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World-Wide Repository For Critical Trial Imagery

Understanding the Healthcare & MedTech industry is one thing. Understanding the technology you currently use and the updates you should consider is another.

Case Study: Leading healthcare company and Intertech create custom application to consolidate, label, and make searchable image library from various clinical trials.

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Spring Boot


Agile / Scrum


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World-Wide Searchable Image Repository For Leading Healthcare & MedTech Manufacturing Company


Project Requirements

Create a world-wide searchable image repository that could leverage past clinical trial data and make future healthcare device development more efficient.


Working primarily in Java and Angular, and leveraging open source libraries to develop advanced search functionality, Intertech first made sure the requirements were clearly defined between all stakeholders and ultimately met the IT department’s expectations. Putting into place an agile development framework, they implemented a minimum viable product and added features over-the-course-of multiple iterations and frequent releases. Following a process of testing, data migration, and gradual adoption across global offices, the result led to quicker and more cost-effective research and development of new healthcare products for the company, saving time and money.

Healthcare Case Study – Overview

Intertech consultants designed and implemented a custom-built central repository for the client’s medical imagery. Custom data loaders ingested metadata embedded in the imagery, as well as previously generated analysis by researchers. This metadata and analysis included but were not limited to necessary subject information, anatomical region, image slice thickness. Using dynamic search features, Intertech was able to quickly and efficiently locate relevant images across the company’s worldwide business units.

A UI/UX consultant worked closely with the client to craft a custom experience focused on intuitiveness, ease of use, and efficiency. Regular working sessions with the product owners and users allowed us to shape the application to meet the client’s exact needs.

On the back end, Intertech implemented a hybrid solution that consisted of both a relational database (Microsoft SQL Server) and a document database (Elastic). The relational database facilitated the definition of a hierarchical data model with well-defined relationships. It also ensured data integrity with atomic transactions. The document database allowed us to define a sophisticated search mechanism that would have been nearly impossible to implement with a pure SQL solution.

Finally, Intertech implemented the user interface as a single-page application (SPA) with Angular. This choice of technology resulted in a faster and more responsive application. After considering several existing medical imagery options, none of which fully met the client’s needs, we created a custom medical image viewer and integrated it into the web application.

Intertech has been in business for nearly 30 years. Many of our projects are considered confidential by our clients. For this reason, and out of respect for our customer’s privacy, we do not mention companies by name in respect to specific projects, with the clear understanding that the project outlined and presented is actual work Intertech and their consultants have completed successfully.

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"Intertech’s SQL expertise was invaluable in improving our database server performance."

“Intertech’s SQL expertise was invaluable in improving our database server performance. Thanks to the guidance and work from Intertech consultants, we’ve reduced runtime on common queries, modernized our technology stack, created a platform for real-time sales feedback, and enabled more comprehensive strategic planning for our company. We look forward to working with Intertech on future projects to drive even more value from our data.”

– Client

"Working with Intertech allowed us to modernize the user interface of the equipment we produce."

“Working with Intertech allowed us to modernize the user interface of the equipment we produce. The consultants they provided were clearly experts in their field and brought the necessary knowledge to our team to update our application. But working with Intertech also helped us move toward a faster development and deployment cycle for our new features moving forward. This new user interface will provide a better user experience for our customers, and our new deployment pipeline will enable us to continue improving that user experience over the months and years to come.”

– Client

"Thanks to everybody for the efforts over the last 18 months!"

“It’s with mixed feelings that this day has arrived. I’m sad to see this collaborative effort come to an end; but I’m excited with what we have accomplished. Tom & Scott had a lot of patience with me through the process and were able to teach me a lot of good stuff. For me, one of the big benefits of the Intertech/[client] relationship was it helped me demonstrate the value of software to the company which led to my getting approval to hire two software folks. Even though this particular project/phase is at an end, I’m hoping we have the opportunity to work together again. Once again, Thanks to everybody for the efforts over the last 18 months.”

– Client Supervisor


Client Relationship Manager

Aaron Pankonin

Aaron Pankonin has a driving passion for software, particularly when it’s used to solve clients’ problems. It’s something he’s been doing for more than 20 years. Before joining Intertech, Aaron held a series of sales management roles of increasing responsibility at several global companies, including serving as International Sales Manager at Code 42 International and International Territory Manager at Medspira International.


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Why Did You Choose Client Relations?

I discovered a passion for helping clients find solutions to their unique technical business problems. I thrive on building partnerships, which have created numerous trusted relationships with clients all over the world.


Outside of work, I spend most of my free time watching my kids play numerous sports, including baseball, Alpine Ski racing, volleyball, football, dance, and track. I’m a proud dad and husband.

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