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JavaScript Training

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JavaScript Training

Intertech delivers practical, hands-on JavaScript training and training on related technologies such as HTML5, jQuery, and Ajax.  

Our JavaScript programming training courses cover areas like as the lexical structure of JavaScript including character set, normalization, literals, identifiers and reserved words.  Types, values, and variables are covered in the JavaScript training courses including working with numbers, integer literals, floating points, dates/times, text, string literals, and type-related actions like type conversions, variable declaration, variable scope, function scope, and scope chain.

Expressions and operators are covered in the courses and provide coverage of primary expressions, object and array initialization; expressions—function, property access, invocation, and object creation.  Operators are covered including operator precedence, associativity, and logicial expressions such as AND, OR, and NOT.

Statements are covered including expression statements, compound and empty statements, and declaration statements.  In the JavaScript training courses, objects are covered including object creation, inheritance, property getters/setters, and methods such as toString, toLocaleString, toJSON, and valueOf.  Arrays are covered including creating arrays, reading and writing array elements, and use of various array methods.  Functions are covered including defining functions, invoking functions, and using function arguments and parameters.  Classes and modules are covered including constructors, classes and types, OO techniques in JavaScript, creating sub-classes, abstract classes, and objects as namespaces.  Regular expressions are covered including use of character classes, using string methods for pattern matching, and the RegExp object, properties, properties and methods.  Subsets and expressions are covered in Intertech’s JavaScript training courses including coverage of iteration, generators, and shorthand functions.

Depending on the JavaScript training course chosen, classes include coverage of JavaScript on the server-side and JavaScript on the client side such as JavaScript in HTML and JavaScript in web documents.

The Window Object is covered including browser location and navigation, browsing history, error handling, and working with multiple windows and frames.  Scripting Documents including DOM is covered including document structure and traversal, working with nodes, and work with HTML forms.  
Scripting CSS is covered including core CSS properties, CSS animations, and functions such as querying, inserting, and deleting style sheet rules.

Handling events is covered such as DOM events, HTML5 events, as well as event propagation, cancellation, and invocation order.

For the actual detail of what’s covered in the respective JavaScript training course, please select the appropriate course from the above.