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Advanced Oracle SQL Queries Training

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This Oracle SQL training class helps students master SQL using an Oracle database and prepares students for a PL/SQL course. Note that this course covers SQL, not PL/SQL.

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Course Outline

Users and Schemas
  • Introduction to Users and Schemas
  • Definitions and Client Tools
  • SQL Developer Login
  • About the HR Schema
  • Sample Schemas
  • HR Schema Entities
  • Creating An Application Schema
  • Exercise: Create a User
Pseudo Columns & Functions
  • Using The Dual Table
  • Functions
  • Exercise: Use the SYSCONTEXT function
  • Pseudo-Columns
  • Using Rowid
  • Using Rownum
  • Exercise: Use ROWNUM
Using Subqueries
  • Simple Subqueries
  • Definition
  • Nested Subquery
  • Inline Views
  • Subquery in the HAVING clause
  • Correlated Subqueries
  • Scalar Subquery
  • Exercise: Subqueries
Joining Tables
  • Review of Joins
  • Equijoins
  • Inner Joins
  • Outer Joins
  • Cross Joins
  • Reflexive Join
  • Non-Key Join
  • Natural Joins
  • Semijoins and Antijoins
  • Using Named Subqueries
  • Exercise: Join Exercises
Rollup & Cube
  • About Group Processing
  • Simple GROUP BY
  • ROLLUP Function
  • GROUPING Function
  • Using Cube
  • Exercise: Practice GROUP BY, ROLLUP and CUBE
Using Set Operators
  • Set Operators Defined
  • Relationship to Mathematical Set Theory
  • Restrictions on Set Operators
  • Exercise: Set Operators Exercise
Conditional Processing
  • The DECODE Function
  • The Case Expression
  • Exercise: Conditional Processing
SQL Functions (Character)
  • What Are SQL Functions?
  • Character Functions
  • LPAD
  • RPAD
  • TRIM
  • Regular Expressions
  • Exercise: Character Functions
SQL Functions (Non-Character)
  • Numeric Functions
  • The TO_CHAR Function with numbers
  • Date/Time Functions
  • Date Format Functions
  • Date Arithmetic Functions
  • Null Value Functions
  • Exercise: SQL Non-Character Functions
SQL Data Manipulation Language
  • The INSERT Statement
  • INSERT Statement Categories
  • The UPDATE Statement
  • The DELETE Statement
  • Transactions
  • Complex Table References
  • The MERGE statement
  • Exercise: Data Manipulation Language (DDL)
SQL Data Definition Language
  • About SQL DDL
  • Create Table Statement
  • Populate the table
  • Alter Table Statement
  • Drop Table Statement
  • Truncate Table Statement
  • Exercise: Data Definiton Language (DDL)
Data Integrity Using Constraints
  • About Constraints
  • Unique Key
  • Primary Key
  • Referential Integrity
  • Check Constraint
  • Defining Constraints On Existing Tables
  • Enabling & Disabling Constraints
  • Renaming & Dropping Constraints
  • Validate New Transactions Only
  • Deferred Enforcement
  • Constraint Exceptions
  • Constraints And Views
  • Exercise: Create Constraints Exercise
Database Objects: Overview
  • Database Objects
  • Exercise: All Object Types
Database Objects: Views
  • Creating Views
  • Updating View Data
  • INSERT and UPDATE Statements
  • DELETE Statements
  • Exercise: Creating a View
Database Objects: Indexes
  • Types of Indexes
  • Index Characteristics
  • Index Usage
  • Exercise: Index Exercise
Other Database Objects
  • Sequences
  • Synonyms
  • Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers
  • Exercise: Sequence and Synonym Exercise

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