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Complete JMS Training

Course ID: 2237
Duration: 1 Days

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Complete Java Message Service examines Java's view of message-oriented middleware.  In this class, students explore both point-to-point and publish/subscribe models of messaging.  They also explore how synchronous and asynchronous messaging is accomplished.  While the JMS API provides fundamental messaging support, they also explore Enterprise JavaBean's Message Driven Bean (MDB) and Spring JMS Integration Framework as a means to simplify JMS work.


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Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of message oriented middleware and its place in enterprise architectures
  • Explore the types of messaging models: point-to-point and publish-subscribe
  • Learn the basics of the Java Message Service API
  • Examine how to send a message into a message destination with the JMS API
  • See how to receive a message from a message destination with the JMS API
  • Explore how to implement an automated message receiver through Message Driven Beans (EJB)
  • Learn how Spring's JMS Integration Framework simplifies working with JMS
  • Examine how to send a message into a message destination with Spring JMS
  • See how to receive a message from a message destination with Spring JMS
  • Explore how to develop Message Driven POJO's in Spring JMS 


This course is designed for Java programmers looking to communicate with a message server in Java. 


A solid understanding of Java is required.  An understanding of message oriented middleware concepts is helpful.

Course Outline


  • Message Oriented Middleware
  • Java Message Service
  • Message Production
  • Synchronous Message Consumers
  • Asynchronous Message Consumers (Message Listeners)
  • Messages
  • Exception Handling

Message Driven Beans

  • EJB and Message Driven Bean
  • Creating MDBs
  • Configuring MDBs via XML
  • Using MDB Annotations

Spring JMS

  • Spring JMS Setup
  • JmsTemplate Configuration
  • Sending a Message with JmsTemplate
  • Consuming a Message with JmsTemplate
  • MessageListeners and Message Driven POJOs (MDPs)
  • Exception Handling
  • Spring JMS Transactions
  • Additional Spring JMS Integration Capabilities

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