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Intertech User Experience (UX) Consulting

Intertech delivers a full suite of UI and UX consulting focused on websites, task-based applications, e-commerce sites, e-business sites, e-learning applications, and so much more!

Our user experience consulting, our seasoned UX consultants help you:

        • Understand what is user experience design and how a UX designer works in different software approaches including waterfall and agile
        • Implement best practices for user experience design for websites, task-based applications, e-commerce sites, e-business sites, e-learning applications, social networking applications, mobile sites and mobile applications
        • Perform user research including executing user interviews and usability testing
        • Understand and use UX personas
        • Define a content management strategy including best practices for artifact repositories, versioning, and change management
        • Ideate and visualize features thru storyboards and other methods
        • Use design principals including visual design unity, variety, hierarchy and dominance
        • Understand best practices for interaction including association and affordance, economy of motion, and response
        • Understand the psychology of attractive design
        • Implement site maps and task flows including page, pagestack, decision points, connectors, and conditions
        • Avoid common mistakes in site maps and task flows including poor connections, misaligned objects, and poorly placed text
        • Understand and use annotations, wireframes, and prototypes including making decisions around paper vs. digital prototyping and wireframes vs. realistic prototypes
        • Select, install, and configure tools for prototype and wireframe development
        • Perform user design testing including in-person and remote research
        • Use moderated techniques and automated techniques for user design testing
        • Implement a quality assurance process to ensure a solid implementation of the UX design
        • Define a post launch plan including design testing with users

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