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Avoiding Common Errors In Software Development Cost Estimation

Author: Tom Salonek — Intertech Founder and CEO

This Intertech Executive Brief shares Five Critical Factors technical leaders need to consider when estimating any development project cost while providing recommended proven strategies for dealing with software development cost estimation challenges.

Avoiding Common Errors In Software Development Cost Estimation Screen Image
Hidden Project Costs
New Skills Requirments
Costs Related To Staff Turnover
Expenses Due To Project Dependencies And Communication
… and so much more!


Agile, How It Works, And Important Estimation Considerations

Agile, How It Works, And Important Estimation Considerations

Author: Stevie Borne – Director of MomentumWorks™

Agile development is more than a series of Sprints; it’s a proven methodology that can deliver fast results with less bureaucracy. However, without the right leadership your scrum can quickly get very chaotic.


Heading Off Common Angular Application Design, Best Practice, & Methodology Challenges

Author: Dave Cloutier – Intertech Consultant

This collection of tips is intended to provide guidance for new and experienced Angular developers on some common best practices, methodologies, and design practices that will improve the design, organization, functionality, scalability, and maintainability of Angular applications.


Scope Creep And How To Successfully Manage The Various Forms

Author: Stevie Borne – Intertech, Inc.

Whether you are the project sponsor, project leader, or a member of the development team, increasing the scope of a project can be frustrating. Beyond the initially estimated work, this increase in scope is often called “scope creep.” In many situations, scope creep results in extended timelines and additional financial investment for the project.


Using CSS Variables In Angular

Author: Rich Franzmeier – Intertech, Inc.™

Why does ngStyle stop working when you need to pass into a component the color for the ‘hover’, ‘active’ and ‘focus’ pseudo-classes for the button?  It doesn’t work because you can’t set pseudo-classes (:hover, etc.) on the style property of an element (i.e. <button style=”:hover {background-color: blue}”> —- does not work. So how do you pass a variable to CSS using Angular? Find out here…


Three Essential Areas Relating To A Successful Agile Transformation

Author: Stevie Borne – Director of MomentumWorks™

You may be at the start of your Agile transformation journey or a few years into it. Either way, you want it to be successful. But what does success look like for you? More importantly, how do you get there? This article will discuss three essential tips to set up your organization for a successful Agile transformation.


Providing Tech Leaders The Tech Insights They Need To Succeed

Finding and Retaining Stellar IT Employees Screen Image

Finding and Retaining Stellar IT Employees

What It Takes To Build and Keep a Winning Team

IT leaders cannot demand that employees care deeply, but they can profoundly influence the workplace and create an atmosphere that encourages deep satisfaction. Learn how to impact your workplace for the best.

Hiring and Working with IT Consulting Firms Screen Image

Selecting and Working with IT Consulting Firms

What Every CIO Should Know

This Intertech Executive Brief provides insight into selecting an excellent consulting firm that fits your particular needs and how to leverage that consulting relationship for maximum value.

Agile Methodology For Executives Screen Image

Agile Methodology For Executives

A Guide for Executives Managing and Working with Agile Teams

This Intertech Executive Brief provides an Agile Methodology Overview with related commentary about how scrum complements many agile principles. This paper will also expand your understanding of how to combine Agile and Scrum for the best results.

Outside Resources We Found Interesting

Intertech has no affiliation with these resources other than an interest in these particular articles.

An introduction to Reactive Relational Database Access with Spring and R2DBC

freeCodeCamp.com – by Dan Newton

In this post, Dan will focus on the database, from connecting to the database and then finally saving and retrieving data. To do this, we will be using Spring Data. As with all Spring Data modules, it provides us with out of the box configuration. This decreases the amount of…

Read Entire Article…

• Package Validation – .NET 6

DevBlogs.Microsoft.com – by Anirudh Agnihotry

In this blog post, Anirudh is going to show the new package validation tooling that will become available with .NET 6. It ensures that your package consumers have a great experience across all .NET platforms and versions and that you didn’t accidentally make any breaking changes with the previous version of your package.

