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Find Your Industry – Areas Where BI and AI Provide Exceptional Value & Impact Your Specific Business

Author: Intertech’s Consulting Research Lab

Whether you decide to implement AI, BI, or BPA and simple scripting and coding, understanding the benefits of each is the only way to determine the value of the project, and in turn, ROI. Look through the list and find your business model. Then click on the button to see some examples of how your business can be impacted by AI or BI. In the end, this knowledge will help you decide which option is worth the investment.

If you have questions or would like a live presentation by one of our consulting experts that covers your options based on your specific system, please let us know by selecting the button below.

Learn From Our Customers’ Success

World-Wide Repository For Critical Trial Imagery

Understanding the Healthcare & MedTech industry is one thing. Understanding the technology you currently use and the updates you should consider is another.

Integrated Loan Ordering and Financial Risk Measurement Application

Understanding the Financial Services industry is one thing. Understanding the technology you currently use and the updates you should consider is another.

Neural Network-Powered Computer Vision and Data Infrastructure

Understanding the High Tech industry is one thing. Understanding the technology you currently use and the updates you should consider is another.

Global Marine Real-Time Remote Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Application

Web-based tool that allows for real-time remote diagnostics and troubleshooting of engines with the equipment surrounding them from anywhere in the world.

Automated Probate Processing and Locator Application

Understanding the Legal Services industry is one thing. Understanding the technology you currently use and the updates you should consider is another.

Tax Return & Loan Processing Application Modernization

Intertech was asked to resolve critical bugs and add important new features to tax preparation and an advanced loan software application.

Retail Chain Mobile Inventory Controller Application

A leading national home improvement retail chain needed an Inventory Controller application that works on a standard Android tablet.

Server Modernization & Proprietary Data Valuation Dashboard

A North American firearms and defense manufacturer initially approached Intertech for assistance in upgrading their server’s performance.

Leading Agriculture & Energy Company Grower Experience Portal (GEP)

A multi-billion dollar energy and agricultural company required a new Grower Experience Portal (GEP) so that farmers and co-ops could monitor their commodities contracts.

Custom-Assembled Maintenance Forecast Platform

Leading renewable energy companies was in need of an upgrade to their custom-assembled forecasting platform that predicts future maintenance in order to reduce downtime and costs while optimizing the energy grid layout.

Life Skills Integrated Attendance and Reporting Application

Understanding the nonprofit organizations industry is one thing. Understanding the technology you currently use and the updates you should consider is another.

eWallets for Gaming Industry

Understanding the strategic gaming industry is one thing. Understanding the technology you currently use and the updates you should consider is another.

Innovative Electrical Design And Manufacturing Company's Mobile Landscape Lighting Control & Monitoring IoT Application

Innovative electrical design and manufacturing company’s lighting toolkit concept turned into reality, letting customers operate, troubleshoot, and schedule landscape lighting operations through the phone. Intertech’s mobile development team was chosen to partner with them on this exciting next step in their product development and bring it to reality.

Efficiency & Improvement Payback Calculator for Manufacturing Facilities

A U.S. Department of Energy contractor, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), asked Intertech to build an application that can analyze factory efficiency and calculate the time it would take for improvements to pay for themselves. As a result, advanced manufacturing operations across the country can use this application to calculate pump, heating, fan, steam, and other efficiencies from a single, open-source tool.

New Worldwide Design And Manufacturing Company Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The customer’s products were falling behind due to technology enhancements that their competition added to their products. To keep up with their competitors, the client needed to update their management system. They were using an outdated GUI (Graphical User Interface) that did not offer their customers the user experience and functionality they desired.

Modernization Of Decades-Old Information System For National Network Of Schools

National nonprofit, operating sixteen specialized schools and focused on special education services, faced challenges operating their aging IT systems. Deciding it was time to act, they approached Intertech in the hopes that they could upgrade their systems and add some much-needed functionalities.

Increased Agile Development Team Efficiency & Institute Company-Wide Transformation

A leading financial services company and mortgage lender, with year-over-year growth exceeding 400%, needed to ensure their expanding IT department and development teams were using Agile as efficiently as possible with the day-to-day demands of hyper expansion. To make sure their “We Care” philosophy extended to their employees, they requested Intertech’s Agile expertise in identifying a short-term roadmap with specific actions to make their Agile Transformation as efficient and productive as possible.

