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Transformative Software Development For The Financial Services Industry!


Since 1991

Understanding the Financial Services industry is one thing. Understanding the technology you use to run your business is another.

Our experienced agile development teams will introduce automated efficiencies based on your knowledge and ideas, independently or in co-development with your team, and deliver a solution that fits your business needs.

Improved Efficiency Through Proven Innovation

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Benefits Of Industry Specific Customized Software:
Automated Efficiencies Unique To Your Competative Edge
Proprietary Data for Predictive Modeling & Automation
Unique Solutions in a Universal Best Practices Format Development For Maintainability & Extended Lifecycle
Updated Security
“If you can think it up, we can build it.”
This Is Why You Should Consider Intertech!

Transformative Software Development For The Financial Services Industry!


Since 1991

Understanding the Financial Services industry is one thing. Understanding the technology you use to run your business is another.

Our experienced agile development teams will introduce automated efficiencies based on your knowledge and ideas, independently or in co-development with your team, and deliver a solution that fits your business needs.

Improved Efficiency Through Proven Innovation

Financial Services Graphic Outlining Services

Benefits Of Industry Specific Customized Software:
Automated Efficiencies Unique To Your Competative Edge
Proprietary Data for Predictive Modeling & Automation
Unique Solutions in a Universal Best Practices Format Development For Maintainability & Extended Lifecycle
Updated Security
“If you can think it up, we can build it.”
This Is Why You Should Consider Intertech!

Custom Software & Technical Services For Your Industry

Proven Software Development For The Financial Services Industry!

— Overview, Process & Tips —

Creating custom software that provides an intuitive experience is crucial to staying competitive, especially when every dollar relates to time and increased efficiencies impact your bottom line. Intertech’s experienced team works in universal best practices to modernize your software and introduce new solutions that collect and automate your data to benefit your business — whether predicting trends, understanding and serving your customers better or automating repetitive tasks to eliminate errors.

From decisions in the board room based on your own proprietary data to complex automation that can identify hidden issues impacting your customers and employees, this is the power of custom software.

STEP 1: If You Can Think It Up, We Can Probably Build It For You. If It’s Already In Place And Needs To Be Updated… We Can Do That Too!

Our team leaders listen to your ideas, identify solutions that fit your IT requirements, and propose technologies, toolsets, and libraries suited for your environment. Next, they evaluate the repetitive tasks you have identified and implement automated processes that minimize human intervention and headaches, eliminating processing errors and reducing each task’s “Estimated-Time-To-Completion (ETC).” At the same time, they consider how they can automate compliance verification with laws unique to your industry and outline ways to collect and filter your proprietary data for predictive modeling and process automation. And finally, they wrap it all up using universally accepted development best practices and documentation, so you realize an end product that does what you need and is maintainable.

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NOTE: You Can Automate Just About Anything That Is Repetitive In Nature.

Almost any area that is repetitive can be automated. These areas can fall under clerical tasks, customer management & service, global processing, loan approvals based on past data, and just about anything you can think of that is repetitive or based on previous industry experience. For example, consider any area within your department or across the company that is high-volume, may have to follow compliance laws, is time-sensitive, and generates recurring data that is currently in a form that is collected but not utilized. There is no other improvement you can make that impacts profit and productivity like business process automation.

Ask These Questions To Determine Where Custom Software Fits Into Your Business.


    • Do you currently have a set of tasks that follow specific rules? Most repetitive tasks are based on a set of rules. These rules allow the software to take over and increase efficiency while providing consistent data to improve the process.


    • Does the task have anticipated inputs and outputs? Even if the input and output have multiple options, it is still redundant. It can be designed to react specifically to each condition, eliminating time to respond and provide a seamless transition forward.


    • Does the task have multiple repetitive steps? As an example, collecting and evaluating content accuracy and identifying areas for adjustment that impact the bottom line can be laborious. By automating steps to react to specific responses, the data can be collected, evaluated, and calculated in a split second while instantaneously being added to your proprietary data center, to be used for analysis and machine learning later. There is no limit to what process automation can do for you.


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STEP 2: Ask Yourself If The Benefits Are Worth The Investment Before Proceeding.

When it comes time to invest in a new application, the software feasibility study is crucial in understanding what you need. Before making a decision, it is essential to understand the current situation, pinpoint the pain points, and work with an experienced technical team to determine the various technologies that are available and should be considered. Rule #1: If a prepackaged solution (SaaS) does what you need, it should be considered. However, any Software-as-a-Service will begin to dictate the decisions you make when implementing other software systems, hamstringing you to options that may not be the best solution. And in the end, software that appeared cost-effective will require time-consuming process changes and additional services to do what you require.

Automation Is The Secret To Longevity In The Financial Industry.