Monitoring Across Frameworks

A Java geek – by Nicolas Fränkel

Gone are the times when developers’ jobs ended with the release of the application. Nowadays, developers care more and more about the operational side of IT: perhaps they operate applications themselves, but more probably, their organization fosters increased collaboration between Dev and Ops.

67 New Features in JDK 16

Azul – by Simon Ritter

Not all releases are created equal and, depending on how feature development phases align; some will have more features than others. JDK 16 contains quite a few new things, although several of them are continuations or finalization of incubator modules or preview features from earlier releases.

A Pragmatic Strategy For Legacy Application Modernization

Forbes – by Aater Suleman

In IT, we are all too familiar with the 80/20 rule where 80% of efforts are spent keeping the lights on and 20% is spent on innovation. Within this 80/20 balance, an AltexSoft white paper reports that enterprises spend 80% of their IT budget managing and maintaining legacy systems. With increasing pressure from the business to drive product and service innovation, it’s little wonder that enterprises are on the lookout for ways to approach legacy application modernization.

How Outsourcing Software Development Can Help Fintech Businesses

Business.com – by Nacho De Marco

Businesses in the financial technology industry are increasingly turning to outsourced solutions for their software development. Here’s how it can help this booming market.

What is the Internet of Things, or IoT? A Simple Explanation.

iot for all

The Internet of Things, or “IoT” for short, is about extending the power of the internet beyond computers and smartphones to a whole range of other things, processes, and environments. Here’s everything you need to know.

•• A Simple Template for Onion Architecture with .NET 5

InfoQ – by David Pereira

This is a simple approach for Onion Architecture that has saved David a lot of time engaging productivity for everyone on his team. The article includes CQRS and Event Sourcing. You can use it as you want, you can create a GitHub repository using the template from there or just doing a fork/clone and creating the template from the dotnet CLI.

Top 7 Most Popular Agile Estimation Methods for User Stories

Warren Lynch – by Warren Lynch

When it comes to agile estimation, you can’t help but mention its basic principles: use relative estimation units (such as story points), promote detailed discussion of the content of user stories, form a consensus and commitment to the solution, and enhance the team through cohesive collaboration.

Blazor vs. React

LogRocket – by Ejiro Asiuwhu

Blazor is a new Microsoft UI framework that uses a unique approach for leveraging C# .NET and the WebAssembly framework to create SPAs running in web browsers. It essentially allows a developer to build rich and interactive client-side applications with HTML, CSS, and C#. On the other hand, we have React: a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces and UI components. What happens when a developer is interested in building for the SPAs but doesn’t want to deal with…

Out with the Old…In with Application Modernization

jaxenter – by Rich Sharples

What should you take into consideration when modernizing legacy applications? Is it always practical to toss out the old and roll in the new? Digital transformation sometimes involves getting rid of the old to make way for the new, but, more often than not, digital transformation is about modernizing legacy applications.

Digital transformation: 3 driving trends for 2021

The Enterprisers Project – by Bernd Gross

For the past ten years, digital transformation moved at a relatively slow pace, focusing mainly on improving products, processes, and the employee experience. Then COVID-19 hit, forcing IT decision-makers to prioritize their IT initiatives and increase digital investments.

What Does End of Life Mean for Software and Should You Care?

HELP DESK GEEK – by Guy McDowell

When you hear or get notification that your software is nearing End of Life (EOL), it’s a bit disconcerting. It sounds so final, as though your software is just going to stop working on a certain date at a certain time. Rest easy, as this is not the case. The term is just very dramatic. We’ll go into what it really means later in the article.

••• ASP.NET Core 6 to Challenge Python and Node

InfoQ – by Jonathan Allen

When comparing .NET to Python or Node, one of the complaints is the amount of ceremony around setting up a new project. Even the simplest web service is expected to have a Program class, a Startup class, and one or more Controller classes. See the actual difference!

