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Azure DevOps Configuration and Administration (Formerly VSTS) Training

Duration: 1 Days

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This course is designed for organizations that are adopting Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and need staff skilled in how to configure and administer their VSTS account.
The course covers creating and managing your organization’s VSTS account as well as how to add users and manage licenses. It looks at security and setting up your source control repositories. You’ll learn how to work with both hosted build/release infrastructure as well as using on-premises build/release agents.
Finally, the course looks at the new process templates and how to customize them to meet your team’s needs.
This course combines both technical presentations as well as hands-on lab exercises designed to ensure attendees gain a solid, practical understanding of how to administer VSTS for modern software development teams.

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Learning Objectives

At the completion of this course, attendees will be able to:
  • Manage a VSTS account
  • Create and manage team projects
  • Configure teams
  • Add/remove users and assigned licenses
  • Configure appropriate security
  • Manage source control repositories
  • Configure build/release using a hosted agent pool
  • Install and configure on-premises agent pools
  • Install extensions from the Visual Studio Marketplace
  • Understand the new process template model
  • Implement work item customizations


This course is designed for team members responsible for the configuration and administration of their organization’s VSTS account.

Course Outline

Module 1: Setting Up a VSTS Account

  • Creating a VSTS account
  • Changing account owner
  • Renaming your account
  • Delete or recover account
  • Connecting clients to VSTS
  • Integration with Azure Active Directory
  • Understanding account billing

Module 2: Creating and Managing Team Projects

  • Creating team projects
  • Renaming and deleting team projects
  • Understanding and configuring teams
  • Configuring notifications

Module 3: Configuring Users and Security

  • Overview of VSTS security
  • Adding or removing users in your VSTS account
  • Configuring security using team project groups
  • Fine-grain security options

Module 4: Source Control Configuration

  • Creating and managing repositories
  • Cloning a GIT repository 
  • Importing source code into a TFVC repository

Module 5: Process Customization

  • Understanding process templates
  • Understanding inherited templates
  • Basics of template customization
  • Adding modifying fields
  • Customizing a work item form
  • Creating a custom work item type

Module 6: Build Automation

  • Overview of build infrastructure
  • Overview of hosted build services
  • Installing and configuring private build agents
  • Scaling your build infrastructure

Module 7: Managing Extensions

  • Introduction to the marketplace
  • Approving extensions
  • Installing extensions

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