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Intertech Twitter Bootstrap Consulting

Intertech’s Twitter Bootstrap consulting experts help you:

        • Understand Twitter Bootstrap’s capabilities for creating responsive design site
        • Setup and customize Twitter Bootstrap
        • Use the Bootstrap file structure and scaffolding
        • Use Bootstrap CSS including headings, links, buttons, lead copy, and emphasis classes such as abbreviations, addresses, and blockquotes
        • Understand creating sub-pages, homepage carousel, and using tabs for switching content
        • Use tables including striped, bordered, hover, and condensed
        • Understand and use forms including search, inline, and horizontal
        • Use form controls like inputs, checkboxes, and radio buttons
        • Understand and use extended form controls
        • Know and use the Bootstrap layout components including dropdown menus, button groups and navigation elements such as tabular, stackable, and basic pills
        • Use the Navbar including links, forms, and menu variations including fixed top, fixed bottom, static top, responsive, and inverted
        • Implement various Bootstrap features such as breadcrumbs, pagination, thumbnails, and alerts
        • Extend Bootstrap with Bootstrap JavaScript plugins
        • Target and fix Bootstrap bugs or performance issues

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