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud: What's the best cloud platform for enterprise?

ComputerWorld – by Scott Carey

It’s the defining cloud battle of our time: AWS vs Microsoft Azure vs Google Cloud Platform. Who can win the IaaS enterprise market? Computerworld takes a look at the merits of the big three vendors…

How User Experience Shapes Custom Software Development

UX Planet – by Sophia Brooke

There are a few ways to make custom software work for its target audience. UX, as the name implies, is concerned with creating an immersive experience for the user while keeping costs of development and implementation under control.

The Software Development Life Cycle: Phases And Methodologies

Product Tribe – By Iryna Meschankina

People say that “man plans and God laughs”, but the truth is, developing software on a whim doesn’t really work. To make the process smoother, avoid unnecessary expenses, and reach your goal faster, you will need to do a bit of planning. Learn more about how a software development life cycle can help you pave your way.

What is Apache Kafka? Why is it so popular? Should you use it?

TecchBeacon – by Christian Posta

If you’re unfamiliar with Kafka, it’s a scalable, fault-tolerant, publish-subscribe messaging system that enables you to build distributed applications and powers web-scale Internet companies such as LinkedIn, Twitter, AirBnB, and many others. Small-scale open-source projects come and go, but it seems Kafka has some really strong momentum behind it.

Kubernetes: Everything you need to know

Enterprisers Project

Kubernetes helps orchestrate and automate tasks associated with containers – an essential need as you scale. Here’s a deep dive for IT leaders on what Kubernetes can do, key terms, best practices, trends for 2020, and more…

The 100 Building Blocks For Business Leadership

Making Projects Succeed, Building A High-Performance Team, Living Your Best Life, And So Much More!

100 practical ways to improve your business, your team, and your life. Supported by over 30 tools and templates that can be found by clicking the red button below, the Midwest Book Review said: “Simply stated, “The 100: Building Blocks for Business Leadership” should be a part of every community, corporate, and academic library Business Management instructional reference collections.” Available now as a free resource through Intertech’s Exective Library!


FREE Download – Available Now! – Click Here

Finding and Retaining Stellar IT Employees Screen Image

Creating A Plan For Success In Life!

Meet our founder and CEO, and author of “The 100: Building Blocks for Business Leadership” as he speaks to a group on creating a plan for success in life.

13 minute 51 seconds in length


.NET 5: Exploring Entity Framework Core 5

Author: Davin Mickelson – Intertech, Inc.

It’s an exciting time to be working with the latest Microsoft .NET technologies. .NET 5, released on November 10th, 2020, combines several smaller, distinct frameworks together into one grandiose framework that includes: .NET Framework, .NET Core, Xamarin, ASP.NET Core, WinForms, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), UWP (Universal Windows Platform), ML.NET (Machine Learning .NET), and Entity Framework (EF) Core.

Angular: Structural Framework For Dynamic Web Applications Tutorial

Get up to speed with, Intertech developer, Mark Root’s new tutorial Angular: Structural Framework For Dynamic Web Applications. This comprehensive guide outlines how a leading technology uses HTML as your template language and extends HTML’s syntax to express your application’s components clearly and succinctly.


Angular Structural Framework For Dynamic Web Applications Tutorial Screen Image

The ease in which Angular allows developers to build expressive, readable, and quick to develop web applications has fueled its popularity. Luckily, getting up to speed on developing with Angular v2+ involves mastering just a handful of basics. Having trained and mentored many teams on the basics of Angular, Mark has designed each article to within the tutorial to help walk developers through basic concepts as well as some more advanced topics. This 9-part series is a great starting point for anyone wishing to become more proficient with Angular.

Tutorial includes:


More Tips From Intertech Consultant, Mark Root

Understanding the technology to the point of being able to explain it clearly and mentor others is the Intertech consulting difference. Mark Root is a fantastic example of the in-depth expertise our team members bring to your project.

If you would like to go deeper into Angular and NgRx, check out Intertech Developer, Rich Franzmeier’s 5-Part tutorial.