    • The most significant benefit of automation is the increase in productivity. Correctly implemented custom software does exactly what you need it to do, does not require breaks, does not make mistakes, hits your deadlines, and impacts your bottom line with an ROI that is worth celebrating 24-hours a day.


    • Cost reduction is an essential benefit of automation. Time-related to tasks is reduced. Moreover, personal expenses related to repetitive work are eliminated, allowing for more satisfying work done by the existing workforce.


    • As business changes, the software adjusts. This elasticity does not fight change. Well developed software provides output immediately and links your entire company together so the benefits discovered by one department can be realized by another.


RESULT: Enhanced Employee Job Satisfaction.

The enhancements that software specific to an industry introduce have proven to impact retention, workplace happiness, and in the end, customer satisfaction. Automated business processes result in more accurate data and become the backbone of longevity in any industry, but when introduced into the Financial Services industry, the effects are far-reaching, impacting the bottom line of all involved through cost-cutting and unexpected efficiencies that result in better customer care, higher customer satisfaction, and greater employee productivity.

Where Should You Start?

Determine Your Companies Appetite For Automated Improvements

Determine the mood of your organization toward automation. Buy-in from key stakeholders is required. Business Process Automation changes how work gets done and can generate fear that jobs will be eliminated rather than create a more efficient and enjoyable workplace. When considering ROI, make sure to calculate it over a realistic period, understanding that your business will need to rely on automation to stay competitive.

Identify Processes That May Lend Themselves To Automation

There are two items to consider. The first is which processes are taking up considerable time and are repetitive. The repetition can be spread over hours or days, but a job is typically based on repetition. The second item to consider is what is being generated from the process. If data is the result, stakes are higher because all data generated and collected in the correct format gives your business leaders the ability to predict upcoming events and forecast more accurately.

Identify Specific Steps Within Each Targeted Process For Automation

After identifying potential processes for automation, outline the specific steps within each process that can be improved or eliminated. The existing process must be improved enough to make automation worth the time and investment, so take care in evaluating each step within each process. Consider speaking with your internal business analyst and IT department, and then contacting Intertech to help you assess your operation and develop a plan that fits your budget and needs.
Resource: Quick Software Feasibility Outline

Case Studies

eWallets for Gaming Industry

Web application to transfer and track eWallets for individuals participating in the gaming industry that had to process over $50 billion and more than 220 million international and domestic cash access requests annually.

Integrated Loan Ordering and Financial Risk Measurement Application

Publicly-traded integrated mortgage and financial services firm that originates, finances, and services residential mortgages required an interactive application that would drive profits, show real-time results, and make ordering a loan as easy as ordering a book from Amazon.

Tax Return & Loan Processing Application Modernization

When a company’s success is tied to its tax consultation services and the loans they provide are based on the expected tax returns from these services, the software application doing the calculations and tracking has to be flawless.
Discover All That Intertech Can Do For You!
ADA Compliance Lawsuits On The Rise Across The Country


In Tampa, Florida (not California where new laws are taking effect) disabled plaintiffs calling themselves activists working to improve society for the disabled are working their way around the state, one lawsuit at a time.
(Full Story)

According to the article, in 2018 alone, there were 2,285 ADA website lawsuits filed in federal courts across the nation, an increase of 181% from 2017.

You may not feel it is worth the extra time to make your software and website meet compliance. That is a valid consideration, but if you are considering building these features into your project, Intertech can provide you an overview of services so you can review the options and make an informed decision.


Understanding ADA, WCAG, & Section 508 Compliance

Information Below references ADA & Section 508 Government Documents

What is ADA Compliance?
The Department of Justice (DOJ) published the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design in September 2010. These standards state that all electronic and information technology must be accessible to people with disabilities.

The ADA differs from Section 508 regulations, which are an amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and apply to all information technology, including computer hardware, software, and documentation.

Who Is Required To Follow The ADA?
The ADA standards apply to commercial and public entities that have “places of public accommodation.”This includes the internet. The DOJ is currently determining the specific regulations, but that does not mean website discrimination will be tolerated. The DOJ’s public position was clarified in the following statement made during the Netflix case:

“The Department is currently developing regulations specifically addressing the accessibility of goods and services offered via the web by entities covered by the ADA. The fact that the regulatory process is not yet complete in no way indicates that web services are not already covered by title III.”
— Statement of Interest of the United States Department of Justice in NAD v. Netflix (page 10)

Who Does The ADA Law Affect?
  • Americans with disabilities and their friends, families, and caregivers
  • Private employers with 15 or more employees
  • Businesses operating for the benefit of the public
  • All state and local government agencies
How Does A Company Comply With The ADA?

The ADA encourages self-regulation of accessibility standards and the Department of Justice is currently developing regulations to provide specific guidance to the entities covered by the ADA. Organizations are encouraged to use the WCAG 2.0 level AA guidelines as a guide on how to become accessible until the DOJ defines the regulations.

