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Intertech TypeScript Consulting

Intertech delivers expert TypeScript consulting.

Our seasoned TypeScript consultants help you:

        • Understand the role of TypeScript, where it fits in your development environment, and how it compares to competing Compile to JavaScript languages
        • Install and configure TypeScript with Visual Studio, on Node.js, and MSBuild
        • Design a maintainable TypeScript solution with classes including use of inheritance
        • Understand and use access modifiers
        • Know the role of object literals and how they compare to anonymous types
        • Debug errors
        • Use the compiler, the file list, and declaration files including using the compiler to generate the declaration file
        • Understand and use primitive, any, and array times
        • Cast types
        • Implement ambient declarations
        • Use functions including function overloading
        • Implement interfaces including interfaces as function or object types

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