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Intertech's courses provide an overview of Visual Basic, including navigating Visual Studio, understanding objects, priorities, methods and collections. Understanding event-driven programming is a priority, including building an event example project and keeping event names current. Students create a new project to ensure they understand VB.NET in VS, including changing the characteristics of objects and adding controls to a form. They explore writing the codes behind an interface and running a project.  

VB.NET students learn how to build a user interface, starting with the basics and moving on to advanced techniques. Along the way they will learn to work with traditional and advanced controls, as well as adding menus and toolbars to forms. Working with toolbars also includes adding controls to a form, changing a form's name and appearance, and showing and hiding forms. We also cover setting object properties using the properties window. Advanced VB.NET techniques related to building forms includes working with controls, creating topmost nonmodal windows, creating transparent forms, creating scrollable forms, creating MDI forms and setting the startup form.

Trainers in our VB.NET classes cover working with traditional controls. This includes everything -- from displaying static text with the label control, allowing users to enter text using a text box and creating buttons -- to creating containers and groups of option buttons, displaying a list with the list box and creating drop-down lists using the combo box. Intertech students who wish to learn about using advanced controls within VB.NET will have the opportunity to explore creating timers and tabbed dialog boxes, sorting pictures in an image list control, building enhanced lists using the list view control and creating hierarchial lists using the tree view control.

Our VB.NET training focuses heavily on programming. We begin with creating and calling code procedures: creating Visual Basic code modules, writing code procedures, calling code procedures, exiting procedures and avoiding infinite recursion. VB.NET students will gain experience using constants, data types, variables and arrays. Also covered in VB.NET courses: determining scope, declaring variables of static scope, naming conventions and using variables in our example project.

Another major component of our training covers performing arithmetic, string manipulation and date/time adjustments. They start with performing basic arithmetic operations with Visual Basic and quickly move on to comparing equalities, understanding Boolean Logic and then manipulating strings and working with dates and times. Most importantly, students learn to make decisions in VB.NET code using "if...then" and branching within a procedure using "Go To."

Our VB.NET training includes looping for efficiency, such as looping a specific number of times using "For...Next" and using "Do...Loop" to loop an indeterminate number of times. As part of learning about debugging code, students explore adding comments, identifying the two basic types of errors, using VB's debugging tools and writing an error handler using "Try...Catch...Finally." Basic coverage is provided regarding designing objects using classes, including understanding classes and instantiating objects from classes. Intertech's VB.NET always includes interacting with users and working with graphics, including pens, system colors, rectangles, drawing shapes and text, and persisting graphics on a form.

Intertech training offers real-world insights from Instructors Who Consult, and Consultants Who Teach. Learn more by selecting the class below.