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Intertech’s software consulting services are different than other software consulting services firms!”

“Intertech consultants ask the unexpected questions and then listen. In my 30+ years outsourcing team support, Intertech has proven to be different, from their full-time team behind each consultant to the soft skills they bring to the project. Their senior consultants become the foundation that helps us get what we are doing, right, the first time.”

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The Results of An Outside Survey of 4,000+ Clients Revealed The Following Results:
  • Would you use Intertech again? 99.55% 99.55%

99.55% of customers answered YES!

  • Are you happy with Intertech? 99.55% 99.55%

99.55% of customers answered YES!

  • Would you refer Intertech to others? 99.70% 99.70%

99.70% of customers answered YES!

“Intertech has been an invaluable partner for our business. They have enabled us to implement automation in our finance business that is seldom present in organizations 10 times our size. They are responsive, innovative and absolutely committed to their customer’s success. You can frequently find vendors that meet your needs, but with Intertech, we have found a strategic partner who is just as committed to our success as we are.“

– Chief Technology Officer | Microf

No matter the size of your project, Intertech’s software consulting services brings together the experience and soft skills you need in a single turn-key package, whether you need one person or an entire team.

Consider These Common IT Pain Points & How Intertech Solves Them With You!

WebApp & Custom Software Consulting Services

Intertech’s CI/CD, Agile & DevOps-based software development services fill the gaps with experienced on-demand expertise, whether you only need one person or a complete team, each with the benefit of a dedicated IT Recruiting Department.

Application Modernization & API Customization

Whether evaluating your platform and determining if it should be kept, extended, or replaced… or diving right in to update and customize, we spool up quickly.

2-Tier, 3-Tier or API-Driven Software Consulting Services

Whether you have decided on a more traditional 2-tier framework (Client Side & Server-Side), a more independently tiered (3-tier) framework (Client-Side, Processing-Logic-Side, & Data-Side), or an API-Driven | Microservices architecture, our experts can help you create what you need or assist your team with design and development.

Agile, CI/CD & DevOps Resource Library

We don’t just consult companies on Agile; we live Agile and the various forms of development agility. It’s how we run our business, manage our day-to-day operations, and drive the faster deployment of the necessities.

Microservices and Architecture-Driven Solutions

Let us help your team convert your monolith to a manageable micros-sized, microservices, service-based suite solution with proven system and application architecture expertise.

Intelligent Process Automation & Optimization (BPA/BI/AI)

Whether it is part of the modernization process or a completely new solution, automating and optimizing your workflows to eliminate manual tasks is what we do. Let’s implement technology-based solutions that retain your best talent, eliminate manual errors, and make your job easier.

Azure & AWS - AppDev, Migration & Integration

Integration onto the cloud and away from existing infrastructure can take many forms, whether you have selected a multi, hybrid, or a single-service solution. We create and integrate your applications no matter which option you have chosen. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and AWS development partner, we bring incites that can help from start to finish. (Azure & AWS )

AI & BI Resource Library

Review our library and/or contact us for a presentation based on your specific needs.

“I was forwarded the initial proposal and concept and I have to say it looks amazing!!! I cannot believe how much you and your team have brought to life the concept that we have had in our minds. I can’t wait to see what we can “Elevate” next to make our concept a reality.”

– Supply Chain EHS Manager | Schindler Elevator


Everything You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Your Specific Industry

Author: Intertech’s Consulting Research Lab

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage, but is it right for you? Many companies that request assistance in selecting and implementing the correct AI libraries, tools, and frameworks discover that Business Intelligence (BI) or simple BPA scripting can do the job they have outlined in their requirements. Introducing AI to your system is a big job, and as a partner, we are here to help, but we also want to ensure that the value outweighs the costs and that you modernize with the correct tools.

Java or Kotlin? Why Companies Prefer Kotlin Over Java for New Projects Screen Image
Software Feasibility Study Checklist
Sometimes a way of doing things is so ingrained that it’s hard to see the alternatives. At Intertech, we’ve seen the alternatives, we understand the current technologies, and we know how to make you more efficient. Using proven technology and experience, we introduce custom advancements that fit your system and impact your company’s ROI, employee satisfaction, and decision making at the highest levels. Ask yourself these questions and see where they take you.


Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Tom Helvick

Experience and success typically go together. Add in curiosity, commitment to excellence, and a genuine concern for clients, and you’ll understand why Tom Helvick excels as Director of Operations at Intertech. Tom brings years of top-tier experience—and results—to his role leading our operational team. After years spent working for Deloitte as a Practitioner Support consultant (Tom was dispatched around the world to help correct distressed projects), creating a framework called ITASCA that is still in use today, and serving on the primary Microsoft team that vetted C# during the “C” development process, Tom moved to Intertech. He makes sure every project is matched with the most appropriate Intertech talent, so your project team is the right team. 

“We are recognized and respected for how we use technology to build solutions for our clients. But at the heart of it, we are in a relationship business. Success isn’t just writing code. Success is understanding and caring about our clients’ business needs and delivering solutions that help them succeed.”


Why Did You Choose Consulting And Operations?

Consulting allows you to move outside your comfort zone and forge new relationships. I enjoy being in an almost continuous discovery phase where I’m learning about new clients and asking lots of questions. I quickly learn so much about people and companies, which ensures that I can connect the right Intertech team members to every client project.


Tom was nominated by one of his players and received the Minnesota Hockey Coaching Excellence award while coaching the Edina girls’ U15 “A” traveling team. He is currently a coach for Lakeville South’s Girls Varsity hockey team.

Clients Testimonials

“We look forward to working with Intertech on future projects to drive even more value from our data.”


99.55% Of Our Past Clients Said “Yes, They Would Work With Us Again!”

“Intertech’s SQL expertise was invaluable in improving our database server performance. Thanks to the guidance and work from Intertech consultants, we’ve reduced runtime on common queries, modernized our technology stack, created a platform for real-time sales feedback, and enabled more comprehensive strategic planning for our company. We look forward to working with Intertech on future projects to drive even more value from our data.” — Tom B


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“Intertech eliminated hundreds of hours in manual work…”

“Working with Intertech has been a great experience. Converting a manual process of entering data into spreadsheets to a new online system gives us access to real-time results. We have modernized our business like no one else in the market. Eliminating hundreds of hours in manual work, while giving our customers a tool to quickly manage their business and improve profits is a great benefit we can now offer.” — Jay W

“It was a pleasure working with everyone at Intertech.”

“Thanks everyone for all of your hard work on another successful portal project! As always, it has been a pleasure working with everyone at Intertech.” — Sandra K

“A credit to their hard work…”

“It’s great to hear about the positive responses to eCharging and the enthusiasm shown by those involved. These remarks are a credit to the hard work that you and the rest of the eCharging team have put into the project. These comments remind us of the important impact our daily work has on improving the criminal justice system across the state. Good work and congratulations!” — Robert H

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