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Transformative Software Development For The Agriculture and Food & Beverage Industries!


Expert DevOps and Agile Development Teams Since 1991

Tap into a proven formula of premier consultants and teams (1) made up of full-time senior talent that (2) fits your budget and (3) is ready for you when you need more time to hire the right people or require additional talent to step in on demand.
Discover The Hidden Power Of Your Data & Improve Your Employee’s Productivity!

Benefits Of Industry Specific Customized Software:
Automated Efficiencies Unique To Your Competitive Edge
Maximum Use Of Proprietary Data
Increased Maintainability and Extended Lifecycle
Updated Security
“If you can think it up, Intertech can build it!”

Transformative Software Development For The Agriculture and Food & Beverage Industries!


Expert DevOps and Agile Development Teams

Tap into a proven formula of premier consultants and teams (1) made up of full-time senior talent that (2) fits your budget and (3) is ready for you when you need more time to hire the right people or require additional talent to step in on demand.
Discover The Hidden Power Of Your Data & Improve Your Employee’s Productivity!

Benefits Of Industry Specific Customized Software:
Automated Efficiencies Unique To Your Competitive Edge
Maximum Use Of Proprietary Data
Increased Maintainability and Extended Lifecycle
Updated Security
“If you can think it up, Intertech can build it!”

Custom Software & Technical Services Consulting

Turn-Key & Co-Development Teams Configured To Your Needs

Autonomous Teams & Co-Development Support — Since 1991

Whether you’re looking to assess a legacy or new software system that’s not working correctly, re-architect a monolith or unwieldy microservices design, integrate or automate manual processes, or simply add experienced senior talent to an AppDev team, we can help make sense of it all!

Turnkey & Co-Development
Turnkey & Co-Development

Overview of Services for The Agriculture and Food & Beverage Industries

Updating or creating custom software that provides an intuitive experience for your employees and customers is crucial to staying competitive, especially now, when every dollar matters.
Consider This
Consider This

Are The Benefits Worth The Investment?

Before making a decision, it is essential to understand the current situation and pinpoint the pain points. Then, let our team work with you to assess the various options available.
Case Studies
Case Studies

Ag and Food & Beverage – Stories of Success!

Our experience is proven and runs deep. Whether looking for an audit, legacy system update, or a completely new solution, our team will evaluate and help you achieve your goals.
Our People
Our People

Get To Know Us!

There's a reason 99.70% of past clients would refer us to others. We only hire top talent with uncommon soft skills who can lead and communicate positively with team members and stakeholders. Get to know us. We think you will like what you discover.

Detailed List of Services

From Java to .NET to client- and server-side technological needs, our consultants and development teams bring what you are looking for to the project. Find what you need here.

Proven Software Development For The Agriculture and Food & Beverage Processing Industry!

— Overview, Process & Tips —

Intertech’s specialized teams work in universal best practices, no matter the framework or technology required, whether concerned with security or dealing with workarounds because the software is outdated or not meant for the task at hand.

Intertech consultants upgrade and create new solutions that impact decisions in the boardroom based on your proprietary data and help to identify hidden issues while speeding up your business processes that impact customers and employees.

If You Can Think It Up, We Can Help You Build It. If It’s Already In Place And Needs To Be Updated… We Can Do That Too!

Our team leaders listen to your ideas, identify solutions that fit your requirements, and propose technology upgrades or new technologies, toolsets, and libraries suited to your environment.

Intertech follows a proven process that ensures that all bases are covered, whether our consultants are taking on the project by themselves, we are working with someone else’s consultants, or teamed up with your employees. Next, we get to work using universally accepted development best practices and document each step so you realize an end product that does what you need and is maintainable. And finally, if requested, we can suggest ways to collect and filter your proprietary data so you put it to work through predictive modeling and process automation, reducing manual errors, increasing efficiency, and helping with more accurate forecasting.

If It Is Repetitive, We Can Probably Automate It.

Almost any area that is repetitive can be automated. These areas can fall under clerical tasks, customer service, global manufacturing, support services, data modeling, compliance, and just about anything you can think of that is repetitive, based on timing, or links to historical precedence.

For example, consider any high-volume area within your department or across the company that may have to follow compliance laws, is time-sensitive or generates recurring data. BPA can reduce the time related to these tasks. Moreover, personal expenses related to repetitive work can be eliminated, allowing for more satisfying and less stressful work conditions. As your business changes, the software can adjust, and this elasticity does not fight change. Well-developed software provides output immediately and links your entire company together, so everyone realizes the benefits discovered.