Finding and Retaining Stellar IT Employees Screen Image
Pillars of Software Development Success

How to Deliver Software On-Time On-Budget On-Feature

A study by PricewaterhouseCoopers, which reviewed 10,640 projects from 200 companies in 30 countries, found that only 2.5 percent of the companies successfully completed 100 percent of their projects. Find out how to avoid this issue.


Java or Kotlin? Why Companies Prefer Kotlin Over Java for New Projects

Author: Tom Helvick – Intertech, Director of Operations

Java has been the dominant player in enterprise software development for many years. Thanks to the Java Virtual Machine’s security and speed, it became the go-to language for all kinds of large-scale applications at companies around the world. And while the Java Virtual Machine is here to stay, the Java language syntax’s days may be numbered.

Java or Kotlin? Why Companies Prefer Kotlin Over Java for New Projects Screen Image


Cloud Graphic 1

Ignoring ADA Compliance Can Be Expensive: What You Need To Know!

With the realization that accessibility compliance is a great advantage for your company and customers, and with the increase in ADA activist lawsuits across the country, it is vital to have a clear understanding of why web tools and applications should be compatible with assistive technologies.


Cloud Graphic 2

Machine Learning: What You Need To Know Now.

The science of machine learning is maturing. More and more industries use this form of artificial intelligence for everything from customized product marketing and entertainment offerings to high-speed financial transactions, precision medicine, and more. Manufacturers are leveraging it to improve efficiency, quality, and sustainability. Find out what you need to know about preparing and deciding if the investment is right for you.

ADA Compliance Lawsuits On The Rise Across The Country


In Tampa, Florida (not California where new laws are taking effect) disabled plaintiffs calling themselves activists working to improve society for the disabled are working their way around the state, one lawsuit at a time.
(Full Story)

According to the article, in 2018 alone, there were 2,285 ADA website lawsuits filed in federal courts across the nation, an increase of 181% from 2017.

You may not feel it is worth the extra time to make your software and website meet compliance. That is a valid consideration, but if you are considering building these features into your project, Intertech can provide you an overview of services so you can review the options and make an informed decision.


Understanding ADA, WCAG, & Section 508 Compliance

Information Below references ADA & Section 508 Government Documents

What is ADA Compliance?
The Department of Justice (DOJ) published the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design in September 2010. These standards state that all electronic and information technology must be accessible to people with disabilities.

The ADA differs from Section 508 regulations, which are an amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and apply to all information technology, including computer hardware, software, and documentation.

Who Is Required To Follow The ADA?
The ADA standards apply to commercial and public entities that have “places of public accommodation.”This includes the internet. The DOJ is currently determining the specific regulations, but that does not mean website discrimination will be tolerated. The DOJ’s public position was clarified in the following statement made during the Netflix case:

“The Department is currently developing regulations specifically addressing the accessibility of goods and services offered via the web by entities covered by the ADA. The fact that the regulatory process is not yet complete in no way indicates that web services are not already covered by title III.”
— Statement of Interest of the United States Department of Justice in NAD v. Netflix (page 10)

Who Does The ADA Law Affect?
  • Americans with disabilities and their friends, families, and caregivers
  • Private employers with 15 or more employees
  • Businesses operating for the benefit of the public
  • All state and local government agencies
How Does A Company Comply With The ADA?

The ADA encourages self-regulation of accessibility standards and the Department of Justice is currently developing regulations to provide specific guidance to the entities covered by the ADA. Organizations are encouraged to use the WCAG 2.0 level AA guidelines as a guide on how to become accessible until the DOJ defines the regulations.

Who Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Is For

WCAG is primarily intended for:

  • Web content developers (page authors, site designers, etc.)
  • Web authoring tool developers
  • Web accessibility evaluation tool developers
  • Others who want or need a standard for web accessibility, including for mobile accessibility

Related resources are intended to meet the needs of many different people, including policy makers, managers, researchers, and others.

