Intertech VBScript Consulting

Scripting Success with Precision and Expertise

At Intertech, we’re not just VBScript consultants; we’re your VBScript virtuosos, ready to empower your scripting and automation needs with the precision, reliability, and innovation of VBScript. Let us be your partners in creating custom script solutions that are not just functional but also efficient, secure, and designed to drive your success.


In a world where automation is the key to efficiency, robust scripting is your path to success. Our VBScript experts at Intertech specialize in creating solutions that are not just functional but also highly efficient, adaptable, and designed to elevate your automation strategy.



Why Intertech:

  • Custom VBScript Consulting Solutions, Uniquely Yours: Every automation project is unique, and so is our approach. Whether you’re a startup with a vision for streamlining your processes or an established enterprise looking to optimize your automation solutions, our consultants are ready to turn your ideas into VBScript-powered digital excellence.
  • Empowering Automation Excellence with VBScript: Intertech’s VBScript solutions ensure that your automation is not just efficient but also secure, maintainable, and capable of delivering exceptional results. We implement VBScript best practices to provide you with solutions that inspire success.
  • Staying at the Forefront of Scripting Innovation: We’re passionate about staying at the forefront of scripting technology. Our experts are well-versed in the latest VBScript capabilities, automation trends, and best practices, ensuring your solutions are always at the cutting edge of scripting innovation.
  • Collaboration Drives Automation Success: Your automation excellence is our mission. At Intertech, we believe in a collaborative partnership, working closely with you to ensure our VBScript services align seamlessly with your brand, objectives, and automation success goals.


Ready to script success with precision and expertise? Contact us today, and let Intertech be your trusted partner on the journey to automation and scripting excellence.

Intertech delivers experienced, field-proven consulting around VBScript.

Intertech’s expert consultants deliver solutions with VBScript including help you:

        • Understand the fundamentals of VBScript including properties, methods, and events
        • Use variant including data types, conversion, constants, and arrays
        • Understand scope and visibility
        • Implement error handling
        • Troubleshoot and fix issues with debugging of the application targeting syntax errors, logical errors, and error handling via resume next and the VBScript Err object
        • Implement VBScript in Active Service Pages (ASP)
        • Use VBScript in Outlook forms
        • Use VBScript in Windows Script Host
        • Understand the WSH language elements
        • Use VBScript with Internet Explorer

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