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Welcome to our weekly edition of the Dev Digest where we put together the best links to help you stay on top of what’s happening in the world of software and web development. From top stories to development tips, professional advice, and more, we’ve collected the best articles, stories, and videos of the week from across the web.  Now let’s get to it.


Top Story – Simplicity

Seven Lines of Code Made These Brothers Rich…

  • The story behind the success of Stripe, a tool for setting up online payments, comes down to just seven lines of code and a few smart moves by the two brothers who founded the company.


Developer Corner

7 Tips for Building Streaming Data Pipelines…

  • A rise in real-time data has led to a need for building streaming data pipelines that allow for rapid experimentation and operate reliably at scale. While obstacles abound, they can be overcome by adopting and sticking to best practices.


Software to AI Engineer…

  • Interested in making a transition from software engineer to AI engineer? Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly in terms of what you need to know.


Professional Advice

7 Things Your Team Wishes You Knew…

  • Striving to be a better leader of your team but not sure where to start? There’s no ‘perfect’ formula but following these 7 tips can help you start down the right path.


Work From Home Like a Pro…

  • Has your ‘work from home’ visa been extended through the end of the year? Time to get serious about creating a home workspace. Check out this guide from Wired covering all the best gear to work from home like a pro.


Ask Yourself – Is Agile the Right Process for You?

Achieve Evolutionary Development with Agile….

  • Some studies report that up to 75% of projects are doomed from the beginning. However, the continuous feedback loop fostered with the Agile approach illuminates problems earlier, resulting in more accountability and less waste.
    Learn more about Agile’s benefits and the advantages bringing in a company skilled in Agile processes can offer.