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Intertech’s Enterprise Custom Software Services Take The Risk Out Of Custom Software Development & Modernization!

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Intertech’s project-based software consulting services bring together the experience and soft skills you need in a single turn-key package. Our experts help you select the right technologies, languages, libraries, and toolsets for your company and ensure your project is done right from the start, whether our team is working independently or in a co-development setting with yours.

Intertech Software Consulting Services

Every Intertech Team Brings With It…

Proven Agile Development & Transformational Leadership
Success-Driven Development In Multiple Technologies
Soft-Skills That Leave Your Team Better
Complete Team Scalability

We take the worry out of your project!

Impact Your Business With Intertech Consulting Services!

Intertech software development services cover the entire Software Development Life Cycle and a complete range of technologies and languages, so you get what you need, without limitations — a best practices approach coordinated from our headquarters centrally located in Minnesota.

Custom Enterprise Software Development

Intertech’s Custom Agile-based software development consulting services combine everything you need to succeed, including assessments, requirements gathering, design, development, testing, and deployment. Succeed the first time.

Azure & AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Building a custom application is one thing; building it for your cloud platform, whether multi, hybrid, or single service, is another. Ensure your new software runs faster, links up with other areas of the business, is more secure, and easier to manage.

Microservices Dev/Architecture

Structure your applications as a collection of loosely coupled services that link together and allow independent updating, scalability, and the opening of doors to new advances.

Web Frameworks

Your web framework is an application platform that should be designed to help make the development and maintenance process easier and standardized. Building the correct web framework, no matter which web framework is at its core, makes a difference. Let Intertech help.

Agile / Scrum Leadership

We don’t just consult and train companies on Agile; we live Agile. It’s how we run our business, manage our day-to-day operations, and drive customer projects to more complete success. Tap into our experienced full-stack consulting team on your next project or transform your team.

Summary Of All Software Consulting Services

Legacy System & Software Modernization

Let’s evaluate your platform and, together, determine if it should be kept, extended, or replaced based on your business goals and enterprise-level needs. Upgrading your platform opens the doors to valuable innovations in technology. Don’t miss out!

Intelligent Business Process Automation (BPA)

Together, let’s implement technology-enabled automation that streamlines and automates complex and potentially error-filled business processes. You will realize efficiencies that save you resources, and you will generate data models that affect decisions throughout the organization.

Custom Portals & APIs

Control business tasks securely at automated speeds with intelligent Portal and API design and development. Bypass errors with feature-rich and intuitive portals that make you more efficient!

WebAssembly (Wasm) Services & Integration

Intertech’s WebAssembly services help you run coded desktop only applications, written in multiple languages, on the web, through a web browser, at near-native speeds! No longer are you limited.

Hourly Rate Calculator

Find out how much a full-time employee actually costs so you can (1) understand the labor costs associated with each manual workflow and determine if it is worth automating, and (2) compare apples to apples when considering outsourcing.

You can be confident that if you are considering, or are already in the cloud, we migrate, integrate, and develop for Azure or AWS! In fact, our training division wrote the book on Azure!

Agile Software Development

.NET Software Development

Java Software Development

Front & Back End Software Development

Discover The Development Areas We Cover

Subscription/SaaS Conversions

Software as a Service (SaaS) and off-the-shelf applications may work in the short term, but to make them do what you need, you will end up creating workarounds and paying more than expected. Let Intertech create a version that’s your own!

Digital Transformation (DX)

Digital transformation starts with experienced full-stack consultants who can champion change and, in the end, increase efficiency and reduce technical debt.

Internet-of-Things (IoT) Services

Your data is valuable. IoT allows you to collect and move this data faster and in a more useful format. Find out how Intertech can help you use this technology to improve your efficiency and set you up for the future.

Our Software Development Expertise Covers Every Area Of Your Most Important Projects.

Back-End Software Consulting Services

Constructing the logic that your applications rely on to collect and disseminate your essential data more efficiently is one of our specialties. Intertech software consulting services will set you up for the data revolution using whatever technology your requirements demand.
Intertech Consultant - Back-End Skills
Our full-stack consultants bring extensive experience to your project, including fluency in back-end programming languages and frameworks, (i.e. .NET, Java, JavaScript, Scala, Ruby, and others), accessibility compliance, security, quality assurance, and testing. In-addition, their in-depth understanding of front-end development and ability to explain difficult concepts to help navigate challenges that may arise from changing requirements is a strength we demand from our Intertech Consultants. We are your solution!

