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Executive Brief: Machine Learning – What You Need To Know Now

by | Jan 14, 2020

Over the past few months, I’ve spoken with many C-level executives about the high level, strategic challenges they’re facing when it comes to building software. Through these conversations, common themes emerged. To help with these challenges, I’m excited to introduce Intertech Executive Briefs.

Based on 25+ years of building enterprise software for our clients, each Intertech Executive Brief outlines the challenge along with recommendations and insights for the busy executive.

What You Need To Know By Industry

The science of machine learning is maturing as more and more industries use this form of artificial intelligence for everything from customized product marketing and entertainment offerings to high-speed financial transactions, precision medicine, and more. Manufacturers are leveraging it to improve efficiency, quality, and sustainability.

Despite its widespread and growing use, many are confused about machine learning and its relationship to artificial intelligence. Others wonder how to harness the value of machine learning with limited budgets and a lack of staff experience.

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