Determine Where Automation Fits Into Your Business Process.

Ask These Questions

Question #1Do you currently have a set of tasks that follow specific rules? Most repetitive tasks are based on a set of rules. When programmed into the software these rules allow the application to take over and increase efficiency while providing consistent data across the process, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Question #2Does the task have anticipated inputs and outputs? Even if the input and output have multiple options, it is still redundant. It can be designed to react specifically to each condition, eliminating time to respond and providing a seamless transition forward.

Question #3Does the task have multiple repetitive steps? Collecting and evaluating content can be laborious. By automating steps to react to specific responses, the data can be collected, evaluated, and calculated in a split second while instantaneously analyzed and stored for AI and decision-making later.

Ask Yourself If The Benefits Are Worth The Investment Before Proceeding.

When it comes time to invest in a new application, the software feasibility study is crucial in understanding what you need. Before making a decision, it is essential to understand the current situation, pinpoint the pain points, and work with an experienced technical asset to assess the various options available to you. Next run your numbers through an ROI calculator.

Rule #1: If a prepackaged Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution does what you need, it should be considered. However, any Software-as-a-Service will begin to dictate your decisions, hamstring you to a solution that may appear less expensive but, in the end, require time-consuming process changes and additional services to do what you wanted in the first place.

Resource: Quick Software Feasibility Outline
Where Should You Start?

Determine Your Company's Appetite For Updates & Automated Improvements

Determine the mood of your organization toward upgrades and automation. Buy-in from key stakeholders is required. Software upgrades and process automation changes impact how work gets done and can generate fear that jobs will be eliminated rather than create a more efficient and enjoyable workplace. And when considering budget make sure to calculate ROI over a realistic period, understanding that your business will need to rely on automation to stay competitive.

Identify Processes That May Lend Themselves To Upgrades & Automation

There are two items to consider. The first one is which of your processes take up considerable time and are repetitive. The repetition can be spread over hours or days, but it is likely they can be eliminated. The second item to consider is what is being generated from the current process. If data is the result, stakes are higher because all data generated should allow your business leaders to peer into the future, helping steer the company based on accurate data.

Identify Specific Steps Within Each Application & Process For Update

After identifying potential processes for update and automation, outline the specific steps within each process that you believe can be improved or eliminated. The existing process must be improved enough to make automation worth the time and investment, so take care in evaluating each step within each process. Consider speaking with your internal business analyst and IT department as well, and then contacting Intertech to help you assess your operation.

Enterprise Software Solutions For The Agriculture and Food & Beverage Processing Industries!

Custom software designed specifically for your company is more important than ever for differentiation as the world of SaaS begins to homogenize competing companies. Step ahead of the competition by turning the tables on the expected and creating exactly what you want.

Grower Experience Portal (GEP)

A multi-billion dollar energy and agricultural company required a new Grower Experience Portal (GEP) so that farmers and co-ops could monitor their commodities contracts, track shipments, payments, deliveries, invoices, and commodity pricing.

Realtime Process Integrated Feedlot Management Application

Our client approached Intertech to revamp their existing procedures for projecting, feeding, tracking, and billing for a modern beef cattle feeding enterprise.

Migrate Customer Facing Mobile Farming Application To iOS-Based Mobile Platform

To keep up with the world’s consistently changing population growth, farmers must work more intelligently than ever before to produce enough food.
You can be confident that if you are considering, or are already in the cloud, we migrate, integrate, and develop for Azure or AWS! In fact, our training division wrote the book on Azure!

Three Great Reasons To Let Intertech Build Your Software Independently Or In Co-Development With Your Team!

To understand why so many companies rely on Intertech for their software consulting and software education needs, you must understand the importance we place on staying up-to-date with the most current technologies and methodologies.

“When an outside firm asked over 4000 of our customers these questions, we immediately understood why they trusted Intertech!”

Say “Yes” To Intertech!

  • Would you use Intertech again? 99.55% 99.55%

99.55% of customers answered YES!

  • Are you happy with Intertech? 99.55% 99.55%

99.55% of customers answered YES!

  • Would you refer Intertech to others? 99.70% 99.70%

99.70% of customers answered YES!