Call Center Software for Federal Government Health Services

A respected Minnesota-based Federal Government Health Services contractor required .NET and Angular assistance developing proprietary, cutting-edge call center software that would provide health consultation to our veterans. Working remotely alongside the client’s team, Intertech consultants took on leadership positions for the teams, providing guidance, expertise, and project management.

Emergency Relief Database and Performance Optimization

Throughout its growth, an organization will experience a surplus of data. Over time, performance will decrease due to a combination of a legacy system and excess data growth. This issue hit one of the world’s largest relief and development organizations–one that manages billions in operational funds for providing emergency relief, education, health care, economic development, and justice for those in need globally. The organization operates as a federation of interdependent national offices with three different levels of central control. Intertech’s job was to help fix the performance issues, solve other problems related to the surplus of data, and optimize the system.

Factory Efficiency & Operational Improvements Payback Calculator For Advanced Manufacturing Operations

 U.S. Department of Energy contractor asked Intertech to refactor a tool that improves efficiency in advanced manufacturing and helps manufacturers decide which equipment upgrades to implement based on the time it will take for improvements to pay for themselves. Advanced manufacturing operations across the country will use this application to calculate pump, heating, fan, steam, and other efficiencies that impact their day-to-day operations.

Comprehensive & Secure Fee Management System

One place that is always in need of technology, now more than ever, is our schools. Our customer, a technology and educational information service leader required an integrated and comprehensive fee management system that allowed parents, students, and districts to pay fees through the web seamlessly while linking multiple applications previously developed by another outside resource.

Realtime Process Integrated Feedlot Management Application

A Minnesota-based multi-million dollar feed company servicing producers throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, Michigan, Missouri, and Illinois, wanted to create a modern-day decision-making tool for cattle feeding that would set the standards for the market. The solution included a web application and mobile app for bunk management, ration management, and accounting. The new application is fast and allows feedlots to get answers in real-time.

Large-Scale Application Modernization – Mainframe and COBOL to Java-Based Solution

In collaboration with an IT corporation and a Minnesota State company, Intertech worked on a large-scale internal web application renovation that included a migration from a legacy mainframe system written in COBOL to a Java-based solution. By using a vast array of technologies, Intertech’s team accomplished the goals set by the client, leaving them exceptionally pleased with the result. 

Korea's Largest Online Music Portal Prototype Moved To New Technology

In Korea, the largest online music portal came to Intertech seeking assistance in moving their prototype to a jQuery Mobile and HTML5 solution. A significant emphasis was placed on visual transitions between list views and page navigation while maintaining delivery time and staying within budget though change requests came midstream.

Automated Student Enrollment & Administration Tracking Application

Improving productivity is a goal on every company’s to-do list. Intertech’s team was hired to assist an educational technology collaborative in developing an application that would allow parents to enter student and school choice information online. At the same time, it would also let school administrators track, review, add to, correct, route, and approve student enrollment applications all electronically.

Team Foundation Server Audit and Implementation

Helping those that genuinely need their help, this State Government Agency ensures that seniors, people with disabilities, children, and others meet their basic needs and have the opportunity to reach their full potential. After determining the requirements for the project, they turned to Intertech to outline a set of deliverables and a process that would quickly identify barriers impeding productivity.

Transition From Cold Fusion Application to .NET with Detailed Documentation

The client’s primary application environment was Cold Fusion until they had an off-shore vendor deliver a project in .NET. After realizing the work needed to be replaced and expanded for various reasons, the company turned to Intertech to help build a reliable foundation in .NET and AngularJS that would help them merge existing and future applications. In addition, the client wanted their developers mentored in .NET and AngularJS as the project progressed so they could continue on their own once completed.

Updated Platform for Customer Facing Printing Solutions

One of the top printing companies in the United States came to Intertech to update their external platform to meet their consumer’s increased demands for customized printing solutions. Gathering a team of our best consultants and resources, we utilized the tools and framework needed to provide an exceptional new solution, solve their problems, and provide their customers the experience they expected.

