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Intertech Backbone.js Consulting

Intertech’s Backbone.js consulting experts help you utilize this lightweight JavaScript library in your creation of world-class web application.

Aside from using best practices in application development, our Backbone.js consulting group can help you:

        • Architect, design, develop, and deploy JavaScript web application using Backbone.js
        • Use a RESTful JSON interface to connect models, collections, and views to your existing API
        • Simplify development of single-page web applications using Backbone’s miniscule library structure
        • Use Backbone to realize the minimal set of data-structuring and user interfaces that are useful when building web applications with JavaScript
        • Understand how to have your data represented as Models that can be created, validated, destroyed, and saved to a server.
        • Create stunning, intuitive user interfaces
        • Design and implement best practices in keeping multiple clients and their server synchronized
        • Update web application views automatically when a model changes in a finished state
        • Identify problems, troubleshoot, and optimize a JavaScript web applications using Backbone.js for performance
        • Use best practice methods for testing and accessibility

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