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If You Work With A .NET Framework, You Can’t Afford To Miss This Presentation!

It’s easy to delay adopting new technologies, even when the stakes are high. In so many cases, the energy is spent on improving business strategies (building more widgets, increasing quality, refining services). At the same time, technology updates take a back seat when it comes to corporate reinvestment, even when security is a priority, and using older technologies is often the weak link when it comes to protection and slower performance. As your business grows and to maintain a competitive edge, you should watch and consider the latest tools and frameworks for your current technology stack.


Take a look at Microsoft’s new release schedule:

Enter .NET 5.0, Microsoft’s new version of the .NET framework scheduled for release in November 2020. Prerelease versions of .NET 5.0 are available now. The .NET 5.0 release is a fully encompassing version of .NET that includes almost all of the other development libraries (Xamarin, etc.) that sprouted around the original .NET framework, which makes it impossible for developers to ignore new releases of .NET. The past lack of urgency in keeping up with .NET updates (only seven major releases since 2002) is a thing of the past.



.NET 5.0 And What You Should Know.

As you can see, Microsoft is changing its release strategy for .NET. After .NET 5.0 is released, they will continue to release a new major version every year in November. Microsoft is also changing its support strategy for .NET with Long Term Support (LTS) versions. Specifically, going forward, even-numbered version releases will be LTS versions with odd-numbered releases being General Availability (GA) releases. This new rapid release schedule can easily be overlooked by teams maintaining software solutions. It’s a significant shift in the release strategy for .NET by Microsoft. Software using the .NET framework will need to be updated to maintain security and performance.

60-Minutes With Davin Mickelson & Intertech

"The instructor enhanced the class material with real world experiences and situations..."

Class provided comprehensive coverage of JEE application architecture foundational concepts. This is an excellent course for senior developers making the transition to architect and for current architects to re-inforce the patterns and principles of robust, scalable JEE applications. The instructor enhanced the class material with real world experiences and situations to clearly demonstrate the impact of certain design decisions. — Alan R

"Fabulous (Agile) class..."

I just attended a 3-day Agile Project Management training class through Intertech. This was a fabulous class where the instructor concentrated on the basics of Agile PMing in the first day. The next 2 days we had a lot of hands-on work with our specific project. This really helped us answer questions that were specific to our project and it also helped us create artifacts specific to our project.! — Brian B

"Great... development training. I found the bonus labs especially helpful!"

Great Java web development training. I found the bonus labs especially helpful, allowing the student to solve specific problems or expand upon the base excercises and learn more. Would like to try the remote training option sometime in the future! — Bob D

"Jeff Jensen was a great instructor for the Complete Java training."

Jeff Jensen was a great instructor for the Complete Java training. He has the patience to walk though problems that we are struggling with during training instead of just giving the answer. The classroom environment at Intertech was very nice also. Love the afternoon break Cookies! — Bill B

"Intertech ... provided value to our company..."

Intertech and specifically Pat Campbell provide value to our company, which is what we are looking for when it comes to Agile training. Pat customized the Agile course to match our flavor of Agile. — Scott F

"I can't say enough good things about the (Intertech) trainer!"

I recently went through the Certified Scrum Master training at Intertech. The entire experience was a positive one. I can’t say enough good things about the trainer. She led a training that was not only incredibly useful and applicable to the business world, but it was fun and interactive too. Intertech went above and beyond to make sure all the attendees had what they needed while guests on their premise. One need not worry about going hungry or thirsty when taking a training there. Thank you Intertech for a wonderful training! I hope to experience one again in the near future! — Aleyna P

"My team and I had a great time at Intertech."

My team and I had a great time at Intertech. We took an Introduction to AngularJS course and learned a lot. The instructor was great and was able to answer any question we had. — Craig M

"The training is excellent!"

The training is excellent. It was very informative. I’ve been a .NET developer for many years, and I still learned new things I will be able to use in my code! — Bryan S

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