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Oracle PL/SQL Training

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PL/SQL is Oracle's extension language for standard SQL.

In this PL/SQL training class, students will Increase the productivity, performance, scalability, portability, and security of your Oracle database with this comprehensive PL/SQL programming course. With this training, you learn to write PL/SQL programs, build stored procedures, design and execute modular applications, and increase the efficiency of data movement — essential skills for any Oracle developer.

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SQL Programming language experience; Oracle Database 12c: Introduction

Course Outline

Lesson 1 : Introduction and Overview

  • PL/SQL fundamentals 
  • Oracle 11g and 12c PL/SQL features

Lesson 2 : Data Manipulation Techniques

  • Maintaining data with DML statements 
  • Managing data retrieval with cursors 
  • Cursor variables

Lesson 3 : Developing Well-Structured and Error-Free Code

  • Error handling using EXCEPTIONs 
  • Debugging PL/SQL blocks

Lesson 4 : Achieving Maximum Reusability

  • Writing stored procedures and functions
  • Coding user-written functions 
  • Developing safe triggers

Lesson 5 : Exploiting Complex Datatypes

  • Collection types 
  • Bulk binding for high performance

Lesson 6 : Invoking Native Dynamic SQL

  • Finessing the compiler 
  • Types of dynamic SQL

Lesson 7 : Package Tips and Techniques

  • Package structure: SPEC and BODY 
  • Eliminating dependency problems 
  • Overloading for polymorphic effects 
  • Evaluating application frameworks 
  • Declaring and using persistent global variables

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