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Ask Yourself These Questions To Find Out If Your Software Meets Today’s Business Standards

Sometimes a way of doing something is so ingrained that it’s hard to see the alternatives. Ask yourself these questions to determine if your applications are making the most of your valuable resources and still make business sense

Something To Consider: We Ask Our Customers These Questions…

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99.55% Answered Yes.


Are you happy with Intertech?
99.55% Answered Yes.


Would you refer Intertech to others?
99.70% Answered Yes.

NOTE: Results from more than 4000 respondents beginning in 1991


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Answer These Questions To Find Out If Your Applications Meet Todays Standards!
Converting complex and critical business operations into simple, user-friendly, processes that provide data in a form that is important to every aspect of your company is the first step in growth. Whether you are moving cash, collecting content, or compiling a catalogue accessible to venders around the world, every touch, transaction, and input provides data that can help forecast the unexpected, highlight patterns, and predict outcomes. From marketing to the highest levels of leadership and research, a well designed application pays for itself and impacts your future.
Ask Yourself These Questions…

Question Group #1:


  • Is key information in our reports automatically kept up to date?


  • Could we automate some of the process currently being done manually?


  • Is communication with customers and their status jeopardized by the current system?


  • Have we reached any system limitations that impact our ability to expand?


  • Is the current system becoming a burden on time and treasure?


  • Are you still using spreadsheets to organize your data?

Consider... Legacy Modernization

Let Intertech experts help you evaluate your system and determine if it should be kept, extended, or replaced based on your business goals and enterprise-level needs, so the advantages of any changes are clear. Converting, rewriting or porting of outdated software to current programming languages, libraries, protocols, and platforms is one of our consultant’s areas of expertise.

Question Group #2:


  • Is your data being collected in the right format for predictive modeling?


  • Could the compiling of various steps into one automated system save time?


  • Are their manual steps that could be automated currently in our process?


  • Could other departments benefit from instant access to your data?


  • Is the current system becoming apt to human error?


  • Are you currently implementing any workarounds to make the system work?

Consider... Application Development

You may be currently utilizing a SaaS system and discovering the hidden costs, increases in pricing that are out of your control, or aspects of the software that you would like to add but cannot. Add the homogenization of your brand and you have Software-as-a-Service. Or, you realize that the various systems in your organization do not speak as one and are inefficient. We can help you get exactly what you need.

Question Group #3:


  • Is your current system’s dashboard and interface difficult to navigate?


  • Could your current system leave the company open to an accessibility lawsuit?


  • Is it possible your company’s software does not meet CA’s new privacy requirements?


  • Do you still develop for a single release rather than in sprints that get the product out sooner?


  • Do you need an experienced ScrumMaster that can help your team move forward faster?


  • Would you like to try a project using Agile with an experienced lead with great soft-skills?

Consider... Intertech's Scalable Team

If your customers and employees find it difficult to navigate your dashboards and interface you stand to loose out against the competition, find it difficult to retain good talent, and see a drop in repeat business. Intertech will bring a full stack team in, including UI/UX design and ScrumMaster, clearly define what is necessary to meet your objectives, and achieve your requirements.
If you answered any of these questions with a “Yes,” have Intertech come in and evaluate your system, and provide a range of pathways to a solution, today.
Team Members With Technical And Soft Skills Make A Difference!
According to a leading project management organization report, one of the primary reasons software projects fail is a lack of people with both technical and managerial skills on the development team. 1 Since our inception, Intertech has focused on consultants that combine these traits, so we impact others around us through engagement, mentoring, and guidance, making your job easier.
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