Who Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Is For

WCAG is primarily intended for:

  • Web content developers (page authors, site designers, etc.)
  • Web authoring tool developers
  • Web accessibility evaluation tool developers
  • Others who want or need a standard for web accessibility, including for mobile accessibility

Related resources are intended to meet the needs of many different people, including policy makers, managers, researchers, and others.

What is Section 508?

The Board’s Section 508 Standards apply to electronic and information technology procured by the federal government, including computer hardware and software, websites, phone systems, and copiers. They were issued under section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act which requires access for both members of the public and federal employees to such technologies when developed, procured, maintained, or used by federal agencies.

The Section 508 Standards are part of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and address access for people with physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities. They contain technical criteria specific to various types of technologies and performance-based requirements that focus on functional capabilities of covered products. Specific criteria cover software applications and operating systems, web-based information and applications, computers, telecommunications products, video and multi-media, and self-contained closed products.

Find out more: Section 508

The sources for above information can be found at: EPA, GSA, Interactive Accessibility, & ADA.gov

User Experience and Accessibility Is Very Important To Us!


Ignoring ADA Compliance Can Be Expensive: What You Need To Know!

With the realization that accessibility compliance is a great advantage for your company and customers, and with the increase in ADA activist lawsuits across the country, it is vital to have a clear understanding of why web tools and applications should be compatible with assistive technologies.

Meet One Of Our Financial Services Client Relationship Managers

Additional Services Our Teams Offer In Conjunction With Custom Software Development

Impact Your Business With Intertech Consulting Services!

Intertech software development services cover the entire Software Development Life Cycle and a complete range of technologies and languages, so you get what you need, without limitations — a best practices approach coordinated from our headquarters centrally located in Minnesota.

Custom Software Development

Intertech’s Custom Agile-based software development consulting services combines everything you need to succeed, including requirements gathering, design, development, testing, and deployment. Succeed the first time.

Azure & AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Building a custom application is one thing; building it for your cloud platform, whether multi, hybrid, or single service, is another. Ensure your new software runs faster, links up with other areas of the business, is more secure, and is easier to manage.

Microservices Dev/Architecture

Structure your applications as a collection of loosely coupled services that link together and allow independent updating, scalability, and the opening of doors to new advances.

Internet-of-Things (IoT) Services

Your data is valuable. IoT allows you to collect and move this data faster and in a more useful format. Find out how Intertech can help you use this technology to improve your efficiency and set you up for the future.

Agile / Scrum Leadership

We don’t just consult and train companies on Agile; we live Agile. It’s how we run our business, manage our day-to-day operations, and drive customer projects to more complete success. Tap into our experience and improve your entire process with our full-stack consulting team on your next project or a coach that will transform your team.

Summary Of All Software Consulting Services

Legacy System & Software Modernization

Let’s evaluate your platform and, together, determine if it should be kept, extended, or replaced based on your business goals and enterprise-level needs. Upgrading your platform opens the doors to valuable innovations in technology. Don’t miss out!

Business Process Automation (BPA)

Together, let’s implement technology-enabled automation that streamlines and automates complex and potentially error-filled business processes. You will realize efficiencies that save you resources, and you will generate data models that affect decisions throughout the organization.

WebAssembly (Wasm) Services & Integration

Intertech’s WebAssembly services help you run coded desktop only applications, written in multiple languages, run on the web, through a web browser, at near-native speeds! No longer are you limited.

Digital Transformation (DX)

Digital transformation starts with experienced full-stack consultants who can champion change and, in the end, increase efficiency and reduce technical debt.

Subscription/SaaS Conversions

Software as a Service (SaaS) and off-the-shelf applications may work in the short term, but to make them do what you need, you will end up creating workarounds and paying more than expected. Let Intertech create a version that’s your own!

Avoid The Obstacles Through Agile Software Development Done The Right Way!

Discover The Development Areas We Cover!

Our Software Development Experts Cover You From Beginning To End.

Back-End Software Consulting Services

Constructing the logic that your applications rely on to collect and disseminate your essential data more efficiently is one of our specialties. Intertech software consulting services will set you up for the data revolution using whatever technology your requirements demand.
Intertech Consultant - Back-End Skills
Our full-stack consultants bring extensive experience to your project, including fluency in back-end programming languages and frameworks, (i.e. .NET, Java, JavaScript, Scala, Ruby, and others), accessibility compliance, security, quality assurance, and testing. In-addition, their in-depth understanding of front-end development and ability to explain difficult concepts to help navigate challenges that may arise from changing requirements is a strength we demand from our Intertech Consultants. We are your solution!