What is Section 508?

The Board’s Section 508 Standards apply to electronic and information technology procured by the federal government, including computer hardware and software, websites, phone systems, and copiers. They were issued under section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act which requires access for both members of the public and federal employees to such technologies when developed, procured, maintained, or used by federal agencies.

The Section 508 Standards are part of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and address access for people with physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities. They contain technical criteria specific to various types of technologies and performance-based requirements that focus on functional capabilities of covered products. Specific criteria cover software applications and operating systems, web-based information and applications, computers, telecommunications products, video and multi-media, and self-contained closed products.

Find out more: Section 508

The sources for above information can be found at: EPA, GSA, Interactive Accessibility, & ADA.gov


Intertech Developer

Nathan Lui

Nathan joined in Intertech in 2018 and moved into his current software developer position in May 2019. He previously interned with Intertech and at Delta Air Lines in Atlanta, before being a professional gamer. His technical skills are centered around web development and full stack (.NET/React) development in an Agile environment. The majority of his client work uses Microsoft services for development, including Azure DevOps, SQL and Azure Web Services. Nathan earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Minnesota.

“A clever person solves the problem, and a wise person prevents it,” says Nathan. “I try to live and code by this mantra. If we don’t learn from our mistakes—even in software development—we are doomed to repeat them.”


Why Did You Choose Consulting?

“It’s great to use code to solve problems. I enjoy the challenges and working with more experienced Intertech developers. I’m not just increasing my technical knowledge; I’m learning a lot about working with clients.”


Nathan is a big fan of Formula 1 and competition. Aside from playing PC games in his spare time, he also enjoys sim racing online. He would like to travel all over the world and experience these racing events live.

Top Three Reasons Agile Transformations Struggle

This article explores three of the top reasons Agile transformations struggle and how to overcome them.

Your company is in the midst of an Agile transformation, and you are responsible for its success, yet things are not going according to plan. Teams are not moving any faster than before the transformation began and may even be moving slower. People are not buying into the process changes, so there is conflict in various company areas. Thus far, the company has spent lots of money on this transformation but has little to show. What is going wrong? Find out the top 3 reasons and how to solve them.


ASP.NET Core For Managers

Author: Davin Mickelson – Intertech, Inc.

It can be daunting for a developer or manager to try to decipher and choose one of the new frameworks available in .NET Core and Visual Studio. As developer teams continue to maintain existing web solutions, they occasionally need to create or rewrite a new ASP.NET web application. Perhaps they are replacing an old Active Server Pages (ASP), WebForms (ASPX) application, or .NET Framework MVC application. The question is – which project template is best? ASP.NET Core? — Razor Pages? — MVC? — Blazor? — gRPC? — Web API? Which One Should You Use and Why?

Software Feasibility Study: Questions To Ask When Determining How To Move Forward.

When it comes time to invest in a new application, the software feasibility study is crucial in understanding what you really need.

Before making a decision, it is essential to understand the current situation, pinpoint the pain-points, and determine the various technologies that should be considered. It is also imperative that if you are going to spend the time and resources on a project, whether custom or off-the-shelf, you resolve your problem and improve your entire system, whether it’s the efficiency of a process or collection of meaningful data.


What’s The Difference Between .NET Framework, .NET Core, & Xamarin?

What’s The Difference Between .NET Framework, .NET Core, & Xamarin?

According to the TIOBE Index, Microsoft’s C# language is the sixth most popular programming language in the world. Indeed, for enterprise applications, the competition boils down to either Java or C# over the past 20 years.


Prototypal Inheritance in JavaScript: Understanding the Inheritance Chain

Prototypal Inheritance in JavaScript: Understanding the Inheritance Chain

JavaScript is unique in a lot of ways. It’s the dominant browser-supported language that powers most user interfaces online. It also has its quirks in syntax and equality that can range from endearing to maddeningly annoying. However, JavaScript’s most unique aspect is object inheritance and the prototype chain.

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