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WebAssembly Services & System Integration

Intertech’s WebAssembly developers help you run coded applications written in multiple languages, never intended to run outside a desktop, …run on the web, …through a web browser, …at near-native speeds!

You are no longer limited to one or the other. Take a look below to find out more about how and why WebAssembly may be necessary to you and your business.

Achieve Greater Efficiency Through WebAssembly Streamlining

WebAssembly Services WASM

Benefits Of WebAssembly:
Run Desktop Application Through A Web Browser
Run Applications That Require Major Processing Loads At Near Native Speeds
Supported By The Major Browsers, including Google
Find Out If WebAssembly Is Right For You!

What & Why WebAssembly!

WebAssembly In Simple Terms

What Is WebAssembly

WebAssembly is a new type of code that can be run in modern web browsers — it is a low-level assembly-like language with a compact binary format that runs with near-native performance and provides languages such as C/C++ and Rust with a compilation target so that they can run on the web. (Source)

What This Means

You can compile C/C++ or Rust code into WebAssembly format and it can run inside of modern web browsers. It is built to work well with Javascript so that you can seamlessly weave functionality between Javascript and a C++ library.

Main Feature

WebAssembly has been developed with major processing loads in mind. Things like games and graphics applications for the browser. The goal is speed and size. It compiles into binary files, so it ships small and is claimed to run at near-native speeds.
Why Integration of your applications with the web can be important to your company.

Why Is System Integration With The Web Important?

Basically, WebAssembly allows your desktop applications to work anywhere. No download or installation. The web becomes your universal platform that can allow you to reach any device while you maintain a single code base. This allows for easy updates and worldwide access. With a web accessible application you can now use CAD programs through your browser, augmented reality programs with low latency, developer tools like editors, debuggers, and compilers, and enterprise applications like databases, and more!

How Does WebAssembly Work With javaScript?

WebAssembly was created to work alongside JavaScript, running WebAssembly modules that share functionality with your JavaScript requirements. By combining the two you now have a platform that takes advantage of WebAssembly’s power and performance attributes and JavaScript’s flexibility and nuances that make the experience enjoyable. What’s more, WebAssembly is being developed as a web standard via W3C – w3.org with active participation from all major browsers.

Why Does WebAssembly Need JavaScript?

Because WebAssembly does not have direct access to any application programming interfaces (APIs) you need javaScript and HTML to make the connection so your data moves back and forth. The browser, using JavaScript and HTML, loads, fetches, and sends the executes what your WebAssembly module has determined needs as its focus. Basically, WebAssembly fills a space that JavaScript does not do well and is getting to the point of being overloaded. WebAssembly opens the doors to a great partnership between the two.

WebAssembly may turn out to be a groundbreaking addition to the web development world. It’s got the support of the right communities and is currently stable and fully supported, so the future is bright. It’s not going to be the tool you use for everything, but when used correctly, it can be a powerful enhancement to your web application.

WebAssembly Is One Of Our Specialties

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