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Unit Testing in Visual Studio Training - Register Today for Unit Testing in Visual Studio!

In unit testing, developers start with the system, component or object in a known state and then run a method, modify a property or trigger an event to ensure the correct functionality of the code. While it sounds straight forward, the unit-testing framework within Visual Studio is quite comprehensive. For example, to minimize repetitive code writing, users can fully exercise the testing framework using an appropriate data source. It also is possible to extend the framework to test all the inner workings of an application. Visual Studio Premium and Ultimate include even more testing functionality.

Our instructors cover everything you need to know about Unit Testing within Visual Studio, enabling students to both document and manage test cases. Application testing is crucial because defective software is 25 times more expensive to fix in the production environment versus during development. But how to avoid repetitive error-prone work everytime a change to the code base is made? Our Unit Testing in Visual Studio training demonstrates how repeatable automated tests can be executed on demand -- within individual components, or units, of a system -- by computers. Not surprisingly, a suite of automated tests can verify that all individual components work as specified (even after radical changes have been made). 

Thanks to changes in Visual Studio 2012, a built-in framework for authoring, executing and reporting on test cases is available. Our Unit Testing in Visual Studio training will ensure that you gain the benefits of automated, robust testing: from creating, running and managing a suite of unit tests, as well as adding support to drive the tests from a set of data. Intertech instructors are well versed in the structure of the test environment. They explain to students how to look at the body of a test case and review whether the test case has passed or failed.

Avoid expensive application mistakes. Register for Unit Testing in Visual Studio today!

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