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Jun 24/2021


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Complete SSAS 2019 (MOC 20768)

Course ID: MOC-20768

Duration: 3 Day
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This SQL Server training class, Microsoft course 20768: Developing SQL Data Models, teaches attendees how to build multidimensional databases using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and how to create tabular semantic data models for analysis with SSAS.

  • Describe the components, architecture, and nature of a BI solution
  • Create a multidimensional database with analysis services
  • Implement dimensions in a cube
  • Implement measures and measure groups in a cube
  • Use MDX syntax
  • Customize a cube
  • Implement a tabular database
  • Use DAX to query a tabular model
  • Use data mining for predictive analysis

Course outline

Module 1: Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data Modeling

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence
  • The Microsoft business intelligence platform

Module 2: Creating Multidimensional Databases

  • Introduction to multidimensional analysis
  • Creating data sources and data source views
  • Creating a cube
  • Overview of cube security
  • Configure SSAS
  • Monitoring SSAS

Module 3: Working with Cubes and Dimensions

  • Configuring dimensions
  • Define attribute hierarchies
  • Sorting and grouping attributes
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions

Module 4: Working with Measures and Measure Groups

In this module, you will learn how to protect yourself against security threats, and secure your networks with Azure.

  • Working with measures
  • Working with measure groups

Module 5: Introduction to MDX

In this module, you will learn about Azure identity services, how to build a cloud governance strategy, and privacy, compliance and data protection standards on Azure.

  • MDX fundamentals
  • Adding calculations to a cube
  • Using MDX to query a cube

Module 6: Customizing Cube Functionality

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence
  • Implementing key performance indicators
  • Implementing actions
  • Implementing perspectives
  • Implementing translations

Module 7: Implementing a Tabular Data Model by Using Analysis Services

  • Introduction to tabular data models
  • Creating a tabular data model
  • Using an analysis services tabular model in an enterprise BI solution

Module 8: Introduction to Data Analysis Expression (DAX)

  • DAX fundamentals
  • Using DAX to create calculated columns and measures in a tabular data model

Module 9: Performing Predictive Analysis with Data Mining

  • Overview of Data Mining
  • Creating a Custom Data Mining Solution
  • Validating a Data Mining Model
  • Connecting to and Consuming a Data-Mining Model
  • Using the Data Mining add-in for Excel

Audience Profile

This course is suitable for program managers and technical sales, with a general IT background. These students want to learn about our offerings, see how components are implemented, and ask questions about products and features. This course does not provide an Azure pass or time in the classroom for students to do any hands-on activities. Students can get a free trial and do the walkthroughs outside of class. This course is primarily lecture and demonstrations. This course will help prepare someone for the AZ-900 exam.

Job role: Administrator, AI Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Database Administrator, Developer, Security Engineer


There are no prerequisites for taking this course.


Training Materials

All SQL Server training students receive Microsoft official courseware.


Software Requirements

Attendees will not need to install any software on their computer for this class. The class will be conducted in a remote environment that Accelebrate will provide; students will only need a local computer with a web browser with a stable Internet connection. Any recent version of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome will be fine.