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Intertech User Interface (UI) Consulting

Intertech’s user interface (UI) experts understand what good UI accomplishes, leverage engaging UI, and quantify the business value of solid UI design.

Intertech’s user interface (UI) experts help you:

        • Understand what good UI accomplishes
        • Leverage the elements of engaging UI
        • Quantify the business value of solid UI design
        • Create effective planning, requirements, and a methodology for UI
        • Select and build a UI project team including team leader and key stakeholders
        • Know when and what parts to outsource parts of the process
        • Meet business expectations by identifying project success criteria, mitigating omissions, and defining solid requirements
        • Implement user research including balancing user goals and product features and tasks, understand qualitative and quantitative research, define who should be involved in UI research, use best practices for user interviews, analyze research observations, and get stakeholder buy-in through user research
        • Define the initial project architecture including contextual scenarios, workflows, visual representation of requirements, key features and interactions, nomenclature, platform and framework choices, data requirements, and test infrastructure
        • Create an interactive UI development process including scope of iterations, prioritization, and estimation
        • Implement a plan for release and post release including alpha/beta releases, getting feedback, and creating user documentation

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