Marketing Manager

James Gibbs

Before assuming his new role as Marketing Manager, James served as an Account Executive on Intertech’s consulting client relationship management team and led the training division’s sales team. During this time, James worked with a broad range of clients, including Fortune 500 corporations, state and federal entities, and the U.S. Military. James completed his undergraduate degree at the University of St. Thomas and served Internships at Minnestay and AscensionPoint.


“Nothing will work unless you do”, says James. “I try to remind myself of this daily. As evolving technology makes software development more important than ever, I do my best to help customers meet their needs.”


Why Intertech?

Working closely with technology and people is something I am passionate about. Intertech training and consulting provides a great balance of both.”


James enjoys coaching Andover boy’s youth hockey in the winter (AA PeeWee), golfing in the summer and spending weekends with family up north.

Software Development Services That Scale To You!

Custom Enterprise Software Development

Intertech’s Custom Agile & DevOps-based software development consulting services combine everything you need to succeed, from assessments, requirements gathering, design, development, and testing, to deployment and complete transformation.

.NET – Java – Front & Back End Technologies

Legacy System & Software Modernization

Let’s evaluate your platform and determine if it should be kept, extended, or replaced based on your business goals and enterprise-level needs. Upgrade or pivot to new technology to open doors to valuable innovations and automation.

Audits – Code Reviews – Modernization – Integrations – Updates – & All New

Azure & AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Migrate, integrate, and build your enterprise software to work perfectly with your cloud platform. Whether you are working with a multi, hybrid, or single service, we will ensure your software runs faster, links to other areas of your business, is more secure, and is easier to manage.

Azure – AWS – GCP

Microservices Development & Architecture

Structure your applications as a collection of loosely coupled services that link together and allow independent updating, scalability, and freedom of code. Gain the flexibility to select the best language for the job, and all that goes with that, no matter which language it is.

Assessments – Architecture – Prioritization– Development

Intelligent Business Process Automation (BPA)

Implement technology-enabled automation to streamline and automate complex and potentially error-filled business processes. Eliminate redundancies, wasted time, and manual errors while collecting proprietary data in a format that will impact business decisions.

Evaluate – Itemize – Automate – Eliminate Manual Errors

Application Programming Interface (API) Design & Development

Control your business tasks securely at automated speeds with custom intelligent API design and development. Assemble and deliver your applications and digital content fast, to multiple locations, for a rich and efficient experience while connecting your world.

Streamline – Eliminate Fees – Consolidate

Web Frameworks Development

(Client & Server Side)

Your web framework is an application platform that should be designed to make the development and maintenance process more manageable. Building the correct web framework, no matter which technology you select, is what we do.

All Proven Technologies – Front & Back End

WebAssembly (Wasm) Services & Integration

Intertech’s WebAssembly services help you run coded desktop-only applications, written in multiple languages, on the web, through a web browser, at near-native speeds! You are no longer limited to one or the other, desktop or web. Bring them together today!

Desktop Apps Can Run Anywhere – Faster

Agile Coaching, Transformations & Scrum

We don’t just consult and train companies on Agile; we live Agile. It’s how we run our business, manage our day-to-day operations, and drive customer projects to success. Tap into our experienced full-stack consulting team on your next project or transform your team.

Coaching – Company Transformations – Library

Intertech Complete™

Autonomous teams that are configured around your needs.

If you are trying to get caught up on a backlog of project requests or need one or more dedicated teams to get in, take care of business, and roll off, Intertech Complete™ is your solution.

Intertech Prime-Aug™

Inject proven technical skills and experience into your teams.

If you want to augment development with the experience that can guide a team, pivot to new technology, or add an outside perspective based on best practices, consider Prime-Aug.™

Intertech Assist™

Begin your project while we help you hire the “Right” FTEs.

Hiring the right people for a project on hold can be difficult when the market is tight. Get started on both fronts with one proven solution when you rely on Intertech Assist.™

We Help You Finish Well At The Right Price!

Everyone wants the project done right, with little pain, for the lowest price. Unfortunately, the lowest price isn’t always the best solution. We understand this because we are typically not the cheapest options and often hired to save projects that were incorrectly evaluated and estimated. At Intertech, we take the time to assess your project and assign the correct people. We understand that not everyone on the project needs to be a senior consultant and know how to blend rates, so you get the most cost-effective team and talent required to achieve success.
Consider Intertech and a proven perspective that has been in business since 1991.