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Intertech Test Driven Development (TDD) consulting

Intertech’s experienced software consultants improve your SDLC with expert Test Driven Development (TDD) consulting. Gain the benefits of experience.

Our experts help you:

        • Understand the benefits and approaches used in Test Driven Development and create a plan to use TDD from the start of requirements gathering
        • Write effective test cases including core concepts like double tests, state and interaction-based testing, and creating testable designs
        • Implement tools like JUnit and NUnit to automate testing
        • Use mock objects
        • Create clear rules for acceptance testing in TDD
        • Define criteria and a strategy for code coverage
        • Correctly manage exception handling with TDD
        • Effectively write integration tests
        • Efficiently use TDD in more challenging environments including handling time-based, multi-threaded, and synchronized events
        • Use proven ways to accelerate execution of tests
        • Leverage refactoring in the software development lifecycle
        • Understand how to use TDD with existing legacy code

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