Front-End Software Consulting Services

How you interact with the screen is the side of development that represents you to the world. No matter the technologies required to make your system user friendly, data responsive, and employees more efficient, Intertech software consulting services have you covered.
Intertech Consultant - Front-End Skills

Intertech consultants bring the entire experience together, from your working experience with our team to the life-cycle experience your IT department will have after leaving, how your end-users interact with your interface, and where their data ends up. Our consultants bring a vision to your project that implements the most current, proven tools, libraries, and languages with a mission to achieve success the first time. Find your UI/UX solution and more at Intertech!

Development Operations (DevOps) Software Consulting Services

We unite the people, processes, and products in a continuous loop of delivery, testing, and deployment. Together, Intertech software consulting services get your product up and running in a format that is fast, organized, and designed to fit the changing world.

Project Delivery leadership

Intertech software consulting services bring more to the project than just development. Being an Intertech consultant is having the ability to lead a project, no matter the methodology, while balancing the soft skills to mentor, engage, and leave you successful and ready to take over.

Release Management

Intertech software consulting services manage the entire process from planning and scheduling to every stage within the build process, including design, development, testing, and deployment. Stay on track with us.

Quality Assurance (QA)

In addition to rigorous automated developer testing, our QA consultants focus on ensuring application quality through a range of rigorous best practices tests that deliver end products that are ready to deploy and generate results.
Intertech Consultant - Quality Assurance Tests

Intertech QA consultants utilize multiple tests, that include… (Click Here)

Intertech Software Consulting Services Provide Limitless Experience In All The Technologies You Need To Consider!

You are never limited when you partner with Intertech! Below is a list of just some of the technologies Intertech brings to your project.

Director of Operations

Tom Helvick

Experience and success typically go together. Add in curiosity, commitment to excellence, and a genuine concern for clients, and you’ll understand why Tom Helvick excels as Director of Operations at Intertech. Tom brings years of top-tier experience—and results—to his role leading our operational team. After years spent working for Deloitte as a Practitioner Support consultant (Tom was dispatched around the world to help correct distressed projects), creating a framework called ITASCA that is still in use today, and serving on the primary Microsoft team that vetted C# during the “C” development process, Tom moved to Intertech. He makes sure every project is matched with the most appropriate Intertech talent, so your project team is the right team.

“We are recognized and respected for how we use technology to build solutions for our clients. But at the heart of it, we are in a relationship business. Success isn’t just writing code. Success is understanding and caring about our clients’ business needs and delivering solutions that help them succeed.”


Why Did You Choose Consulting And Operations?

Consulting allows you to move outside your comfort zone and forge new relationships. I enjoy being in an almost continuous discovery phase where I’m learning about new clients and asking lots of questions. I quickly learn so much about people and companies, which ensures that I can connect the right Intertech team members to every client project.


Tom was nominated by one of his players and received the Minnesota Hockey Coaching Excellence award while coaching the Edina girls’ U15 “A” traveling team. He is currently a coach for Lakeville South’s Girls Varsity hockey team.

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Aerospace & Defense

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Three Great Reasons To Let Intertech Build Your Software “Right” The First Time!

To understand why so many companies rely on Intertech for their software consulting and software education needs, you must understand the importance we place on staying up-to-date with the most current technologies and methodologies.

“When an outside firm asked over 4000 of our customers these questions, we immediately understood why they trusted Intertech!”

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  • Would you use Intertech again? 99.55% 99.55%

99.55% of customers answered YES!

  • Are you happy with Intertech? 99.55% 99.55%

99.55% of customers answered YES!

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99.70% of customers answered YES!

Clients Testimonials

“We look forward to working with Intertech on future projects to drive even more value from our data.”


99.55% Of Our Past Clients Said “Yes, They Would Work With Us Again!”

“Intertech’s SQL expertise was invaluable in improving our database server performance. Thanks to the guidance and work from Intertech consultants, we’ve reduced runtime on common queries, modernized our technology stack, created a platform for real-time sales feedback, and enabled more comprehensive strategic planning for our company. We look forward to working with Intertech on future projects to drive even more value from our data.” — Tom B


Software Consulting Services Hand-Shake

“Intertech eliminated hundreds of hours in manual work…”

“Working with Intertech has been a great experience. Converting a manual process of entering data into spreadsheets to a new online system gives us access to real-time results. We have modernized our business like no one else in the market. Eliminating hundreds of hours in manual work, while giving our customers a tool to quickly manage their business and improve profits is a great benefit we can now offer.” — Jay W

“It was a pleasure working with everyone at Intertech.”

“Thanks everyone for all of your hard work on another successful portal project! As always, it has been a pleasure working with everyone at Intertech.” — Sandra K

“A credit to their hard work…”

“It’s great to hear about the positive responses to eCharging and the enthusiasm shown by those involved. These remarks are a credit to the hard work that you and the rest of the eCharging team have put into the project. These comments remind us of the important impact our daily work has on improving the criminal justice system across the state. Good work and congratulations!” — Robert H

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