Intertech’s Software Documentation Ensures Effective Communication and a Lasting Knowledge-Base!

Documenting All Stages of the Software Development Process

Requirements – Design – APIs – Code – User – Installation & Setup – Troubleshooting – Release & More


Our Scalable Software Documentation Covers You From Beginning to End

Effective documentation enhances communication, promotes knowledge sharing, and facilitates smooth collaboration among team members, stakeholders, and users. It also contributes to the software’s long-term maintainability and usability.


Requirements Documentation

Intertech’s requirements documentation documents the initial requirements of the software, outlining the intended functionality, user expectations, and everything that must be met to achieve project goals.


Design Documentation

Intertech’s design documentation describes the software’s architecture, components, modules, and their interactions, helping current and future developers to understand the system’s structure. Within this documentation you will also want to keep diagrams and visual aids, flowcharts, and screenshots to visually explain concepts, workflows, and user interfaces.


Code & API Documentation

Intertech’s code documentation promotes detailed comments within the code to explain complex sections, algorithms, functions, and classes. This enhances code readability and aids understanding for other developers. This section also documents the development process, coding standards, testing procedures, and other practices followed by the development team, along “Design Decisions & Rational” that includes the reasoning behind design decisions, technical choices, and trade-offs made during the development process.

In addition, if the software includes APIs, you’ll want to create comprehensive documentation that explains how developers can interact with and integrate those APIs into their applications.


User Documentation

Intertech’s user documentation is focused on creating user manuals, guides, tutorials, and help documents to assist users in understanding how to use the software effectively.


Installation and Setup Guides

Intertech’s installation and setup guides provide step-by-step instructions on how to install, configure, and set up the software on different platforms.


Configuration and Customization Guides

Intertech’s configuration and customization guides explain how users can customize the software’s settings, preferences, and configurations to suit their needs.


Troubleshooting and FAQ

Intertech’s troubleshooting and FAQ documentation documents common issues users might encounter and provides troubleshooting steps to resolve them. We also often include a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section when required.


Release Notes

Intertech’s release notes documentation details the changes, enhancements, bug fixes, and new features introduced in each software release. This helps users and stakeholders stay informed about updates.


Compliance and Legal Documentation

Finally, Intertech compliance and legal documentation will document compliance with industry standards, regulations, and legal requirements if applicable to the software.

Documentation is a critical aspect of software development that involves creating written materials to describe the software, its design, functionality, usage, and other important information. Well-documented software ensures effective communication among team members, aids in onboarding new developers, and provides essential guidance for users and stakeholders.

Intertech Is Different Than Other .NET Development Firms

Why Are We Different? Because we ask the unexpected questions and listen. In our 30 years of software consulting, often, what you think you need is different than what you really need. This is how we help you!

Add the experience your team needs.

Build The Best Team

We bring together the right people at the right time to strengthen your team.

Scalable Resources

Whether needed full or part time to achieve success, we mix the team to fit the requirements.

Spool Up Quickly

Our consultants have multiple project experiences and know how to get to work on your schedule.

Custom Software Development

Intertech’s custom CI/CD, Agile & DevOps-based software development services combine everything you need, including assessments, design, architecture, development, testing, delivery, and deployment.

Application Modernization & API Customization

Whether evaluating your platform and determining if it should be kept, extended, or replaced… or diving right in to update and customize, we spool up quickly.

Front End (Client-Side) Development

Your front end is where the user gets to know you, from the graphical user interface to everything that makes up the experience. Our consultants specialize in the tools and techniques required to ensure you create an application your employees and customers love to use with the functionality you expect.

Back End (Server-Side) Development

Your front end may be what everyone sees and interacts with, but your back end is doing all the work. Let Intertech’s consultants help you get every response served up quickly and accurately while injecting the experience you need so the tough questions are asked.

Web Framework: 2-Tier or 3-Tier & API-Driven

Whether you have decided on a more traditional 2-tier framework (Client Side & Server-Side), a more independently tiered (3-tier) framework (Client-Side, Processing-Logic-Side, & Data-Side), or an API-Driven | Microservices architecture, our experts can help you create what you need or assist your team with design and development.

Summary Of All Software Consulting Services

Micro-Size Your Monolith with Architecture-Driven Solutions

Let us help your team convert your monolith to a manageable micros-sized, service-based suite with proven application architecture expertise.

Intelligent Business Process Automation (BPA) & Optimization

Whether it is part of the modernization process or a completely new solution, automating and optimizing your workflows to eliminate manual tasks is what we do. Let’s implement technology-based solutions that retain your best talent, eliminate manual errors, and make your job easier.

Azure & AWS Cloud Application Migration & Integration Services

Integration onto the cloud and away from existing infrastructure can take many forms, whether you have selected a multi, hybrid, or a single-service solution. We create and integrate your applications no matter which option you have chosen. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and AWS development partner, we bring incites that can help from start to finish.

Agile, CI/CD & DevOps Resource Library

We don’t just consult companies on Agile; we live Agile and the various forms of development agility. It’s how we run our business, manage our day-to-day operations, and drive the faster deployment of the necessities.

Decision-Makers Corner

Tips and tricks to help you succeed as an IT manager and thought leader!

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