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Power BI for the Cloud - Level 3 - Advanced Languages Training

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This course takes an in-depth approach to the DAX language, teaching designers how to build models that extend the capabilities of source data for more in-depth, customized business intelligence solutions. This course will also introduce students to the M-Language and how it can be used to make querying more effective. Topics covered include proper understanding of DAX evaluation, controlling evaluation context, understanding relational functions, error handling within the data model, working with complex time intelligence calculations, creating advanced DAX dashboards and report elements using Slicers, and understand the importance of the M Language and its uses.

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Power BI for the Cloud - Level 2 - Data Model Designer

Course Outline

Lesson 1 : Power BI Functions – M Language

M Language vs DAX Functions 
Basic M Language Syntax 
Working with Columns 
IF Expression in M Language 
Query Cleanup

Lesson 2 : Basic DAX Functionality

Review of Calculated Columns 
Review of Measures 
Rules of Evaluation 
Evaluation Context 
Formatting DAX Code

Lesson 3 : Controlling Content & Values

Controlling Values - DAX 
M Custom Functions 
Error Handling

Lesson 4 : Context Control Functions

Iterative Functions 
FILTER Function 
ALL Function 
Additional Uses Of The ALL Function

Lesson 5 : Contexts In Relationships

Working With Many Tables 
Row Context & Relationships 
Elevated Calculated Columns 
Filter Context & Relationships 
Cross Filtering Issues

Lesson 6 : Advanced Concepts

Controlling Totals 
Parameter Tables 

Lesson 7 : Time Intelligence Calculations

Working With Date Tables 
Calculating Operating Periods 
Working With Missing Periods 
To-Date Functions 
Advanced Date Functions 
Prior Year Functions

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