Updating of Legacy Data Collection System To Improve Performance For Job Seekers, Employers & Agency

Our government agencies require accurate data to comply with extensive reporting requirements. The issue was that the legacy system was not keeping up with needs, and data was not being used to its full potential. Turning to Intertech to update its legacy data collection system, the team tasked with the project made the reporting process more comfortable and accurate, including a significant update to their dedicated website for job seekers and prospective employers.

New Robust Website For Premier National Fitness Company

A national high-end fitness company requested a user-friendly website that matched the quality of its fitness centers. Specifically, the new site needed to make it easy for prospective members to shop and purchase club memberships via the web. In co-development, Intertech partnered with the client’s IT department and completed a robust new site capable of meeting all the challenges outlined and continues to engage Intertech for new IT projects.

Modernize Technology Stack And Implement Agile Transformation

National energy and agriculture corporation engaged Intertech to modernize its technology stack, implement agile, and help make technology decisions for business growth. Our expert Intertech consultants worked with the client to create new applications and set up a continuous integration and automated deployment framework. 

Modernize Web Framework For National Legal and Financial Services Provider's Flagship Application Using React

Nationally recognized legal and financial services provider required assistance implementing a modern web framework for the refactor of their flagship application. Until then, the application used Adobe Flex, relied on Flash for rendering, and could no longer be maintained. Within 12 weeks, Intertech helped the client’s IT team deliver a completely redesigned application using React’s front-end library.

Improve Mobile Application Security And Experience For Over 1.5 Million Credit Card Holders

A large financial organization that issues credit cards engaged Intertech to help improve the mobile application experience for their customers.  With the help of Intertech consultants, the client was able to significantly enhance the mobile user experience for over 1.5 million cardholders. Customers can securely view statements, make payments, and change account data, reducing call center volume while increasing customer satisfaction.

Mortgage Services Application Migration – From Third-Party SaaS To Proprietary Software

A leading mortgage services firm that originates, finances, and services residential mortgages looked to Intertech to lead a high visibility project. This mortgage services firm turned to Intertech to move previously hosted and maintained application (SaaS) in-house due to growing expenses and lack of control. This included the development of consumer and B2B portals. In the process, Intertech moved the application to the cloud for greater security and availability and became a strategic partner. 

Insurance And Financial Services Merger – Systems and Applications Integration

Major insurance and financial services company hired Intertech to help them integrate, update, and operate new systems after an international acquisition. Working with our client’s various development teams, Intertech spent the past year on multiple independent projects. One of these projects was a credit card insurance repayment system.

Migrate Customer Facing Mobile Farming Application To iOS-Based Mobile Platform

To keep up with the world’s consistently changing population growth, farmers must work more intelligently than ever before to produce enough food. That’s just what the clients did by applying the best concepts from Work in Progress (WIP) systems – long a staple in the manufacturing industry – to production agriculture. Thanks to Intertech’s help, their customers are benefitting from the convenience of mobile technology (iOS and Objective C) to adjust their business operations to increase efficiency and yield productivity. 

Tax Consultation Questionnaire & Single Source Of Truth For Customer Data

Intertech consultants helped a top global tax & audit consulting firm move from Excel spreadsheets to a proprietary system for storing and updating customer data. The enhanced web application allows the client to operate more efficiently in their competitive market, retaining current customers and attracting new ones with a data-centric design.

Proof of Concept & Implementation of Modern Machine Interface

A high-precision manufacturing equipment provider engaged Intertech to help to modernize the human-machine interface for the laser fabrication equipment they sell. The goal was to make using these machines more intuitive and faster than the slow and outdated technologies of the old UI. Intertech expert consultants first produced a proof of concept that the client could show to their parent company. After the minimum viable product received a warm reception, Intertech helped implement an entire modern UI using React inside an Electron wrapper for cross-platform availability.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Bot

Innovative solutions translate into efficiencies that save money. Over time, the HR department realized the repetitive nature of the questions after hiring a new employee. For this reason, the objective was twofold, turn a simple spreadsheet of common questions and their answers into an interactive and functional chatbot, and create it so the HR department could easily update and expand the list of questions and answers without developer intervention.

Your Ongoing Technical Expertise Partner – Team Development – At Your Service

Companies utilize Intertech’s expertise to extend the capacity and capabilities of their existing technology departments. Through the role of technology partner, Intertech’s experienced team of full-stack consultants, covering development, quality assurance, and testing, and agile transformation, add efficiencies that may not currently exist.

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