UI/UX & Front-End Software Consulting Services

How you interact with the screen is the side of development that represents you to the world. No matter the technologies required to make your system user friendly, data responsive, and employees more efficient, Intertech software consulting services have you covered.
Intertech Consultant - Front-End Skills

Intertech consultants bring the entire experience together, from your working experience with our team to the life-cycle experience your IT department will have after leaving, how your end-users interact with your interface, and where their data ends up. Our consultants bring a vision to your project that implements the most current, proven tools, libraries, and languages with a mission to achieve success the first time. Find your UI/UX solution and more at Intertech!

Development Operations (DevOps) Software Consulting Services

We unite the people, processes, and products in a continuous loop of delivery, testing, and deployment. Together, Intertech software consulting services get your product up and running in a format that is fast, organized, and designed to fit the changing world.

Project Delivery leadership

Intertech software consulting services bring more to the project than just development. Being an Intertech consultant is having the ability to lead a project, no matter the methodology, while balancing the soft skills to mentor, engage, and leave you successful and ready to take over.

Release Management

Intertech software consulting services manage the entire process from planning and scheduling to every stage within the build process, including design, development, testing, and deployment. Stay on track with us.

Quality Assurance (QA)

In addition to rigorous automated developer testing, our QA consultants focus on ensuring application quality through a range of rigorous best practices tests that deliver end products that are ready to deploy and generate results.
Intertech Consultant - Quality Assurance Tests

Intertech QA consultants utilize multiple tests, that include… (Click Here)

Intertech Software Consulting Services Provide Limitless Experience In All The Technologies You Need To Consider!

You are never limited when you partner with Intertech! Below is a list of just some of the technologies Intertech brings to your project.
One question that is often asked at the beginning of a project: “Should we consider an open source technology component?” We have multiple answers to this question based on what you are looking to accomplish, but a good place to start is this article: Eleven Considerations For Picking The Right Technology…

The Fastest Way To Build Software Is “Right” The First Time!


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Understanding your industry is one thing. Understanding the technology you are using is another. When you read studies that tell you that 75% of projects are doomed from the beginning, it has to make you pause before signing your name to the outcome.

Consider letting our proven professionals take a look at your project. They’ve seen what can go wrong and know how to avoid costly errors.

We build custom software from start to finish. We plug into your environment with the proven expertise you need for us to work independently or in co-development. And, we bring the soft-skills that make the task enjoyable, and the experience to leave your team stronger and ready to take over.

We Bring You…

Team-Complete™ Development

Intertech’s Team-Complete™ development means we make sure all the right people are seated at the table to assure success the first time. At Intertech, you always get the best of the best! Proven consultants dive deep into your project, analyze your objectives, and lead your project to success with the expertise and the soft-skills you expect from a leader.

Soft-Skills For A Winning Experience

Sometimes the most critical person in the room is the one with a calm voice and the knowledge to select the right words. Bringing a development team together or presenting a clear concept for stakeholders can make all the difference between success or failure. Intertech consultants are at the top of their field. They navigate challenging decisions, guide with a confident voice, and know when to get out of the way.

Turn to Intertech when you need it done right!

Intertech takes the worry out of custom software development.

Three Great Reasons To Let Intertech Build Your Software Independently Or In Co-Development With Your Team!

To understand why so many companies rely on Intertech for their software consulting and software education needs, you must understand the importance we place on staying up-to-date with the most current technologies and methodologies.

“When an outside firm asked over 4000 of our customers these questions, we immediately understood why they trusted Intertech!”

Say “Yes” To Intertech!

  • Would you use Intertech again? 99.55% 99.55%

99.55% of customers answered YES!

  • Are you happy with Intertech? 99.55% 99.55%

99.55% of customers answered YES!

  • Would you refer Intertech to others? 99.70% 99.70%

99.70% of customers answered YES!


Partner & Client Relationship Manager

Dan McCabe

A partner at Intertech since 2016, Dan McCabe is a business leader and client relationship manager specializing in the growth, development, and management of Information Technology organizations. Dan also has served as director of training sales and, previously, training sales account executive.


“With over 20 years of experience, I try to take a refreshing, direct, and honest approach to consulting,” says Dan. “I’m always working to find the right solution, even if I need to refer a client elsewhere. I am a people-first, experience-driven professional with the goal of leaving clients better than when we started.”


Why Did You Choose Technology Sales?

“Whether a client’s plans are written out to exact specifications or just scribbled on the back of a napkin, I’m devoted to helping bring them to life, and our fantastic team at Intertech always does that and more.”


Outside of work, Dan enjoys coaching youth baseball, softball, football, and basketball. With what little time he has left, he competes at rodeos across the country. Participating as a team roper is in keeping with Dan’s roots growing up on a family farm/ranch. He also enjoys snowboarding and snowmobiling in the winters here in Minnesota.

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Tell us about your project and we’ll gather the right people, discuss your request, clarify any questions, and provide a price estimate that you can use to decide if Intertech is a good fit for you!

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