Intertech’s Software Planning & Requirement Analysis Experts Help You Navigate The Project’s Foundation

All Stages of Software Planning & Requirement Analysis

Requirements Gathering – Analysis – Scope Definition – Project Plan – Collaboration – Documentation


Intertech’s Planning & Requirement Analysis Experts Cover All The Stages

Intertech’s software planning & requirement analysis process sets the foundation for the entire software development process. It ensures that the project team has a clear understanding of what needs to be built, how it should be built, and what the expected outcomes are. Effective requirement analysis and planning reduce the likelihood of scope changes, delays, and misunderstandings, leading to a more successful and efficient development process.


Stage 1 – Requirements Gathering

Stakeholder Identification: We help you Identify all stakeholders who will be affected by or have an interest in the software project. This can include end-users, clients, business owners, developers, testers, and more.

Requirement Elicitation: We will help you engage with stakeholders through interviews, surveys, workshops, and discussions to gather their needs, expectations, and desired functionalities for the software so nothing is forgotten.

Requirements Documenting: Finally, we’ll help you create clear and concise documents to capture requirements. These documents can include user stories, use cases, functional and non-functional requirements, and any other relevant artifacts that you do not want to miss.


Stage 2 – Requirement Analysis

Requirement Prioritization: We help you assess the collected requirements and prioritize them based on their importance and impact on the project’s goals. Prioritization helps in managing resources and focusing on critical features, especially when the budget is non-negotiable.

Requirement Validation: We help you ensure that the requirements are complete, consistent, and feasible. Validate them with stakeholders to confirm that they accurately represent their needs and expectations.

Requirement Clarity: We help you break down complex requirements into smaller, more manageable components. Ensure that each requirement is well-defined and unambiguous to avoid misunderstandings during implementation.

Requirement Traceability: We help you establish a traceability matrix that links each requirement back to its source and to relevant design, development, and testing artifacts. This helps ensure that all requirements are addressed.


Stage 3 – Scope Definition

Scope Boundary: We help you clearly define the boundaries of the project, including what features will be included and what will be excluded based on budget. This helps prevent scope creep, where additional requirements are added after the project has started, as well as set expectations for everyone involved, ensuring success.

Scope Change Management: We help you put in place a process to manage and evaluate scope changes. Changes should be assessed for their impact on schedule, budget, and overall project goals before being incorporated.


Stage 4 – Project Plan Creation

Timeline and Milestones: We help you develop a detailed project timeline that outlines key milestones, deadlines, and the overall project duration.

Resource Allocation: We help you identify the resources required for the project, including developers, testers, designers, and any other roles, and allocate them according to the project’s needs.

Risk Assessment: We help you identify potential risks that could impact the project’s success. Develop strategies to mitigate these risks and create contingency plans.

Budget Estimation: We help you estimate the budget required for the project, including development costs, tools, licenses, and other expenses. We do not underbid simply to get a project so you get the numbers you need to make sure everyone is on the same page and your project is correctly estimated based on past experience.


Stage 5 – Communication & Collaboration

Stakeholder Communication: We help you maintain open communication with stakeholders throughout the requirement analysis and planning phase to ensure alignment with their expectations.

Team Collaboration: We help you foster collaboration among team members, including developers, designers, and testers, to ensure a shared understanding of the project’s goals and requirements.


Stage 6 – Documentation

Requirements Document: We help you create a comprehensive requirements document that includes all identified requirements, their prioritization, and any relevant details.

Project Plan Document: We help you document the project plan, including the timeline, milestones, resource allocation, risk assessment, and budget estimation.

Software planning and requirement analysis is a crucial phase in the software development lifecycle. Without a clear understanding of the needs and expectations of stakeholders, system requirements, and a detailed plan to guide the development process, there will be problems later down the road.

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