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Intertech Xcode Consulting

Intertech’s experienced iOS consultants’ help you leverage Xcode including help you:

        • Download, install, and configure Xcode
        • Understand Nibs, setup project files, and use the editor, utility, and debug areas
        • Understand the data model editor including core and basic data model editor
        • Implement source code management with snapshots and use third-party SCM systems
        • Archive an application
        • Rename symbols
        • Refactor
        • Organize with Macros
        • Change the editor
        • Use Build targets, schemas, and entitlements
        • Understand libraries, frameworks, and bundles
        • Use the analyzer, analyze threads, stacks, and memory
        • Use scripting and preprocessing
        • Use compile-time and run-time debugging including using DTrace
        • Put finishing touches on your applications with GUI and application icons
        • Troubleshoot Xcode performance issues

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