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Intertech Quality Assurance Consulting

Intertech experts deliver field proven testing!

Quality Assurance Consulting

Intertech delivers a suite of quality assurance (QA) consulting services with a focus on Agile testing.

Our QA consultants help you:

    • Define team logistics including ideal team structure, tester-to-developer ratio, and physical logistics
    • Setup test and staging environments
    • Move from other testing methods to Agile including implementing lean measurement, defect tracking, traceability, and test strategy and planning
    • Mitigate risk and manage technical debt
    • Implement source control, build tools, build automation tools, and unit testing tools
    • Drive development with business facing tests
    • Implement tools for testing the GUI, API, and web services
    • Use best practices for writing tests
    • Understand the relationship between code design and test design
    • Implement scenario, exploratory, user needs, and persona and session testing along with acceptance tests
    • Work with the development team to implement unit tests
    • Select, install, and configure test data generation tools
    • Test for security, interoperability, reliability, maintainability, and install-ability
    • Perform load, stress, and scalability testing
    • Target memory management issues
    • Implement automation for continuous integration, build, and deploys
    • Understand the purpose of release planning, sizing, prioritization of stories, prioritization of defects, and perform test planning
    • Track test tasks and status
    • Implement regression tests
Intertech’s QA consulting services help in performing iteration planning including writing task cards, creating testable stories, collaborating with customers, implementing iteration metrics, performing iteration demos, using retrospectives, and reviewing with customers and programmers the test cases and related documentation

Software Quality Consulting 

Intertech’s expert software quality consulting services help you with:

    • Identifying errors, faults, and failures and corresponding plans for verification, validation, and qualification
    • Creating pre-project plans for error prevention and management
    • Defining rules and processes for software compliance and quality
    • Creating guidelines for peer reviews, staff training, and staff certification
    • Defining test cases
    • Identifying best practices for software delivery and quality in alpha and beta stages including revision management and planning for software quality

Automated Testing Consulting 

Intertech’s expert consultants can help you automate your software quality assurance testing.

Our SQA automation consultants can:

    • Select, implement, and configure an automated testing tool
    • Deliver testing tool training
    • Create automated test strategy, plans, and scripts
    • Identify the correct % for test coverage
    • Set metrics, perform test program review and assessment

Load Testing Consulting 

Intertech’s QA experts help you:

    • Understand the role of load and performance testing in your software development lifecycle
    • Choose, install, and configure a performance testing tool that fits your environment
    • Create targets and plans for performance
    • Define standards for code overage, test design, and key performance indicators
    • Perform root-cause analysis when encountering performance issues
    • Use field proven best practices for your technology platform including solutions using one or more of the following: .NET, Java, Ajax, Citrix, Oracle, SAP, SOA, and other platforms/languages
    • Implement load and performance testing tools like Silk (Borland), QALoad (Compuware), LoadRunner (Hewlett Packard), Visual Studio Team System (Microsoft)

MTM Consulting 

Intertech’s expert Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) consultants provide guidance based on field experience. For years, Intertech has been a thought leader on Microsoft’s products in the testing space.

Our experts help you:

    • Design a test process that improves project visibility and stability. Including creating a process that leverages requirements and gets testing and quality involved at the start of the project
    • Understand the types of testing, strategies, and overall test management
    • Understand and use Microsoft Test Manger including using test plans and cases
    • Correctly setup testing configurations and test case workflow including scheduling
    • Use the Test Case Work Item Type with data driven Test Parameters
    • Perform exploratory testing with MTM
    • Leverage IntelliTrace for developers when reproducing bugs
    • Use the Automated Testing Framework including creating an automated test from a manual test
    • Implement parameterized coded UI tests
    • Execute automated test cases through Visual Studio, the command line, Team Build, and MTM
    • Create and configure virtual environments with MTM
    • Execute a Lab Build
    • Perform manual tests in a virtual environment
    • Determine what is best to track in your defect reports; understand the built-in reports; and build custom reports in Excel, SharePoint, and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Visual Studio Test Consulting 

Intertech is a leading authority on Microsoft Visual Studio Test.

From delivering a nationwide webinar where 800 attendees registered to providing coast-to-coast consulting on Visual Studio Test, our experts help you:

    • Install and configure Visual Studio Test using field proven best practices
    • Implement custom reporting using SSRS and SharePoint for tracking areas like bug find/fix ratio, test pass rate, and code coverage
    • Use IntelliTrace logs to capture information useful for developers needed to recreate bugs
    • Use Test Impact data to determine when to rollout new builds
    • Leverage Lab Management to create multi-machine test environments
    • Use Test Runner to capture data-driven test iterations and Test Manager for plan/test/track workflow
    • Troubleshoot Visual Studio Test issues