Techniques

  • Form input validation
  • Session management
  • Error handling
  • Cookies

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